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Do lesbians have a foot fetish?

Do lesbians have a foot fetish?

Do lesbians have a foot fetish?

I would say yes only because I have a foot fetish towards girls’ feet. I now identify myself as Lesbian, but I identified myself as bisexual for a long time. And I have always had a sexual attraction towards girls’ feet; I find barefoot hippie-type girls very attractive. I like dirty bare feet with anklets and toe rings; they’re the sexiest.

I’m a lesbian in a same-sex marriage, and my wife has an extreme foot fetish. She often jokes that she’s the only woman in the world who lusts after a woman’s pretty feet as much as men do.

I don’t understand it, but it gives me an excuse to keep my feet looking nice for her. And I certainly don’t mind the attention she lavishes on my feet after a long day at work.

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If you have a foot fetish, what is your most desired experience? What turns you on the most?

Licking the toes, the soles. I especially like feet when they are a bit pink in the soles and have nail polish (red is best). I like footjobs, cumming in the soles and licking it off.

Do lesbians have a foot fetish?

Do any women have foot fetishes? Or is that strictly a guy thing?

I am a straight woman with a foot fetish. It started as me just wanting to massage my man’s feet while discussing the day. It progressed into me asking him to rub my clit with his toes. He has very nice-looking feet.

Do any women have foot fetishes? Or is that strictly a guy thing?

I am a woman, and I have a strong foot fetish! So, yes, I’m living proof!! There is possibly nothing more erotic to me, day in and day out, than the sight, scent, feel, and flavour of another woman’s feet. I love them. LOVE them.

When I was a girl, my friends would practice foot rubs and pedicures on each other and our mothers. We did it for fun, like braiding each other’s hair and practising putting on makeup.

I always felt an intense hot mess of arousal whenever we did things with each other’s feet. After a while, I became more self-aware and understood cause-and-effect regarding the “good feelings” I kept having more and more. 

I began sniffing and licking my feet and rubbing them tenderly in the privacy of my bedroom and bathroom. That made the feelings even better! I did that a lot when I was little, long before I ever began to touch myself and masturbate on purpose.

I think fetishes are a lot like other things involving sexuality and “orientation” – we’re wired the way we’re wired, you know? Some of us don’t even know we have a particular fetish until we finally encounter that thing in life. I would have always been a foot fetishist even if I hadn’t been involved in the innocent footplay of my early years.

Will girls date a guy with a foot fetish?

Oh yes, I must admit I am dating one at work, and he is a bit younger than me. As mentioned, I love wearing heels and various hosiery, especially during the week. I can always spot a footman as they are often craftily looking down at work, outside or socially. They often comment about my shoes and hosiery and how nice they are, or they might follow me in the street or around a supermarket (me giggling). 

My current partner loves it when I have to wear my heels all day at work and enjoys massaging my rather tired, sweaty nylon feet, and I love it, too!! Foot fetishes are quite common, but some people find it disgusting. Each to their own.

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Regarding foot fetish: Are there any women with a foot fetish for male & female feet?

Yes, but I only like putting them in my mouth if they’re generally taken care of. Getting pedi together is the best. If a man likes anything, there will be a woman or ungendered person who also enjoys that thing. 🙂

Do women like guys who like their feet?

I love getting attention and using my feet to tease guys and turn them on. It’s so much fun, lol. Many of my guy friends have said I have cute feet and offered to massage them, so naturally, I’ve fooled around with a few.

Right now, one of my best guy friends just broke up with his girlfriend recently, and he’s been giving me foot massages and sucking my toes, and I’ve been letting him help paint my toes and sending him cute pics and videos of them. He loves it. I put my feet in his lap recently, and I could feel his boner through his jeans with my toes; I gave him a quick squeeze to tease him, and I think he was pretending not to notice, but I could tell he loved it.

Do women like guys who like their feet?

If you have a foot fetish, what is your most desired experience? What turns you on the most?

I will answer this question with a story. 2015, I started chatting with a recently separated woman I met on a web forum. We had a lot in common, and we got along well – so chatting online quickly turned into Skype, and we began forming a relationship. She lived in the USA, and I was in the UK, so a good two months passed before we had the opportunity to meet.

In the meantime, I learned more about her – she, herself, had a foot fetish – she liked other women’s feet, and she liked her own feet, and she liked her feet to be appreciated, but she had never managed to find a positive experience. She had been with her husband from age 16 (36 at this time) and had no sexual contact with anybody else. She had approached her husband, but he mocked her, told her that feet were disgusting, and refused to go anywhere near her feet for the rest of their relationship.

If you have a foot fetish, you probably know what it is to “come out” to a partner. She went to her husband of almost twenty years and shared a sexual kink that had been on her mind for two decades, something that she was intensely embarrassed about and didn’t understand – and he laughed in her face. Their relationship was already long on the rocks by then, but this pushed her over the edge, and they never recovered.

They split, a few months passed, and I entered the picture.

She was very clear about what she wanted – she wanted to share her feet with someone who would not mock or belittle her or appreciate the profundity of her offering them in the first place. Someone who would be truly excited by them and her – not someone who would just be going through the motions hoping to get on to something better. 

Crucially, she also wanted a relationship in which her feet would not be objectified or obsessed over to the exclusion of any other erogenous zone. She explained that she had met a man shortly before who was into feet, but that he ignored her from the ankle upwards and unsurprisingly, this made her feel like complete crap.

I had just exited a very unsatisfying (sexually and in every other way) relationship a few months previously, in which my foot fetish was barely tolerated.

I wasn’t mocked, but my girlfriend treated it with a simple, bland disregard – no eroticism, no affection, no love – and that was beginning to hurt. At the start of it all, I thought that simply having access to feet would be enough – but there are few things as uniquely unsatisfying, weird, and depressing as your partner having a skilful, completely monotonous approach to sexuality, to the extent where she’d say “I’m going to sleep, just smell my feet and come and whatever, just don’t wake me up – goodnight!”

Do lesbians have a foot fetish?

So, we were both free and single, ready for a relationship where our fetishes wouldn’t be ridiculed but would be a gateway to intimacy, love, and acceptance. Dates were set, plane tickets were booked, and leave from work was arranged. My travel to the USA was uneventful, and my flight arrived a little early.

I couldn’t find her in the arrival hall at first, but as I became distracted by my bags coming around on the carousel, she appeared behind me, and we embraced.

That night, we drove home from the airport in virtual silence, in a sexually charged atmosphere that could be cut with a knife. That night, we both experienced genuine eroticism, mutual respect, love, and understanding.

I won’t go into detail… but I will say that these experiences will be with me all my life. It wasn’t just about feet. It wasn’t primarily about feet, although that’s where it all stemmed from. And it was about acceptance, about finding my sexual identity, about two people sharing “forbidden” lusts with each other and finding profound joy and happiness in something that most people would consider mundane.

My most desired experience: mutual pleasure, sexual tension, honesty, and acceptance.

Why is Foot Fetish, although common, discriminated against in media as they would never dare to discriminate against gays/lesbians?

Because it has thankfully fallen out of fashion to discriminate against the LGBT community in the media openly, as you mentioned, overtly criticizing someone for being gay is generally frowned upon, although it still happens.

Imagine 20 years ago when it would have been perfectly acceptable to say anti-LGBT things in the media but not overtly racist. Now go back 50 years, and you could openly say racist things you couldn’t have gotten away with. As humanity becomes more accepting, it becomes less acceptable to be openly bigoted against marginalized groups. It doesn’t mean the bigots aren’t there; they must be more subtle about their racism.

Foot fetishes and many other fetishes are still open game for the most part. However, it’s becoming more acceptable for sex-positive people to be open about it and less acceptable to be openly judgmental. I noticed a great example of this when watching The Practice, a show about a law firm in Boston in the mid-90s. One of their defendants was accused of murder, and there was a huge scandal because he owned fetish porn. 

Now, people would shrug and say, “So what?” and hope no one looked at their browser history. For some reason, that was a huge scandal and made it more likely that the jury would vote guilty; after all, a man who looks at fetish porn could easily have murdered someone. So, while being openly into fetishes is still frowned upon and can get you fired or evicted, people have more of a live-and-let-live attitude. As long as you keep it a secret, they don’t care as much.

What is it like to have a foot fetish?

I agree with the writer above. It’s a blessing and a curse. A blessing because seeing a girl’s feet is akin to seeing her boobs. I get more excited by a girl’s feet than her boobs a lot of the time. And girls go barefoot everywhere you go in the summer (or most of the year in Australia!). It’s like being able to walk around a city full of topless women. 

Imagine half-naked girls on the beach, in the park, in the city squares, and even in the shoe section of a clothing store. It’s like being a kid in a candy store.

But it’s a curse for the same reason. Imagine that city full of topless women; only you can’t touch, lick, kiss, play or even look at them too long (without being branded a creep). That’s what it’s like being a foot fetishist. But unlike boobs, bare feet are out and exposed everywhere in summer. That feeling is a reality to me. In a uni lecture, I remember a hot girl sitting in front who took off her flats and exposed her soles and toes in full view. 

I literally couldn’t focus for the rest of the class. Being in a park, pool or on the beach around hot barefoot girls, in a class, or at a cafe near a woman who casually slipped her shoes off on a hot summer day as she had her coffee. It’s like being a kid in a candy store but being told you can’t have anything. Having your favourite toy dangled under your nose, but you can’t play with it.

Secondly is the fact that foot fetishes are stigmatized by society.

You are branded a creep or a pervert if you have a foot fetish. If people find out, you’re mocked, laughed at or avoided like a plague by women. “Feet are nasty, they smell,” you’ve told your whole life. Even in movies, foot fetish scenes are often there for comedy value.

So you hide it to yourself, afraid to stare at that woman’s feet in Starbucks too long for fear she’ll catch you looking and move away, terrified. Or your mates in class will catch you looking at that girl in front’s toes and forever rip into you. Despite being the third most common fetish in the world and women commonly making their feet look sexy (getting pedicures, painting their nails and wearing sexy shoes), the foot fetish is still underground in most cultures.

Thirdly, very few women are “into” foot fetishes like guys are. Sure, some girls might let me suck on their toes during sex, and the odd one might even be generous enough to give me a footjob, but mostly, they just don’t get it. It is why, out of the majority of sexual encounters I’ve had, the attitude towards my fetish has ranged from tolerating it for my benefit to absolutely hating it and not letting me anywhere near their feet. 

Very few women I’ve been with have seemed to be into my fetish. And that’s not just in Australia; I’ve had relationships or sexual experiences with girls from the UK, Germany, France, New Zealand, the US, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. The majority tolerated it at best. But when you find the occasional one who is totally into it, it’s all worth it!

What are women’s opinions on foot fetishes?

Women are individual people. So, every woman will have their own opinion on foot fetishes. Some women love foot fetishists and enjoy playing with them. Some women have no opinion on them but are creeped out because many people with foot fetishes are creepy about it (that’s me and most of my partners). 

Friends, Some people find them disgusting. The only way to find out is to ask the individual woman when you want to know. Women are not a hive mind.

Women: What do you think about foot fetishes?

Originally Answered: Women: What do you think about foot fetishes?

I’m not against it. I’ve had people tell me how cute my toes were. I guess you could say I have a good friend who has a foot fetish. We’re a little more than friends, but we’ve never had sex.

We chill and go on dates, sometimes nothing serious, but sometimes when I come from the nail shop or change the polish on my toes, he wants to see them when he’s not around me; he asks for a picture of them, one time he asked for a video of me moving them etc.

I have sent him a couple of pictures. I’m okay with it; he’s not annoying, like constantly asking, but if I had a boyfriend with a foot fetish, I would cooperate with what he wants if it pleases him.

Do girls like it when a guy kisses their feet?

I do not know about girls, but I love it when a guy kisses my feet. It sends a kind of erotic sense up my spine to the part that stimulates erotic feelings down my treasure island. Moreover, when a guy doesn’t shy away from kissing my feet, I feel like a princess, and I love it.

My coworker has been crushing on me for a while now, and I’ve been waiting for him to make a move. Yesterday, he finally got the courage to ask me on a date, and I said yes. We worked the same shift and went home together to watch TV.

I took off my shoes and socks and noticed he was checking out my feet a lot, so I casually rested my feet on his lap, and I could feel him immediately get hard. He got super red and blushed like crazy, and I asked him if he would like to give me a foot rub, and he happily agreed. Pretty soon, I told him he could if he wanted to kiss or lick my feet.

He happily kissed and licked my feet, and eventually, jr asked me if I could hold my feet together while he fucked them, and I happily agreed. He fucked my soles and then came on my feet.

Do women like guys who like their feet?

My boyfriend has a foot fetish. I’ve been dating him for six years, and some changes have happened because of it. From the beginning, I’ve noticed he was interested in my feet. He composed himself well outside the bedroom when it came to my feet, so I didn’t mind showing them off in public. I asked him if he had a foot fetish, and he had no problem telling me. 

I didn’t mind at all and wanted to please him. So I asked him what I could do to make him happy. He loves when I wear ankle bracelets and wants me to wear them more. Piece of cake, right? Well, that’s not all; he insisted I stop wearing socks. I only had a drawback to this because I’m a nurse and on my feet all day. I told him I’d only do it if he could find me the most comfortable shoes ever. 

After shopping, he bought me a pair of Nike running shoes that felt great barefoot. So we went home and tossed out all my socks except for one pair, just in case I needed them for something. So I started going sockless and have been doing it ever since. To his liking, my feet sweat a lot, and after a long shift, I usually come home to a nice foot rub. 

Do lesbians have a foot fetish?

I got used to my feet smelling, and when my friends asked why I didn’t wear socks, I told them it was because I found it more comfortable and my bf didn’t mind. In social situations, he loves it when I find myself in a situation where I have to remove my shoes. 

I’m usually the only one not wearing socks and assume the notion of having the most smelly shoes. Besides, we live like everyone else, and I couldn’t be happier with him. He treats and provides for me well, so this is the least I can do.


Sexual preferences, including fetishes, are highly individual and can vary widely among people, regardless of their sexual orientation. There is no universal rule or tendency that applies to all individuals of a particular sexual orientation, including lesbians.

A foot fetish involves a sexual attraction or interest in feet. People of any sexual orientation, including lesbians, may or may not have a foot fetish. It’s important to remember that sexual preferences are diverse, and what individuals find arousing or appealing can be unique to them.

If you are curious about your own or a partner’s preferences, open and honest communication is key. Discussing desires, boundaries, and consent in any sexual relationship is important to ensure that both parties feel comfortable and respected. Remember that consent and communication are fundamental aspects of healthy sexual relationships.

Do lesbians have a foot fetish?