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Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?

Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?

Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?

After a while, you stop caring, especially if it’s been a big part of your life, even as a teenager, because you’re not into the same things other people are. People can even cut communication off with you because you care too much or are generally nice. That’s considered too soft regardless of if you stand up for yourself when necessary. 

It just makes me cold, and I’ve mastered how to be emotionally detached from people like a light switch off and on. I don’t like doing that, but those are our heartless and selfish times. I still hope someone will come into my life (as a close friend). That’s the complete opposite of the bullshit I usually deal with. Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?

Why do some people just stop talking to you for no specific reason?

In my experience, I’ve learned that people change. Sometimes, you’re not on the same wavelength anymore. Sometimes, people grow apart. You attract new people into your life based on who you are. Every friendship has a season; if they “go” great, it’s meant to be. If they stay great, that’s meant to be. Understand that doors close so that other doors can open better things for you. Not everyone we lose is a loss.

Reasons why people stop talking to you. If someone has stopped talking to you, it could mean many things: they might be busy, overwhelmed, depressed, angry at you, or disinterested in continuing a relationship for another reason.

Why do some people just stop talking to you for no specific reason?

I have faced this kind of situation in my earlier life. I was completely different by then, and I can understand how it feels. We like some people in our lives, and we expect them to behave with us in the same way, which may not happen most of the time.

I think the reasons can be:

  1. You don’t love yourself. You don’t treat yourself as important.
  2. You always seek the approval of others. You want them to like you.

Remember, it’s always you, only you. You are unique and special. You can’t stitch a suit for yourself with others’ measurements. Love yourself. Then, nothing bothers you.

Expectations kill you mentally. Never expect anything, especially from others.

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What does this mean when someone suddenly stops talking to you without any reason?

It could mean a multitude of things!

  1. They used to enjoy your company and conversations, but now they no longer do.

2) You did something that upset them terribly, and they don’t think it’s worth explaining the mistake to you.

3) They had an ulterior motive right from the beginning, and that’s why they started talking to you! Now, either the purpose is solved or no longer necessary.

4) They had a crush on you, thinking you were single, but they realized you were committed and were no longer interested in you.

5) They just now learned a part of your character that they completely loathe.

6) They were your pen or chat friends you met recently, and your face-to-face personality and behavior were completely different from what it used to be over messages, and they don’t like it.

7) They hated you initially and wanted to teach you that it hurts to stop talking, especially after you’ve been close suddenly.

8) Your common acquaintances said something bad about you: they no longer want to talk to you.

Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?

9) They want you to miss them.

10) They’re playing a prank.

11) They want to give you a surprise shortly and think not talking to you for some time before that and then attempting a thoughtful gesture adds to that element of surprise.

12) They’re really busy.

13) They are somehow mentally depressed and are distancing themselves from everyone, not just you.

14) They made a huge mistake, don’t have the guts to own up, and can’t bear to hide it from you when you talk, so they avoid you completely.

15 ) They symbolized the reason before they stopped talking, but you didn’t catch it.

Why do some people stop talking to you for no specific reason?

Just because someone doesn’t give you a specific reason doesn’t mean they don’t have one. I only talk to people if I give them a reason quite often. The reason is because they have shown they are either fake as hell, or they show me that they don’t give a damn about me. I will not waste one minute on anyone like that.

You are useless to them anymore, and they found someone else useful. This is a major reason that beats anything else. Every time someone left me, I would notice them being lonely. They would treat someone else the same way they used to treat me.

Digging a bit deep, they are useful to this person. Either someone that funds more money, someone more popular, someone more resourceful, someone just better than you.

But some people are deceitful in hiding their traits from jumping from one person to another by portraying you as the villain who did something inexcusable ( Which you’ll have no idea about ) and that you deserve to be left alone and rotting.

Next time, when someone stops interacting with you suddenly, and you’re sure you haven’t done anything wrong/ have already remedied your wrongdoings, consider them a jerk and move on.

What does this mean when someone suddenly stops talking to you without any reason?

Well, I’m that someone. And I do have a reason for it.

I used to love this girl. We are colleagues (albeit working in different companies but in the same location), and I initially fell in love with her looks. I asked her awkwardly if we could be friends, and she agreed. After some months of awkward silence, I garnered the courage to talk to her again, and sure enough, I got her social media profile! 

Man, was I exhilarated. We started chatting online that night. Though I led the convos for the most part, the chats did reveal some parts of her personality, which made me love her even more. Unfortunately, before I could confess my love for her, she rejected me and told me we could remain friends and nothing more. 

Unsurprisingly, I had mixed feelings because she never gave me a chance. Yet, I was glad she had considered me as a friend. I thought. We mostly continued chatting online, with me initiating and leading the conversations. Rarely does she lead the convos.

Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?

Though we mainly spoke late at night, work still formed the usual topic of discussion. I’m at fault here since I talk about it whenever I have run out of interesting things to share. I regret this greatly. Of course, I avoided speaking about work since I wanted our friendship to be separate from the workplace.

It got exhausting. Not only did I feel as if I were the only one pushing the convos nearly every time, or that I was trying to avoid talking about work, but also that her replies eventually got shorter.

Eventually, our conversations got less frequent. On rare occasions, she initiated them. Yet I replied shortly. The tables had turned by then since I was tired and no longer had feelings for her. Naturally, she tried to speak to me about work to get my attention, but I requested that she stop discussing it. I always wanted our convos to be more heavily revolved around work. Sometimes, I wanted to tell her I was not just another colleague. I’m a friend. I never told her that.

Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?

If only we had taken turns to lead convos and not have me leading our interactions mostly, then this outcome would never have occurred. Then again, I can’t blame her. After all, from the love advice I’ve read, a man always speaks first, and a lady may reply. Not so much the other way around. As much as I hated that advice from my chats with her, this seemed the case.

Ultimately, I evaluated my relationship with her and realized I was unhappy talking to her now. I was happier talking to others, who took turns with me to lead convos and treated me as a friend (instead of as a colleague despite working together). After enjoying a few solo hikes in nature and alone time at the beach, I realized I had to stop chatting with her because I was unhappy and mentally drained. 

I felt that I had lost personal happiness along the way – trying to win her heart and trying to stay as close friends after rejection. I needed to get my happiness back before it was too late. So yeah, I gave up on her.

You can call me selfish for ghosting her. Yet, it was a hard decision to make. The thought of making such a decision made me cry a little as I watched the sunset alone at the beach.

Which is more important?

  • A) Her (who rejected you & treats you as more of a colleague than a friend)
  • B) Your Happiness

Option (B) prevailed & I must confess. I’ve never felt happier.

Why do people stop talking much?

I was confident, and the people around me were very well-liked. My sense of humor and interaction skills were good enough to make people build a connection. But around January 2017, my life took a major turn. I lost my girlfriend, started to fail on the work front, didn’t get the roles I wanted, and my studies weren’t going great either. 

I had started building a negative frame of mind, poles apart from my natural personality. To make things worse, I lost my two best friends, whom I could count on. It led to me losing hope, and that’s why I started to become an introvert. I stopped talking mainly because I didn’t want to argue with people to avoid people saying things that would stab me in the heart. I didn’t want complications in life anymore. 

It’s July 2018, and I’ve not returned to my normal self. Don’t mistake this for me not being happy. I’m a jolly and extremely positive person, but I don’t see the need to talk to people anymore. I’m sure people go through similar life situations that force them to stop talking to people. It’s not about becoming anti-social; it’s just about the person not wanting to deal with drama anymore.

What does this mean when someone suddenly stops talking to you without any reason?

In the past, I have had friends who seem to be around when my life is crap, but they disappear as soon as things start to work out.

I’ve wondered if they enjoy it when people have it worse because it means their lives are better than yours. But when things are going well for you, it pops their bubble, so they no longer feel secure in themselves when things are going well for you.

What do you do when someone you talk to daily stops talking to you suddenly?

When we talk to someone daily, we feel connected with them. It would not be easy when they stopped talking to us suddenly.

  1. If you get to know the reason for that sudden change and feel it’s your mistake, you have to apologize to that person.
  2. If they say, they lost interest in talking to you and don’t want to talk to you anymore.
  3. If you don’t know the reason and are trying to know that, you cannot know if that person is still ignoring you.


It’s okay. Move on. Because you are not ignoring them, they are ignoring you. If you are closer to that person, in the initial days, you will face some problems; you will not be able to concentrate on your work properly, and you may feel low and sad. But why waste your precious time thinking about someone ignoring you ??

  • Start doing some work in which you are interested.
  • Pick up a new hobby.
  • Keep yourself busy so you don’t have time to think about others.
  • Stay focused on your goal.
  • Be productive.
  • Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?

After a few days, you’ll forget everything. Don’t think about someone who is ignoring you; think about yourself. Be Happy.

Why do some people stop talking to you for no specific reason?

There is a reason. Perhaps the person who stopped talking doesn’t want to get drawn into a discussion about that reason. Maybe they know the reason isn’t good and don’t want to be confronted or get drawn into a conflict. Maybe they are afraid that you will not take no for an answer. And maybe they are afraid that you will talk them out of their decision.

Ghosting or going no contact is abusive and immature. There is always a polite but firm way to end things. One can say, “sorry this just won’t work”, or “honestly I am just not interested”. Not everything works out, and attraction and connection either is or is not. But to cut off contact, in my opinion, is cruel and unnecessary. You are likely better off without him or her.

What does this mean when someone suddenly stops talking to you without any reason?

It can be due to a variety of reasons.

1. He/She might be upset about something you would have done.

2. He is no more interested in your talks.

3. Due to his/her some personal problems.

4. They might be parasitic or selfish; you may say they wanted something from you, and since you can no longer provide it, they left you.

5. They are very busy and can’t give you enough time.

6. They just got to know what your real character is.

7. They got someone more attractive than you.

8. They might be just doing drama and planning a secret surprise for you.

9. They were misled by someone to do so.

10. They Got insane.

11. They want you to realize their importance in your life.

12. You might have misbehaved with them, and they started hating you for the cause.


People may suddenly stop talking to someone, even if they were close, for a variety of reasons. While it can be difficult and hurtful, it’s important to recognize that these reasons are often personal and may not necessarily reflect anything negative about you. Here are some common reasons:

  1. Personal Issues: They may be dealing with personal challenges, stress, or mental health issues that make it difficult for them to maintain relationships at the moment.
  2. Life Changes: Significant life changes, such as a new job, moving, or changes in family dynamics, can sometimes lead people to withdraw temporarily as they adjust to their new circumstances.
  3. Conflict or Disagreement: There may have been a disagreement or conflict that they haven’t communicated, and they might be avoiding confrontation.
  4. Loss of Interest: People’s interests and priorities can change over time, and they may not feel the same level of connection or interest in the relationship as they did before.
  5. Fear of Confrontation: Some individuals may avoid confrontation or difficult conversations, choosing to withdraw rather than addressing issues directly.
  6. Communication Style: Different people have different communication styles. Some may be more comfortable expressing themselves directly, while others may find it challenging and choose to distance themselves instead.
  7. External Influences: External factors, such as influence from friends or family, may play a role in their decision to distance themselves.

It’s important to respect their decision and give them space if they need it. If you feel comfortable, you can try reaching out to express your feelings or inquire about the situation. However, be prepared for the possibility that they may not provide a clear explanation. It’s essential to focus on your well-being and surround yourself with supportive friends and family during challenging times.

I hope this helps you find your cause.

Why do some people suddenly stop talking to you even though you were close?