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What does thick mean to a woman, and how does it look?

What does thick mean to a woman, and how does it look?

What does thick mean to a woman, and how does it look?

There is no one answer to this question, as it varies from guy to guy. However, many men are attracted to thicker thighs because they symbolize femininity and fertility. Additionally, thicker thighs often indicate a healthy body weight and good muscle tone, both attractive qualities. Ultimately, each man has reasons for liking thick thighs, but some general trendsd.

“thick” is often used to describe a woman with ample derriere and thighs. She may also have a curvier figure overall. Many consider This attractive, as it is considered healthy and feminine. “Thick” is slang for curvy. It generally means the woman it refers to has a big butt that men find attractive. It’s used positively.


Person 1: “Have you seen Nicki Minaj’s ass lately?”

Person 2: “Yeah, she’s thick.”

See her? That’s Ashley Graham. Thick is what you call a lady with curves.

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What does thick mean to a woman, and how does it look?

Thick is a slang term for a woman who is very curvy in all the right places. A thick woman has a nice round bottom that curves inwards, a pair of perky that is full but not saggy, an hourglass figure that shows off high, full hips and a slim waist, and a feminine face that is not overly made up.

Women are curvy with a voluptuous figure, full breasts, and delicately rounded buttocks. Thick women are the cynosure of all eyes.

The perfect thick, curvy woman is every man’s dream. Thick is an adjective used to describe a female with a nice hourglass figure who isn’t super skinny but also isn’t overweight. Just because you are a big lady doesn’t mean that you can’t get in shape and lose those excess pounds.

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The term “thick” is subjective and can have different meanings depending on the context and individual perspectives. In general, when people refer to someone as “thick,” they often mean that the person has a fuller or curvier body shape, particularly in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. It is often associated with having a well-rounded and voluptuous figure.

It’s important to note that perceptions of beauty and attractiveness vary widely among individuals, and there is no universal standard for what is considered “thick” or any other body type. Beauty standards are influenced by cultural, societal, and personal preferences, and they can change over time.

It’s crucial to approach discussions about body image with sensitivity, recognizing that people’s bodies come in various shapes and sizes, and all body types should be celebrated. Terms like “thick” can be subjective and may not accurately capture the diversity of individual appearances or the complexity of one’s overall health and well-being. Additionally, it’s essential to prioritize self-acceptance and promote body positivity, encouraging individuals to embrace and appreciate their unique bodies.

What does “being thick” mean? Why do guys like it when a girl is thick?

Thick means being full in all the right places! It’s a compliment! The ideal female form is hourglass! so of course thick is nice. Thick does not mean obese and shapeless. It’s also important that the waist is naturally defined!

Unlike women built like SpongeBob and have apple shapes, thick women distribute fat in all the right places, NATURALLY! You know, thick when you see thick! Thick is not obese.

What does it mean if a guy calls you thick?

If you’re a woman, and a man calls you thick, then chances are he’s paying you a compliment. While most women assume that they have to look anorexic to be attractive to men, many men prefer women with breasts and hips and, yes, even tummies. There’s no reason to take offense; whoever said it probably finds you attractive.

What does it mean when a girl says I’m “real cute”?

When a girl says you’re “real cute,” that means she finds you attractive. That usually means you have a cute face or an adorable personality. If you’re really lucky, you have both.

When any female tells you that you’re cute, take it as a compliment. Guys often don’t want to hear that they are cute because they don’t understand what that means in female-speak, but it is very much a compliment. Sometimes, it may mean that she is attracted to you and would like you to ask her out (not always, but sometimes).

What does “attractive” mean when talking about a woman’s looks?

Weight doesn’t matter to me. She can be skinny or curvy. Skin color doesn’t matter to me. Light or dark complexions are both beautiful. She can have long hair, short hair, or even no hair at all. I’ve seen older women who were just as captivating as younger women. She can be buxom or flat-chested, so long as she’s an adult. Wide hips or skinny hips are fine. Piercings and tattoos are okay!

I only ask for three things in a woman:

  1. That she is intelligent.
  2. That she be kind.
  3. That she be open to an adventure.

What does it mean if a man calls a woman “thick”?

Originally Answered: What does it mean if a man calls a female “thick”?

So the word “Thick” (usually spelled “Thicc”) is kind of analogous to “dat ass.” It usually refers to a woman who’s voluptuous in the hips but also generally voluptuous/well-endowed.

What does thick mean to a woman and how does it look?

Per Know Your Meme’s origin traces back to the early 00s and has spread over the last 15 years, seemingly from slang, then moving online before finally working into the mainstream vernacular.

Long story short, “thicc” is a compliment right now. Think of it as the adjective version of “snack.” But maybe don’t call a woman a “thicc snack.” Maybe don’t call her thicc in the first place if you’re not sure. It can come across as wolf-whistling.

What does it mean when a girl says I’m “real cute”?

“What does it mean when a girl says I’m “real cute”?”

If you’re a boy, that compliment probably means that if you’d go to prison, you’d be a prized bitch to a bull queen. You’d have all the rapists shank each other over who can take your backdoor virginity first. One more reason to keep to the straight and narrow.

On the other hand, if a girl calls you cute (or ‘real’ cute, which doesn’t add much to your cuteness factor), she might mean she thinks you’re boyfriend material or that she thinks you look like Justin Timberlake in his boyband period or that you are adorable but not fit for a date or you’re like a teddy bear and she would like to hug you. There’s only telling with context and her intonation.

Cute is one of those words that can easily be used sarcastically, like if someone does something annoying, you glare at them and say, ‘That’s real cute.’

What is a man saying when he describes a woman as “not ugly”?

He’s saying that he’s a twat. He’s probably the sort of bloke who rates females based on looks despite himself being a 20-stone shreck lookalike. The sort of bloke who starts a conversation in the pub with, “Well, you know that Angelina Jolie is alright, I’d f*ck her, but I’d be thinking about Heidi Klum,” while his beer gut is pouring over his jeans and the number of chins he possesses is multiplying by the second.

What does “being thick” mean? Why do guys like it when a girl is thick?

It depends on one’s understanding of the term “thick.”

To some, referring to someone (especially a girl) as “thick” implies that one finds their hind quarter region rather voluptuous. This understanding has become more common in recent years. To some, “thick” is a term for someone dumb or unintelligent.

What does it mean to look below average? Does it mean ugly or not?

I don’t enjoy answering these questions, but I will because I was asked to do so. Below average in regards to this question, to me, would be NOT. I don’t look at people’s outward appearance & decide if they are pretty or not.

Now, if I were in a restaurant & the booth/table beside me was treating a server badly, causing a big scene, I’d say THAT wasn’t lovely! Same if I’m standing in line somewhere & someone starts talking all rude to the cashier or about them, I’d say THAT’S ugly!

These questions are downright mean. How would you like it if someone said you or someone you love were ugly? I find them offensive. I’m not sure if I’d feel the same if I weren’t a Christian, but I would hope I still wouldn’t walk around judging people by their looks.

Why do guys like thick thighs?

Not all men like them with thick thighs. Too bad…I love women who have thick thighs. Such thighs lead to a round and juicy ass.(lol). Besides, you have not loved a woman until you get a voluptuous one in bed. The sensation of having those thighs ankle-locked around you while you are ‘doing it’….Okay, I think I better stop before the censors get on my case!!

Well, as a tbh, It’s all on preference; I like curvy women. But I mean, there are some really neat uses for thick thighs.

  • 1. Mobile pillows
  • 2. They are god’s gift. I mean, when you are sad and slump on your girlfriend’s thighs, that’s like 👌.
  • 3. When they have that sexy jiggle
  • 4. They are just fucking amazing.

Also, it isn’t for people who don’t like their thighs or think it’s too big. It is a gift; don’t waste that gift. Again, all are on preference; some do, some don’t. All I know is that I would sacrifice my spleen for some thighs.

What does thick mean to a woman and how does it look?

As a young woman who I would say has pretty thick thighs and a more curvy (a bit on the chubbier side) body, I can say that I know one reason that I found through interaction with men who particularly enjoyed my thick thighs and my general body type in general, was that they said I had a much more “soft,” plush look that looked healthy, cute, and quite frankly, quite sexy in their eyes! 

I believe that, in general, women with curvier figures may seem like better lovers in a way (but like I said, just through my experience and what guys have told me), but that isn’t to say that skinnier women can’t make wonderful lovers or that men don’t like them, skinny women are just as gorgeous and all in all, it simply boils down to personal preference 🙂

Friends, I am a beautiful (very) thick-toned lady. I appreciate your honesty. I just recently met someone who loves my thighs and is excited to start wearing short skirts to show them off instead of the long dresses we are conditioned to wear to hide them in shame. Knowing how he feels is an amazing turn-on.

He said there are more men out there than we know who appreciate their beauty than we know! If you are ever in Atlanta, I would love to meet you to work out, and thank you for reminding us to flaunt what we have; someone out there loves it!

Why do guys like thick thighs? I’m struggling to gain weight.

Hard to say. Maybe it’s not hard to say. How do I put this in words?

As a guy who prefers thick thighs, I am not attracted to skinny women. I prefer the thick, curvy ones. It’s just my preference. Also, I get super horny when I see a woman’s thighs jiggling while walking, ESPECIALLY when they are thick. I can’t say the same for a woman with skinny thighs.

Some women think that their thighs are too big. Their thighs are perfect, attracting men much more than they realize. Thick thighs are a true blessing. And on top of that, a curvy figure, and boom, you hit the jackpot.

What is the deal with guys and their interest in thighs?

Pound for pound, I prefer thighs over breasts, legs, and wings. It is because thighs contain more flavor and a richer texture than breasts due to the fat content and exercise they’re exposed to, which generates more flavor. Thighs are much more versatile, too. You can fry, braise, slow cook, grill, or roast them with less danger of drying out the meat. 

I cannot stand to chew on dry, overcooked breast meat. Wings in my book are a close second because of their closer proximity to bones, which reveal moist, tender, succulent meat when separated. It is why this guy prefers thighs!


Thick means very curvy women or girls. I don’t know why they do but I am a BBW, and there is a high demand for us girls like that! It means that he thinks you are a woman with a healthy and robust look about you. Perceptive and knowledgeable men admire a woman like you. You look great in anything. You turn heads wherever you go.

Thick is another word for fat and usually out of shape. I know I used to be fat when women were called fat. Now, they call them thick. I didn’t like the way it looked. It felt great but looked awful, so I started jogging, lifting, and dropping a lot. BMI is where it should normally be to be healthy. No one calls me fat or thick anymore, and IDK, I’m much healthier, and that’s more important than what people say. Scream at the fat gals.

I like defined thighs, whether thick (muscle, of course, not flabby) or regular; thin thighs don’t have developed muscle definition; muscle always adds mass. Why I love muscle on the girl’s thighs for several reasons:

I love how relaxed my thigh muscles feel when I drop my hand or lay my head on them.

It can be quite a turn-on (for me, at least). A strong thigh muscle feels hard (especially during intercourse), and then it gives in (I love feeling thigh muscles jiggling against my hands when my hips clash against them. It is an out-of-this-world experience. I can get lost seeing a nice pair of perfectly defined thighs jiggling when the girl walks (preferably toward me; I like quads better than hamstrings).

What does thick mean to a woman and how does it look?