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Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna?

Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna?

The PF where I used to live did not have a steam room. It had massage chairs and hydro tables, it had tanning beds, but no steam room. The one in the town I live in now has no tanning bed but it does have steam rooms and chambers for red light therapy. The perks your PF has just depend on the area you’re living. Definitely check their site and see what they have to offer.

I personally needed a sauna and a hot tub so I had both PF and Gold’s memberships that way I could steam out and get deep healing on my muscles, as well as swim in the pool at Gold’s, then I would leave and hit the massage tables at Planet Fitness to take care of my plantar fasciitis.

Figure out your needs, then find a location that has what you want. If the location in your town doesn’t have them, check the nearby towns. If you have a Black Card, you can go to ANY of them so that would work.

Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have a sauna, pool, steam room, or hot tub. For sauna lovers and steam room enthusiasts, there are better options, like YMCA, Equinox, or LA Fitness. However, Planet Fitness is one of the most affordable gyms out there with a lot of weights and machines, which makes it a great gym overall.

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Does Planet Fitness have a steam room?

Absolutely, Planet Fitness does indeed have steam rooms in many of its locations. It’s a great feature that can add a wonderful touch to your fitness routine. Steam rooms offer numerous benefits, like helping to relax your muscles after a workout, promoting better circulation, and providing a refreshing detox for your skin. It’s like a mini spa experience right after your gym session! Just imagine sweating out the toxins while having a relaxing time – it’s truly a win-win situation.

The steam rooms at Planet Fitness are usually kept at a comfortable temperature, and the humidity level is adjusted to create that soothing environment. Spending around 10 to 15 minutes in the steam room can be a fantastic way to unwind and de-stress. Just remember to stay hydrated and listen to your body – if you start feeling uncomfortable or dizzy, it’s always a good idea to step out for a bit. So, next time you hit the gym, don’t forget to make use of the steam room to enhance your overall fitness experience and give yourself a well-deserved treat!

Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna?

Now, let me share a little personal story. Back when I was working on my own fitness journey, I stumbled upon a gym with an incredible steam room. After a tough workout, stepping into that warm, misty space felt like a reward. Not only did it help soothe my muscles, but it also became a moment of tranquility in my busy day. I remember making friends with fellow gym-goers in that steam room – chatting about our workout routines and sharing tips.

It just goes to show that sometimes, little luxuries like a steam room can add an unexpected layer of enjoyment to your fitness routine and even create a sense of community. So, embrace the steam room at Planet Fitness, and who knows, you might just make some new gym buddies along the way!

What are the benefits of a Planet Fitness sauna and a steam room?

I write about my feelings of benefits based on over 40 years of using saunas and steam rooms.

Firstly, I prefer saunas – and ‘dry’ saunas, as throwing water over the coals, whilst it makes it seem hotter, actually lowers the temperature, and if I want moisture, I’ll use a steam room – as I feel that the physical and mental benefits are greater.

Using a sauna is a cheat way of cardiovascular exercise: your heart rate increases, your lungs pump harder, and the blood runs around that much quicker: all of which is, in my view, beneficial. Also, the heat and moisture (and there is still moisture in a dry sauna) get into your lungs and help shift the dirt from the alveoli so that they are more efficient at breathing.

Additionally, sweating removes ingrained dirt from the skin and draws toxins out of the body that the liver and kidneys would otherwise have to deal with, thus giving them a break and, if one learns how to relax in a sauna – meditating perhaps – then it induces calmness in the brain, which lasts long after the sauna session has finished.

This calmness may be increased by relaxing in a cool room after and between sauna sessions.

Friends I like my sauna at around or slightly over 100° C (212° F) and stay in for up to 15 minutes before taking a break. I will return to make two or three visits in a session and include a gentle swim or water exercise in the session. I also meditate, which while not exclusive to the sauna experience, is a big plus for me personally.

To really appreciate the benefits, one needs to try sauna over a period, as an initial session or even a few, will not necessarily give one the feeling that develops in time.

Summing up, a sauna for me is both exercise and relaxation, without stress.

What is Planet Fitness’s “lunk alarm”?

Basically, “if you make a noise that we deem loud and/or offensive, which distracts and/or intimidates gym members, then we will make an even louder sound that not only shames you, but is even more loud, offensive, distracting, and intimidating.

What’s so bad about Planet Fitness?

I’ve worked out consistently for 35 years. Two years ago I signed up at Planet Fitness because it’s really close to my house and the price is great. It’s perfectly fine for getting a good everyday workout. I do a lot of cardio and I use free weights. Yes, it might not have quite the selection of bodybuilding equipment as some other more “professional” gyms, but there is more than enough for a good workout. Actually a couple of the bigger ones a few miles away from me have quite a bit of strength-building equipment- as much as Golds, etc.

I wouldn’t go nutty about them having tootsie rolls – seriously, I like to munch on a little tootsie roll sometimes while running for an hour on the treadmill. It’s a nice little boost and not really many calories or all that much sugar in a quarter ounce of candy. There are a lot of regulars who are serious about staying in shape at Planet Fitness where I work out as well.

However, the best thing is that PF is far cleaner than any 24-Hour, Golds, or LA Fitness I’ve been part of in the past. The people working there are also extremely polite. I guess haters just want to hate. I look at it like picking a school… regardless of the reputation, it is what you make it. If you put in time and effort it will serve you well.

How the hell does Planet Fitness make any money!?

I feel I’m very qualified to answer this as my dad is a franchisee of 11 Planet Fitness gyms. Pete has the best answer here. Planet Fitness’ target market is the 80% of the population that has never been to a gym before. Each gym has on average 6300 members. There are two types of memberships offered, one for $10 a month and one for $19.99, so on average let’s say total revenue per member is somewhere around $15, On top of this there is a $29 annual fee paid by each member.

So you have $100,00 per month just in monthly fees then another $200,000 in annual fees. IMO they are revolutionizing the fitness industry and their margins are insanely high. The only real high expense is equipment which must be replaced every 5 years. But these gyms are pulling in 30% net profit margins which is unheard of in this industry.

Why all the hate for Planet Fitness? If you want a serious gym, why not sign up for a better gym, rather than complaining about PF?

Planet Fitness is a gym that doesn’t want its paying members to be fit. They want their members to continue to pay them money for as long as possible.

It’s the best gym model I have ever seen, to be honest. I have considered investing in it just because I know it works so well, but I can’t because their business model is completely unethical. Planet Fitness can be likened to an AA meeting handing out beer as the attendees walk out the door.

Everyone knows (or at least should know) that dieting harder is much easier than working out harder when trying for weight loss results. Forcing your body to change is really really hard. The people who could give advice to gym noobies are ostracized and banned from the premises with the lunk alarm.

PF uses Operant conditioning to get people to come to the gym just long enough to make them feel like their time and effort is worth something knowing full well that the calories consumed on bagels, pizza, and tootsie rolls likely exceeds the amount of calories burnt during the workout. If PF really cared about giving you results they would take the money they spend on free tootsie rolls and spend it on protein shakes for their members.

The research very clearly shows that multi-joint movements are the best at both building muscle and expending calories, however, there are zero Olympic lift stations and no power rakes. The scientific literature on muscle hypertrophy and weight loss is irrelevant compared to the demand for naive Americans who willingly pay for clean gyms and stay in their comfort zone over actual results with their physiques.

Harsh, but true….

Why is Planet Fitness so looked down upon in the gym industry?

I work out at a PF. I think I can tell you why.

This will sound awful, but PF is what I’d call a “chubby lady” gym. Now, that’s NOT a bad thing – that means lots of women are trying to improve themselves and that’s GREAT! – But PF is set up to appeal to less serious lifters – no doubt. Look at the staff! At my PF, every staff member is overweight. Every one of them. That cannot be a coincidence – I think that they are hired to make potential customers feel more comfortable and less intimidated.

People to come to PF are largely not terrible fit, nor does PF attract “Steroid Monsters” like places like Golds or Frogs. That’s not what they are trying to do.

PF has a higher ratio of cardio machines to weight machines than most places – I like that.

Planet Fitness also has a limited free weight selection – THAT I find frustrating, but I make it work.

PF is cheap – I’m paying $15 per month to be a member. The nearby LA Fitness? $50 per month. No thanks!

So I really like PF. It’s not for powerlifters (though I’ve seen a few guys who might qualify) – it’s for folks trying to get in shape. How is that bad?

Why do so many serious athletes dislike Planet Fitness?

Simple. If a gym decides to give out complimentary slices of pizza, that is already a no-no.

What more is the lunk alarm? Just for being fit you could get sabotaged by jealous people inside easily and be kicked out. There isn’t even a squat rack inside the gym.

Serious athletes would condemn this type of fitness. There is literally only a Smith machine to do your workouts, it’s honestly just a plot to slowly suck money and keep the unfit.

Why does Planet Fitness have such absurd rules?

Planet Fitness is actually genius. To prove this, you can look at their stock price which has quadrupled in about 2 years.

Planet Fitness is a low-cost gym. In the business world, low cost only works if you can sell to a large amount of people. Most of the time this means the product just becomes a commodity. Commodities are easy to compete with as they only compete on price.

Planet Fitness has a commodity product that competes on price and needs to attract a large membership base.

Are there more fitness junkie types in the world or average Janes and Joes that don’t feel great about walking into a gym full of fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders?

The biggest population is by far those who don’t want to be around bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. So that’s who Planet Fitness caters to.

It’s a brand. It doesn’t need to make sense to fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders because those rules are designed to keep them away.

If you’re one of those people who likes to be angry with Planet Fitness and spend your time calling out their hypocrisy, you are not their target audience. You’re angry because you like being angry. Move on.


No, Planet Fitness does not have steam rooms. There is no way to monetize steam rooms. Unisex steam rooms are not acceptable in the US (they are everywhere in Europe). So that means you need a men’s and women’s steam room. Steam rooms are also areas that attract dirt and debris so they need to be cleaned every 30–45 minutes. This is not something PF has the ability to do considering they have 1 maintenance person a shift. I would suggest a YMCA, Crunch, Lifetime,

or Equinox.

Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna?