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High CPC Country List For Adsense 2024 Review

High CPC Country List For Adsense 2024 Review

High CPC Country List For Adsense 2024 Review

High CPC Country – CPC is the cost per click that an advertiser is willing to pay to Google for one click on his ad. Thereby, it varies from country to country or keyword to keyword.

We have collected the data from high CPC countries and arranged them in descending order. Now, you don’t have to bother much to find a suitable or targeted country.

Apart from the High CPC Country List, we will also show you some countries where CPC rates are much lower.

Additionally, how can you get high CPC rates if you are getting low at this point or belong to any of these countries?

Stay Tuned!!

What Is AdSense? High CPC Country

Adsense is the program run by Google that displays ads on your website. When someone clicks on your ad, you earn money. Adsense also pays per 1000 impressions.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

CPM stands for Cost Per 1000 impressions.

Adsense cares for both Publishers and Advertisers. Adsense always shows ads related to your website content.

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Due to this, you also earn a decent amount of money from your website when someone clicks on your ads. At the same time, advertisers get profit if the user does the action after clicking on their ads.

What is CPC In AdSense? High CPC Country in 2024

After getting Adsense approval, it’s time to improve your revenue. CPC is the amount you earn for every click on your ad. This can be high or low, and it completely depends upon the advertiser what they are advertising. Also, the High CPC Country has a higher CPC rate.

CPC is low in some countries and higher in others. It also varies from ad to ad because the CPC of every ad is different. That’s why it’s important to research deeper before writing any content despite the proper optimization of an article. It’s also necessary to verify if your country is on the list of high CPC countries.

Suppose your country is missing from the list of high CPC countries. At least you can target others that have high CPC rates.

The higher the CPC, the Higher your earnings.

For instance, you can use Ubersuggest, which is a free tool for finding keywords and high CPC countries.

In this example, I am searching for the keyword “insurance.”

and the volume on that keyword is 301,000, and the CPC is $51.67. If somehow you manage to rank on this keyword and drive some traffic from a country like the United States. You can earn 51.67 dollars with a single ad click.

But keep in mind the United States is a high CPC country. So, you need to drive traffic from the United States to get this CPC.

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Same as this, I have sorted the list of High CPC Countries to earn a great amount of money with little effort.

20 High CPC Country List 2024

The first column is the name of the high CPC country, the second is CTR, and the third is CPC.

United States0.75%0.61
United Kingdom1.06%0.48
New Zealand1.21%0.33
South Africa1.13%0.26
Unknown Region0.63%0.25

These are the 20 best high CPC Countries to target, which can help you to increase your revenue. This is optional to drive lots of traffic if you are getting high CPC rates as long as you target these high CPC country people.

You can make $15 with just 20 clicks if your traffic is coming from the United States or Australia.

Why is CPC High In These Countries?

The fact is, in these countries, people spend more money online than others (I have listed below). By taking the example of the Indian people, we love to find free stuff online. Ours mentally has set on getting things free, from free web hosting to free domain names.

So we don’t spend as much money online as offline. Because we don’t trust online things, and we also fear scams. Which is actually a huge problem in every Country, especially in India.

See the same example I mentioned above with just a minor change of Country.

And check the huge change in CPC.

Jumped from $51 to just 56 INR.

Indeed, for us, this CPC is high. But this CPC rate is only on some keywords like insurance, real estate, etc.

CPC rates in Country India

Indian CPC rates are quite low compared to the countries mentioned above. In India, CPC rates vary from 0.01 to 0.21. You will earn around 0.80 cents to $1 per thousand views. But with the same number of views (1000), you can earn around 10 to $15 if the traffic comes from the USA.

List of lowest CPC-paying countries

According to the Wordstream, These are the countries with the lowest CPC compared to the USA. For example, Serbia’s CPC is 95% less than the CPC of the USA.

CountryCPC % Less Than U.S. Avg.

If your country is one from the upper list, then you need to think about how you can increase your CPC. Don’t worry, don’t think; we will tell you how to increase your Adsense CPC.

How To Get A High CPC From Google Adsense?

Increasing CPC means making more money, and who doesn’t want to make more and more money? We will tell you exactly what to do to increase your CPC rates.

#1. Choose A Niche

Choosing a niche doesn’t mean you will choose any niche that is less popular with less search volume. Choose a Niche with a high potential of CPC. Instead of this, choose a niche that has high CPC rates. Additionally, you can target United States audiences with little effort.

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According to Semrush, Insurance is the most popular and high-paying niche. Its average CPC is $17.55 in the United States as well as other countries.

So, insurance will be the first one on my list. You will get $17.55 per click on your ads.

#1: Insurance with an average CPC of $17.55.

#2: Online education with an average CPC of $12.08.

#3: Marketing and Advertising with an average CPC of $6.45.

#4: Legal averaging with an average CPC of $6.11.

#5: Internet & telecom with an average CPC of $4.96.

Many other top niches can make you a profit with only Adsense. Jobs, Gadgets, Cryptocurrency, Real Estate, and Home Loans are all niches that also come under the high CPC category.

#2. Content

Write high-quality content using the English language because this is the most used language all over the world. You can target a large audience with the English language from various countries.

English is a universal language. So always try to write in English rather than your own country’s language. Don’t write in Hindi or Spanish if you know English.

With your native language, you can only target your local country’s people. But with English, you can find a large number of audience for your blog. Also, targeting any High CPC country becomes easy.

#3. Platform

Now, the majority of the users have mobile phones. They sometimes use their computer or laptop to surf the internet.

So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Do not write content and design your website by targeting only computer users. If you do so, you are going to lose half of your audience as well as your revenue.

#4. Use only one Ad Platform

Don’t mix one ad platform with another. Keep in mind every ad network tries to show ads related to our content. There is not any human who goes through your website; it’s a robot who reads your source code from your web page. So, Don’t try to mix other ad codes and make the robot confused.

Robots crawl your website, find the keyword that you added to your web page, and show ads related to your content.

#5. Always choose an optimized theme

Always choose ad-optimized themes. Because they already have reserved space to show ads. Where they are most likely to get more impressions and clicks.

More impressions mean more clicks, and this can help you show more quality ads on your blog.

#6. Test Adsense Ads

Figure out which Adsense ads pay the most. Don’t stick with one type of ad on your website. If you are using an ad network, AdSense, then you may know that AdSense provides three types of ads.

1: Display ads

2: In-feed ads

3: In- article ads

Experiment with ads and check which one is more suitable and pays higher. I use Display ads in the side widgets and In-feed ads between the articles.

Infeed ads are considered to get more clicks since they adapt according to your blog type. This ad matches my blog structure, and when I place it on my blog, it appears natural, like a regular blog post.

By examining and by doing some little experiments. You can identify which one can improve your CPC.

High CPC Keywords

If you create an article using any of these keywords. You will earn a decent amount of money with one click. But for ranking on these keywords, your blog must have high domain authority

  • Insurance $59 CPC
  •  Gas/Electricity $57 CPC
  •  Loans $50 CPC
  •  Mortgage $44 CPC
  •  Attorney $48 CPC
  •  Lawyer $43 CPC
  •  Donate $42 CPC
  •  Conference Call $42 CPC
  •  Degree $40 CPC
  •  Credit $38 CPC

Why do these Adsense keywords pay so much?

Some keywords have high CPC. Companies behind these keywords give more value to increase their customers. So, spending some more bucks is a small deal for high-status companies. If one more dollar acquires them a new customer, they don’t hesitate to do so.

What is Click-through Rate (CTR), and why is it important?

CTR is the most important metric in Adsense. We often underestimate it because we care about CPC.

CTR is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of page views.

For example, if you receive 2 clicks and your page view is 250, then your page CTR would be 0.8%. (2/250=0.8%).

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Higher CTR is an Immeasurable opportunity for the publisher. Because of this, the chances of getting more quality advertisement increases.

But for advertisers, it becomes unsafe for you to get too many clicks on your ads. Google Adsense doesn’t want its clients’ money to go to waste with fraudulent clicks. Heavy clicks on ads without providing any value in return is not a fair deal.

High CPC country also has a high CPC rate.

There is also a tool created by Wordstream to check your CTR.

Cost per click is known as CPC in the short term. It is the amount the advertising advertiser pays you when you click on the ad displayed on your website. CPC varies with different ads and different countries. The highest CPC-paying Country In the World Is the United States.

How can I get Google AdSense account approval?

Well!!! If you are looking for Google AdSense for your blog/WordPress, read till the end, and you will place Google AdSense on your website.

  • Top Level Domain

You have to purchase top-level domains like .com, .in, and .org. If you have free domains like .xyz, .mobile, .mz, and So on, then you are not eligible for AdSense.Yes s, if you have a blogger URL like

then you are eligible, but approval takes much more time (around 6–7 months).

  • SSL Certificate

Many free websites are available where you can take your SSL Certificate. But if you are a blogger, then you don’t need this one.

  • Responsive and simple theme

Google prefers that the website rank on top, with light color in the background and no unnecessary coding on the website, so use simple themes.

  • Articles

You must write at least 20–25 articles in 500 words each. You must write at least 15 articles in 300 words for eligibility, but a little more number creates a good impression on the AdSense approver.

  • Copyright-free images

Always use copyright-free images in your articles. I am trying to explain how to download copyright-free images.

  • Create following pages
  1. About
  2.  Terms and conditions
  3.  Disclaimer
  4.  Privacy policy**
  5.  Site map (in HTML code)

You will create all these pages and add them to your website. If you created all the above pages except the privacy policy, then you will not approve AdSense.

  • Mixed Points

a) Wait to edit the website’s code again after applying for approval.

b) After one month of blogging, you should apply for approval.

c) You have to write articles continuously till approval.

d) You Must add a Google Analytics code on your website to give you all the traffic information.

e) Don’t purchase traffic from any website. In the long term, it will not be helpful for you.

Do you make more than $ 5,000 a month from Google AdSense? How?

Yes, I do!

My focus is on low-hanging fruit regarding keywords people search for on Google. Initially, the cost of my content was quite expensive. Over a year, I will write about 1000 pieces of content that target several phrases that people would search for in Google.

When I choose a topic, I don’t select something that will earn me $0.10 per click on AdSense. I generally stay focused on a topic that earns $0.75 or higher. The higher the click value, the fewer clicks you need to obtain.

Most people need to realize that Adsense is still a viable option for earning a living online. Most people focus on self-explanatory topics like diet or car insurance, which are too competitive for the average blogger/marketer. I will go after popular topics but generally less competitive.

I then break down everything people would look for on that topic and build a vast site. Over my first year on a single site, I can earn anywhere from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 per month in most cases.

There is no magic button, but if you know how to choose the correct topic and create mediocre to excellent quality content, you can generate some very nice income!


While providing you with the list of High CPC Countries. Besides giving you some quality tips to improve your CPC in Adsense. We also make it clear by dividing some points about CTR.

This was the list of High CPC Countries. Suppose your country is not on the list of High CPC Country list. You can try some of the above-mentioned useful tips to improve your CPC rates. Hope you like this article, don’t forget to share it if you find it useful.

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