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What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

I can agree with this description. It really describes how it felt when I went back to messing my pants in my teens. I really liked the feeling, but I never did it in public or school, as a teen, anyway. It especially brings back memories of when I pooped my pants when I was in 1st grade. I never liked using the bathroom at school and would usually wait until I got home.

On this particular day, we had an extra recess before school let out, and I really needed to poop. I didn’t want to stop playing, so I let my guard down, and it started coming out. I froze for a second, kept myself from pooping anymore, and I started getting nervous because I hadn’t messed up my pants in a long time, especially not at school.

Friends, I didn’t know what to do, but I knew it was already too late, so I decided to finish what I did and pushed the rest of the poop out into my underwear. It felt exactly like a mushroom coming out of me, and the poop just found whatever space was in my underwear, and at the same time, I felt really relieved. For as young as I was, I’m surprised how much of a load I did, and I knew I was in trouble.

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What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

I continued to play despite the complete mess I had in my pants. I stunk, but luckily, no other kids discovered what I did. After a while, the mess started to cool down, and I was getting uncomfortable. I had also sat in it for a bit, so it was a huge mess, and there was no way I could deal with it on my own, so I shyly told my teacher what happened. I wound up waiting for my grandma to get me.

She walked me to the preschool classroom where she worked and proceeded to clean me up in the preschool bathroom, so I wouldn’t have to ride home in poopy pants. I remember that it was a very messy process, my underwear was ruined, I had poop down to my thighs and LOTS of wipes were used.

After the clean-up and leaving school, I still had to take a bath because the poop smell lingered. In my teens, I casually asked her if she remembered what I did, and she remembered, saying she still couldn’t believe what a big load I did.

Does anyone poop their pants in bed?

Yeah, I lie there waiting till I really have to go. Sometimes, I’ll reward myself by soaking first. I’ll feel the pee coming out, and it will be so warm that it relaxes me. Once I’m completely soaked, I’ll start to push and push until I poop. 

A good solid one feels amazing pushing out between my but cheeks and then dropping straight into my pants. I’ll then go to sleep with soaking wet pants and a massive load. What’s so much better is waking up during the night feeling it just sitting there in my pants and then deciding to unload again. I will sometimes have three poops a night.

Have you ever been forced to poop your pants?

When I was in grade school, I was bullied by a bunch of boys in the playground before school. On one occasion, which would be the beginning of many, I found myself being held by the boys. A hand went down the back of my pants, and I felt three things being pushed into me. I was about to get my first experience with suppositories. In those days when class started, you couldn’t leave. 

As I sat in class, I felt small waves of having to poop, but I ignored them. However, the waves began to get stronger and began to last longer with each spasm. I was soon beginning to get nervous. And I asked to go to the bathroom, but my request was denied. 

Friends, I finally couldn’t hold it anymore, and I began to strain hard as I pooped in my pants. With three suppositories in me, there were several massive waves of hard pushing, which caused me to pee in my pants at the same time.

Have you ever pooped in your pants as an adult?

Originally Answered: Did you ever poop in your pants as an adult?

I’ll do you one better. I once shat my pants at the same time as my twin sister. It was my fault. I bought and prepared about 70 samosas and proceeded to eat them like popcorn. It’s not the samosas’ fault. I don’t think you’re supposed to eat 70 of anything in one sitting, but you know I’ve got to have my sammies.

We were sitting having a chat, and my sister suddenly looked up and said, “I have to go.” She disappeared off to the bathroom, and while she was showering randomly in the middle of the day, I thought, “Good time for a sneaky fart.”

Well, no, it bloody wasn’t because the fart was sneakier than I thought it was going to be, and it immediately became a (number) two-in-one deal. As soon as my sister emerged from the bathroom, I ran in and cleaned myself up. What a ridiculous creature.

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

Once I came out, I sat down next to her and said,

“You’re not going to believe this, but while you were in the shower, I actually shat my pants. It just blew out of me!”

She turned and said, “Me too! That’s why I went to the shower! I thought it was a fart!”

We just laughed our afternoon away and cooked up some more Samosas because, after all that, I was hungry again.

Have you ever pooped your pants with another person?

Yes, it was with one of my friends. We were walking to my house, and she really needed to poop, like, arms clutched around her stomach, struggling to hold it. She was skipping a little ahead of me. We were about 5 minutes from her house when she squatted down and started pooping her pants.

I then crouched down on my hands and knees, as I had already been feeling a rumbling in my abdomen; And I didn’t think much of it until she pooped her pants. I could feel it coming, but I did not hold it in, so I pushed and filled my pants.

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

It was New Year’s Eve, and I was at home on my own. Mum had left the day before to stay with her sister for a week, Dad had flown out the previous day to the Far East on business, my older sister was stopping with a cousin for a week, and my brother was in the army on some exercise in Norway. I was pised off because my mates were all occupied with family, and I had around a week on my own still to come.

That sets the scene except to say at this time, I still wet the bed, maybe once a month or so, and this probably accounts for my not really worrying about doing dribbles and squirts in my pants to relieve the tension if I need to wee during a film, TV or football match. I’ve often checked out my father’s pants in the wash basket, and it’s clear he is not one to worry about peeing himself.

Thus it is that today I am in the kitchen knocking together a sandwich for my lunch and hanging onto a shit that needs to come out. There is no need for me to hang on; the toilet is off the hall next to me. It’s a cold day, and I have been out; I’m dressed in thick khaki cords and a cord shirt tucked down into my Jockeys. Reaching up into a cupboard, I fart a good long and rich fart, almost to the point where it will drop into my briefs. My dick is rigid, and I feel as horny as hell.

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

I have no idea what came over me, but I let go, and the poo began its descent into my pants. I felt the bulge growing, hand on my bottom, and I released it to drop into the crotch of my pants. More followed, and I stood there feeling a combination of joy and shame. I pissed and made a puddle on the slabbed floor. The feeling was sensational, and I stayed in those soiled pants until before I went to bed.

I spent the rest of my break pooping my pants and wetting the bed. Every two or three months, I do it as a treat and enjoy a dirty weekend!

Have you ever pooped in your pants as an adult?

Yes, and it was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. I had just moved into a new apartment, and I noticed my neighbour was moving in, and she was failing miserably on her own. I went out, introduced myself, and asked if she needed a hand, to which she immediately said yes. 

So I’m a 22-year-old guy trying to help an attractive woman of the same age lift stuff, SO OF COURSE, I go for the huge dresser right off the bat. I squat down, lift and UH OH. My boxers and shorts did nothing to stop it. Made no noise coming out, but I swear to god that when it hit the sidewalk, it made a SLAP sound that could be heard from at least 20 feet away. 

I look at her, and she is pale and staring at my shit on the sidewalk that looks like a dead African slug. For some reason, I went into major panic mode, picked it up with my hand and retreated inside. Since then, we have not spoken or made eye contact, and she lives directly across from me. It’s been three years.

Have you ever been forced to poop your pants?

No, actually, not in pants, but once, I was forced. When I was in school, I guess in 5th or 6th std. A few 11th-grade boys bullied me outside of school.

There was a playground near school, and I was passing by six seniors who were playing football. I kicked the football on the wrong side. They got angry. One of them, Subhranth Dada, slapped me and asked me to leave faster. But another one offered me to play with them. I was a kid, so they were making fun of me. He threw football on my face.

To get rid of them, I said I need to poop, so let me go home faster. Now they stuck on one thing that I had to poop there only in the ground.

I guess their main intention was to see how my pu££y and a&& actually looked at that age. There was no one adult there, so they pulled my skirt out and made me poop forcefully. After pooping, Shubu Dada cleaned my ass himself with a water bottle. I get too much embarrassed. I should have told this to my parents, but I never said to them.

Has anyone pooped their pants and enjoyed it?

Once, I wanted the effect like a diaper, so I took my dog puppy pad and stuffed it into my underwear like it was a diaper. I put on my pants and admired my padded butt; 8 minutes later, the urge came to poop. I was okay; ill do a little bit, then rest in the toilet, I relaxed and pushed a little nugget out, but my body said nope, you can’t stop now, so I just stood there in the washroom, looking at myself and filled my seat with heavy amounts of poop. 

My underwear was getting pushed down from the amount of poop in my self-made diaper, and I had to squat and push the poop out into the mess that was already in my diaper. Finally, after 15 minutes of poop, I get up to check the damage. And my diaper is filled with poop; I watch some youtube and feel the hot poop on my butt. I love it. The cleanup was a pain.

Has anyone made you poop your pants?

My boyfriend did when I was on (consensual) punishment. We were running errands, and I really had to go to the bathroom – he was still pretty annoyed. Usually, I wear diapers for punishment, but I was still nervous, and it was a limit at the time.

Anyway, I told him how badly I had to go, and he told me to hold it. I told him I couldn’t, and he said to go in my pants. He stood me up straight and watched, leading me around the store. We thankfully left before anything too bad happened, but I was leaking, and my bladder gave out in the parking lot.

Once I was out there, he told me to finish going before I got in the car, so I did. Dropped my load into my underwear. I sat in the backseat with it pressed against me, and he invited friends over to show off my accident when we got back – it was like a group humiliation thing. He didn’t change me; he just put a diaper on over my messy undies. After that, I got a lot more bold with “accidents” and started wearing diapers out more often.

Have you ever been forced to poop your pants?

Yes. I was abused when I was 14. Part of that was my stepfather would make me do yardwork all day, and I was not allowed to use the backyard woods or the bathroom to relieve myself. So, whenever I had to pee or defecate, I had to go right in my pants.

I told my mother about this numerous times, and she yelled at me that I was lying. Luckily, I am away from them now. I have been free from that for nine years. I still hate my parents to this day, and I hope they get what they deserve. They did way worse than this and got no jail time.

Has anyone pooped their pants and enjoyed it?

As a boy, I loved pooping and peeing in my pants, especially in school. It started as a torment by bullies, but I found I loved doing it. I particularly loved feeling it smear all over me inside my pants. And I pooped my pants in class and the playground so much I had to come up with a way that I could do what I loved but without ruining my clothes. 

Friends, I got the idea that I needed to wear a diaper, but I couldn’t exactly say to my mom if I could wear diapers, though she might’ve agreed for as much as I was ruining my pants and underwear. She was actually very gracious as she never told me I couldn’t do it. I got creative and took a pair of my jockey underwear. I then cut the sides to make a template of sorts. And I then laid it over top of a white kitchen garbage bag, took a razor blade, and cut the outline. 

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

Friends, I then laid on it and fastened the sides with electrical tape. I tried pooping in it several times at home while I wa outside playing. By cutting it out bigger, I could make a tighter fit. I also discovered that it did an excellent job of keeping the poop from getting all over my pants and underwear. I also discovered that if I put a piece of Terry cloth in the front, it would absorb pee if I wanted to pee in my diaper. 

On another note, being spanked while wearing my homemade diaper created an incredible feeling. To really add a twist, I would make my diaper out of clear plastic. It was an incredible feeling to be able actually to see what I was doing in my diaper.

Why do people poop their pants on purpose? And what does it feel like?

For me, it is stress release. After discovering pants pooping by accident, I found that not only did I get pleasure but that my body and mind were relaxed, and I was ready to face the days ahead with no stress whatsoever. Some go out and drink, many exercise, there are all sorts of ways to relax. I find filling my pants, and masturbating does it for me. We are all different, thankfully.

Does anyone poop their pants in bed?

Yes, but only when I went to sleepovers and camping; I did it a lot in my teens. I had friends who pooped their pants, too, so it wasn’t a big deal. And I remember popping a really big help in my pyjama pants, and it felt so good. 

Friends, I had a deep sleep in my sleeping bag that night. I also remember my best friend pooping herself to try it at a sleepover at my place, and she said it felt weird but good.

Does anyone poop their pants in bed?

I do it daily; in fact, I always sleep in my underwear; sometimes, when it’s time to sleep, I need to go to the bathroom, but it would be boring to get my panties dirty just once, So I’d rather throw a load of poop in my panties minutes before I sleep After the warm and comfortable feeling in my ass filled with shit, I go to bed and fall asleep with my ass dirty, I wake up at dawn wanting to shit, but I’m so comfortable that I don’t want to get up, So I better wait until the urge is urgent, but I want to fart. 

More load of shit came out on top of what I had already done in my panties, and It felt so wet and nice that I fell asleep again. When I woke up, I got turned on sitting on that load of shit, so I decided to stay in my dirty panties all morning.

Do you still poop in your pants?

Yes, I’m 17, and I love pooping on myself. It’s good bc I look like I would never even have the thought of doing something that gross, but you’d be surprised at the nasty things that I’ve done. I love farting until diarrhoea starts bubbling in my ass crack! I love pooping my jeans in front of good-looking people. I’ve also catered to eating it.

When a person defecates in their pants, it can feel uncomfortable, embarrassing, and distressing. The physical sensation can vary depending on the consistency and volume of the faeces. Some people may experience a sensation of warmth, wetness, or stickiness, while others may feel a sense of pressure or heaviness.

Psychologically, the experience of pooping one’s pants can be very distressing and embarrassing, especially if it happens in public. It can lead to feelings of shame, humiliation, and self-consciousness. In some cases, it can also be a sign of a medical issue or underlying health problem that needs to be addressed.

It’s important to seek medical attention if you experience recurrent episodes of faecal incontinence or have difficulty controlling your bowel movements. There are treatments available that can help manage these symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Have you ever had to pee or poop so badly with nowhere to go and decided to go in your pants?

Yes, it has happened to me many times. Even sometimes, I do it on purpose. To take the most recent example, I needed to pee on the school bus when I was coming home. I was wearing my school uniform then. Sitting on the bus, all my friends were talking, but I was uncomfortable due to the pressure on my bladder, but I had to behave normally. 

After some time, my stop was coming. But I was not in a condition to control it now. I peed a little in the leggings. No one knew it because my skirt covered it, but a little more pee came out after some time. Now my stop had come, so I got off the bus and started going home, but on the way, a very big stream of pee came out of my leggings. 

I controlled it with great difficulty, but my leggings got very wet. And I reached home, but the house was locked, and I knew I couldn’t make it, so I went straight to my backyard, took off my shoes, sat down, and peed in my leggings. I even had a little orgasm. Then I got up and opened the door and changed my clothes and washed them. But I kept my wet panties on. It makes me feel good.

Have you ever pooped your pants with another person?

Yes. I was with my friend, and I was on the couch sitting with him watching tv, and I felt a Sidon urge to poop, but me being lazy, I ignored it. Then, after a while, I felt that same urge again, a little bit stronger, but again, I ignored it. After about 5–10 minutes, I was sitting there when I realized I really had to poop (like really badly). I was getting up to go to the bathroom when it was all just dumped out. 

I just stood there frozen; my friend looked over at my pants and immediately knew what had happened. Before I could say anything, he stood up and then pooped his pants, too and sat back down. So I decided what was the worst that could happen, and I sat down next to him. As I sat down, the warm poop covered my ass, filling every little bit of space. 

Long story short, I found out he loved to poop his pants and does it all the time, so I decided to try it again, and I ended up enjoying it. We are still friends and love to poop ourselves and even poop in each other’s pants, but that’s a different story.

Have you ever had to pee or poop so bad with nowhere to go and decided to just go in your pants?

It was my worst and best experience. I was at school, and there was 1 hour left for the school to be over. I was thirsty, so I drank one bottle of water at once, only if I knew what I was going to experience. The school was over, and I really wanted to pee, but my friends didn’t let me go. On the bus, I was dying and craving a piss. 

My bladder was raining hard, and I thought my bladder was going to burst and I was going to die. As soon as I came off the bus, I started moaning loudly and peeing myself. The warm rivers rushing down my legs gave me a huge relief. Hopefully, nobody saw me, but that was the best moment in my life.

Yes. I was on a bus trip when I had to go poop and pee, but my stop was around an hour away. I tried to hold it for so long but eventually let go. And I started pooping, and then I saw a massive bulge in my pants. Then I ended up getting hard and then started peeing, the pee leaking down my pants. I sat there like that for the rest of the bus trip until I had to stand up to get off, in which everyone saw my soiled pants.

Would you poop your pants on purpose?

Yes, and I have, several times. I love farting, and so it was just a natural curiosity that came out of it. I was also dared to do it, and I was curious how it would feel. And I felt a lot of disgust, shame and embarrassment, and the smell was incredible. 

The feeling, though. It was weird. And it wasn’t a particularly bad feeling. It felt like I had grown a tail, and it was pretty heavy back there. The feeling of the fabric stretching to make room for the poop was a sensation I’ve never felt before and cannot replicate any other way.

If you’re curious about it, you should try it. Nobody needs to know except you. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it again. I ended up liking it, and I do it frequently.

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

Friends, I love popping in my underwear since I was 12 years old. I am now 37. I always poop in my underwear, even if I am at a function, party, work or anywhere. My wife also doesn’t know.

Before 13, I never pooped in undies. One day I was with my girlfriend at a marriage. Anyone who went to the toilet made weird facial expressions. 

I wanted to go to the washroom, but I didn’t. But when it was an emergency, I went to the toilet, but in the way I pooped. It felt so warm and good that I sat beside and did poop in my undies. From that day, I never pooped in the toilet. I also love making videos on sex and pooping and peeing in underwear.


The first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I told myself I’d give it a go. I was about 15 then. I was at home alone, and I really wanted to try it, so I put on some of my old briefs. And I felt the urge to go, and I knew it was time. At first, I was a little bit scared, and when I tried to push, I couldn’t do it. Well, I refused to use the toilet because I knew I wanted to try this.

So I ended up waiting until I physically couldn’t hold it anymore, and it just started coming out on its own. At first, I was shocked, but then, about 5 seconds later, it was the most relieving feeling ever. It felt amazing. I was a massive poop, and you could see the bulge through my sweatpants.

I then got hit with a second wave, and when I went to push, it was so liquidy, and it just started flooding my underwear. Luckily, they were tight enough to keep it all in. But I sat in it for a while until it started to go through my briefs and into my pants. But this is what led to me enjoying this and doing it 11 years later still!

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?