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What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

Originally Answered: What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city? Why is it so?

I write this post mainly in response to the Unni Krishnan – Man for Trivandrum. Who asserts, among many other things- “Kerala’s anti-capital mindset”, 

“Trivandrum is more ‘developed’ than Kochi, but people do not brag”. “Trivandrum is the largest city”, and ” If a Trivandrum guy gets 100 rupees, he will only spend Rs 60 of it and save the rest for settling down. Meanwhile, a Kochi guy who gets Rs 100 will borrow another Rs 100 and buy something of Rs 200.”

Now, visit the main question: What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum? My response is simple: The Private Sector (I shall explain why later).

Firstly, if it exists, Kerala’s “anti-capital mindset” is really the best thing about Kerala. In Maharashtra and Karnataka, where people must, in your opinion, have a strong capital mindset, development has been concentrated in Mumbai and Bangalore, respectively, and as a result, massive migration to these mega-cities has meant an explosion of slums and greater crowding and decline in environment quality. 

Still, Kerala’s model of developing regions equitably has resulted in lesser geographic concentration of wealth and better housing and environment overall. Witness how rural expenditure is the highest in Kerala, and the gap between rural and urban expenditure is the narrowest in God’s Own Country compared to other states.

When did GTA 4 come out?

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

the assessment of development can be complex, and factors contributing to the perceived development of one city over another can vary. Additionally, development is a multifaceted concept that includes economic, social, infrastructural, and cultural aspects. Below are some general factors that might contribute to the perception that Kochi is more developed than Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital city of Kerala:

  1. Economic Activities: Kochi, being a major port city, has historically been a hub for trade and commerce. Its strategic location has attracted various industries, including shipping, IT, and tourism. These economic activities contribute significantly to the city’s development. Thiruvananthapuram, while also economically active, may not have the same level of industrial diversification as Kochi.
  2. Infrastructure: Kochi has seen substantial infrastructural development, including modern transportation facilities, commercial complexes, and the Kochi Metro. These developments can contribute to the perception of Kochi as a more developed urban center. Thiruvananthapuram, being the state capital, also has significant infrastructure but may have different priorities or levels of development in certain aspects.
  3. Tourism: Kochi is a major tourist destination, attracting visitors with its historical landmarks, cultural events, and vibrant atmosphere. The tourism industry can contribute significantly to economic development. Thiruvananthapuram, as the capital city, also has tourist attractions but may not have the same level of tourist footfall as Kochi.
  4. Industrialization and IT Sector: Kochi has witnessed growth in the information technology (IT) sector, with the establishment of IT parks and technological infrastructure. This has contributed to economic development and employment opportunities. Thiruvananthapuram has also been making strides in the IT sector, but the concentration of IT activities might differ between the two cities.

It’s essential to note that the perception of development can be subjective, and both Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram have unique characteristics and strengths. Moreover, development is an ongoing process, and the status of cities can change over time based on various factors, including government policies, investments, and changing economic landscapes. It’s advisable to refer to more recent sources for the latest information on the development status of these cities.

Some other facts:

You mentioned that Kerala’s paddy fields are devastated, and it leads to starvation when the fact is that ever since British times, the Travancore Kingdom imported a substantial percentage of its food from other regions. Why is this not a bad thing? 

Because the agricultural labour has been used elsewhere like cash crops (tea/coffee/rubber/spices), which bring more foreign exchange and raise the standard of living (the average Mallu lives better than the average Andhra-ite or Bengali, where paddy is abundantly produced).

Then you associated Kochi with the Hare and Trivandrum with the Tortoise. This is a most inaccurate comparison because:

a) Trivandrum had the first IT Park in the country; Kochi’s Infopark came 14 years after Technopark but is already fast catching up.

b) CIAL was the first PPP model airport in India, came after the Trivandrum airport (despite opposition from that city), and is already the busiest airport in the state.

Also, as far as tourist destinations are concerned, I think there’s not much dispute that Trivandrum and Kochi stand shoulder to shoulder (beaches, Jewish Synagogue, Churches, Temples, Hill Station and, of course, as you mentioned, proximity to Allapuzha’s Waterworld).

Then I accept your contention that Trivandrum has the better educational scene (it is the Capital). But I find it weird that you should boast about media in Trivandrum after initially claiming that film stars were why Kochi was being promoted.

Others have mentioned the point about the Malls and the Ports, and you just wrote them away by stating that that’s not development (concerning Malls) or it is bcoz of Kochi’s geographic location (which kind of the point isn’t it?), so I shall not repeat them.

Also, on what basis you say: ” If a Trivandrum guy gets 100 rupees, he will only spend Rs60 of it and save the rest for settling down. Meanwhile, a Kochi guy who gets Rs 100 will borrow another Rs 100 and buy something of Rs 200.”? How would you know this?

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

More importantly, if you are going to say things like “Trivandrum people don’t brag,” then you should have reconsidered writing the post the way you did.

Also, you mention that Trivandrum is the largest city, but this is because geographically, Kochi ‘City’ is smaller, allegedly due to resistance from the real estate ‘mafia’ to widen the city limits (and consequently your statistic of property boom in Trivandrum v. Kochi is of limited use). 

The Census uses the term Urban Agglomeration – a perusal of the List of most populous urban agglomerations in Kerala will show that Kochi is the largest and Trivandrum ranks 5th. Also, observe the population growth in Kochi vis-a-vis Trivandrum.

Then, to answer the main question: What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum? Firstly, it must be conceded that the Capital city has better roads and public services, and you can thank hapless taxpayers from Kochi and the rest of Kerala for that.

Now, look at the Kerala budget; Ernakulam district is the single largest contributor to the state coffers by far, but what percentage of the state’s investment is in Kochi?

Despite this, Kochi forges ahead due to International and Private Sector Investment in Seaports, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports and Industry (including Infopark and the proposed Smart City).

Remember that the tax levied on Kochi sites and other Keralites funds the government establishments and the loss-making state corporations headquartered in Trivandrum that you are so proud of?

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

While public investment has been lavished on Trivandrum, has it occurred to you that Kochi has been starved of the same? Is the Kochi Metro the only serious public investment that Kochi has had in over a decade?

That when the Kerala Finance Minister allocates the budget despite owing much of it to Kochi, throws bread-crumbs in our direction? 

The Government of Kerala (GoK) has developed an interesting funding strategy out of budget everywhere but Kochi, wherein loans from lending institutions mainly fund it. Why is that? Because Kochi can get loans (although their attached strings cause us much misery).

Then you mentioned that Capital is always the Capital, which is untrue because before 1795, Padmanabhapuram was the Capital of Travancore, and Kochi was an independent Kingdom with its Capital at Ernakulam.

Kochi can survive (and thrive) without being the Capital and having all that public investment. (Bottomline: Kochi is more self-sufficient than Trivandrum). But can Trivandrum?

So, Kochi is not more developed than Trivandrum because of its glitzy malls or pot-holed roads. Still, Kochi is more developed due to a strong, sustainable economy (something which Trivandrum needs to be improved). 

Kochi is BIGGER (refer to the Urban Agglomerations part).

That’s all, folks!

Why is Thiruvananthapuram Corporation the biggest in Kerala, while Kochi is the biggest city?

Kochi Corporation (94.88 km²) hasn’t expanded its city limits since 1967, unlike other municipal corporations in India. Since it excludes major suburban areas, it’s smaller than Trivandrum (214.86 km²), which includes all the major urban and suburban areas. Trivandrum Corporation expanded its city limits in 2015.

Kochi metropolitan region includes nine municipalities and surrounding 15 panchayats along with Kochi corporation with an area of 440 km² and 2.1 million population.

Trivandrum metropolitan region includes four municipalities along with Trivandrum corporation with an area of 310 km² and 1.68 million population. So Kochi is the biggest city in Kerala, followed by Trivandrum.

Is Kochi (Kerala) a metro city?

Kochi, popularly known as the business capital of Kerala, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. In India, a metropolitan city is defined as one having a population of 1 million and above. Kochi city has a population of 2.12 million ( 17th in India). Therefore, from a population point of view, Kochi is a metro city.

Other points to note:

  • Kochi Metro Rail ( Fastest Metro Rail project in India till date )
  • Kochi has a major shipping port known as the Southern Naval Command.
  • Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) is the seventh busiest airport in the country.
  • Countless restaurants, shopping malls
  • Info Park, an IT park which is now being expanded further.
  • Selected as one of the ‘smart cities’ by the Government of India.

So, yes, you could safely assume Kochi to be a metro city and soon a Megacity!

What is it like to live in Kochi?

Native of Kochi here! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Having lived for long and short durations in several other cities, I can say with complete conviction that it’s a blessing to call this place home.

Kochi never has a shortage of things to do. Now, I am from a fairly conservative family, and so it’s not things like pubs and discotheques that I fancy. And yet, there are so many things to do here. It’s like living in an enormous market.

A permanent shopping festival of sorts.

Few people will be into that kind of living, but I like it that way. The other day, we went to Thrissur and stayed there for three days… three of the most boring days ever! By 8 p.m., the city sleeps. And we asked friends if there were places we could go to. They said just four places – 3 temples and a zoo. 🙄 This was very new to us. We would return to the hotel by 7:30 p.m. and play games on our mobiles till we dozed off.

Here in Kochi, going to late-night movies is common among youngsters and families. The restaurants (goodness! There are so many!) are nearly always teeming with people. The Metro rail has made commutes easier and faster.

It’s hardly a surprise to see celebrities zipping by in their expensive cars through the city. Nearly all of them own houses here.

Kochi caters to all categories of people. If you’re religious, you have so many temples you could visit, right from Ernakulathappan Temple Bang in the middle of the city to the many ones in my native Tripunithura.

Broadway is a shopper’s delight. As they say, you get everything from a nail to even a baby elephant there 😄

Several malls dot the city, and most are hang-out spots for youngsters. People come from far and wide to shop in Kochi because this is commonly touted as the fashion capital of Kerala. Then you have all these beaches, backwaters, and the magnificent Willingdon Island and Mattanchery, where you can still see remnants of colonial architecture.

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

People are very chilled out. A bit much is what my parents say. My mother says this place is becoming like Mumbai, where people are very strict about minding their business. It works for me. I wouldn’t say I like nosy folk. I know little about the house rents or the real estate scene as I live in my ancestral home. Real Estate is on the pricey side, as I know it.

The traffic can get daunting at times. But that’s normal for any city of this size, no? But it’s better than, say, Bangalore. The medical facilities are pretty good. There are at least three or more super specialty hospitals here.

Several schools have different curriculums. Two railway stations within the city. Many more for nearly all adjacent towns. And an international airport. 😎

Nope. I am not complaining at all! 😄

Kochi is a place where the young and young at heart can thrive. Like life is one big party. Don’t expect anyone or anything to be serious here 😄

Which is better, Kochi or Kozhikode?

Now, that is not a good question at all. The answer to that question depends on who is asking the question. Kozhikode is a place rich in culture and filled with kind-hearted people. There is a lot to see in and near the city. Even though it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Kerala, it still does well, conserving its ethnicity and authenticity. 

At the same time, Kochi is a modern city that has gone beyond Indian ideologies and culture. The city has developed into a hub for business people and technocrats over the past few years. 

So, if you are a person who is looking to party and wants new colours in life, then Kochi is the place for you. But if you are more of a gentle, music-loving, kind-hearted soul looking for a life that balances contemporary and ethnic cultures, Kozhikode is the way to go.

Which city is better to settle, Cochin or Bangalore, and why?

I can now answer this question better. I have lived in Kochi or Cochin for 25 days at one of the sea-facing apartments and in Bangalore for the past few years in Hoodi and Mahadevpura.

Here is the view at the marine drive from our place of stay:

Here are my general observations:

  1. In Kochi, you can get cabs and autos very quickly. The auto guys are nice. They try to speak in Hindi or English. Local autos are instantaneously available and do so, at least in Bangalore. There were one or two instances where they demanded more money, but usually, they were very nice and honest. Ola/Uber was available within 5–10 mins always. Out of around 40 trips we have taken so far, no one denied the travel.
  2. In Bangalore, the auto/cab drivers are really bad. Auto walls fight a lot and are very costly. The Cab guys cancel a lot. It is almost impossible to find a cab during working hours.
  3. While driving in Bangalore, people bully each other a lot. One reason people want to buy big cars is to bully each other. Every once in a while, you will see the people shouting at each other and sometimes even hitting. It has not happened even once in Kochi.
  4. Generally, in Bangalore, there is a very negative sentiment against people from outside. You will see people bullying others based on the fact that they are local. In Kochi, the city is very receptive to tourists and people from outside. Unlike Bangalore, if the person does not know the local language, the locals try to speak Hindi and English.
  5. Walking on the roads is safe in Kochi even at night, unlike Bangalore (the areas where I have lived)
  6. In Kochi, like Bangalore, there is a Metro and local buses in public transport. Plus there is a ferry service.
  7. Kochi is less costly than Bangalore.
  8. The food choices are broader in Kochi, similar to Bangalore. Also, Swiggy and Zomato work well. We were in quarantine for a week and ordered from Swiggy or Zomato without problems.
  9. The pollution is very low in Kochi as compared to Bangalore. My wife is asthmatic and mostly sick in Bangalore, but she was perfectly fine in Kochi.
  10. Bangalore definitely would have more corporate jobs, but nowadays, post-COVID-19, all software jobs will become online.
  11. Bangalore has pleasant weather, while Kochi has hot weather.

So, overall, I will most likely shift to Kochi from Bangalore.

Is Trivandrum Lulu Mall the biggest in Kerala?

Lulu Mall is a shopping Mall under construction in Trivandrum, the Capital of Kerala, which will be one of the largest Malls in India. The Mall is owned and managed by Lulu Group International and is developed by Sobha Limited. 

We are building a complex occupying a land area of 19 acres(7.7 ha) with a total built-up area of 2,50,000 sq. ft., including the Mall, convention centre and hotel, with a project cost of 2000 crores(US$280 million). 

The Mall is located along the side of National Highway 66 at Aakkulam, which will have a parking space for 3800 cars, 300 National and International brands,12 multiplex screens and an 80000 sq. ft. family entertainment centre.

The construction started in August 2016 and is expected to finish by the end of the year 2020. The London-based architectural firm Design International designs the Mall.

Which place in Kerala is better to settle? Thiruvananthapuram or Kochi?

Originally Answered: Which place in Kerala is better to settle in? Is it Thiruvananthapuram or Kochi?

Being a regular commuter between the two cities and having family roots in Cochin and T’puram, I answer this question. First of all, a few myths about the cities are often publicized by people who do not know the full story.

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

  1.  mosquitoes heavily infest Cochin, while TVM isn’t- Both cities have a decent amount of mosquitoes, and epidemics are quite common, especially during the monsoons. The Mollywood industry probably spreads this myth.
  2.  Cochin has a very active nightlife while TV sleeps by nine- This stereotype is due to the general public’s ignorance. Trivandrum has quite a large number of hotels and pubs dedicated to night parties. Many hotels in the city centre, like the Vivanta Leela, and various small-scale establishments in Varkala, Kovalam and Poovar, are involved in night parties. Varkala is transformed in the dusk, the cliff overlooking the beach thronged by jazz concerts and dance parties. New Year parties in Kovalam are also one of the most heavily attended parties in the State, covered extensively by TV channels.
  3. Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala. Hence, job opportunities are more- The share of Kochi to the GSDP of Kerala is 13%, followed by Trivandrum at 11% and Calicut at 8%. Hence, the commercial capital concept is highly overrated, as having a share of 13% in a state of 14 districts is not a major contribution. Besides, the port of Kochi is being plagued by mismanagement and corruption. On the other hand, Trivandrum has a booming IT industry and a mega transhipment terminal construction in progress.
  4. Trivandrum is not a ‘happening place’ unlike Cochin- Trivandrum incidentally has the State’s best cultural centres, like the Tagore theatre, Vyloppilli Samskriti Bhavan, etc. and also international cultural exchange centres of France, Russia and Germany. These organizations often conduct world-class events attended by the city’s intellect.

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

Sports facilities are also the best in the city, with the Sports hub at Karyavattom nearing completion. The city also served as the host city for the 2015 National Games, with state-of-the-art facilities, including the Greenfield Inl stadium, Velodrome at LNCPE, Aquatic complexes, Shooting Ranges and a Tennis complex.

Trivandrum also has world-class cinema halls like the New Complex, Kairali Complex and Kalabhavan. Areiesplex TV has the biggest silver screen and is the only theatre in South India with a double 4K projection facility.

Jayaprakash, you’ve got it wrong with the public transport, mate. The bus services in the city are better than in any other part of the State. The fact that Technopark and Kazhakkuttom areas are some of the least serviced routes in the city makes one doubt your answer’s worthiness.

Trivandrum is also the first city in the State to have AC Volvos inducted into the city bus fleet, not to mention the articulated and double-decker buses. Besides, the traffic enforcement in Trivandrum is much stronger than in Kochi, making accidents, especially those due to speeding buses, a rarity. Note that in Kochi, competition runs and overspeeding of private buses make daily commute quite an adventure.

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?

Regarding public transport infrastructure, Trivandrum has major, well-equipped bus terminals already in operation and new ones springing up along the Bypass and Enchakkal. In some places, the terminals may be in a poor or even dilapidated condition, say East Fort, but generally, the support infrastructure is better than the state average. While Kochi has the Vyttila hub, the rest of the transport infrastructure needs a long-overdue update.

Other important things to consider while settling in a city are its public infrastructure, i.e. the road network and traffic systems. The major roads in the city, being serviced by the TRDCL under the CRIP projects, are world-class in construction and quality. The city also has turned off friendly footpaths and landscaped areas with many green spaces. The entirety of the city is under surveillance, increasing the safety of the residents.

Sports infrastructure is also the best in the city, compared to any city in South India.

Trivandrum can boast at least five important swimming pools (many complying with Olympic standards), shooting ranges, a tennis complex and the one-of-a-kind Sports Hub at Karyavattom.

Trivandrum schools are often awarded the best performing in the nation. Higher education is much sought after in the city’s colleges like CET and Med College. They are skipping the part on traffic blocks and mosquitoes because you already know about them.

As for being a city of retired government employees, I hope the images attached break the stereotype.


I am from Kollam. I have been to Kochi for my study purposes, which is almost one year since then. Right now I am in Trivandrum . I see a huge difference between Trivandrum and Kochi. Let it be culture, people, food or whatever it be. You will feel like you are in two different countries.

What I love about Kochi is that people are so cooperative with outsiders. They will help you in whatever way they can. But you will always feel that you are an ALIEN to the place. To make it worse, regional people are so nosy that they even interfere in our matters. And the roads, parks and every public place you go are dirty and unhygienic.

Talking about food, you can see restaurants and hotels and roadside shops every 100 Meters. But the food is so nasty and dirty that you won’t even dare to drink a glass of water. Talking about Trivandrum, I love that people over here are not bothered about what others do and act, i.e. they are not NOSY.

Two things you will hesitate to say about Kerala are CULTURE and UNHYGIENIC. Yeah, both are in Trivandrum. But when compared to Kochi, Trivandrum is far better than Kochi. When you visit the Trivandrum Museum, you can see the same.

And about the food, I promise you that you will love it like anything. There are so many roadside foods and spicy Malabar restaurants that once you get into any of these, you won’t leave without licking your finger. Late-night street shops are my favourite.

The only thing you will hate about Trivandrum is that the regional people here are so RUDE. Humanity is long gone. They act as if they hate HUMANS. So, I am okay with both places but will always prefer Trivandrum to Kochi. 

What makes Kochi more developed than Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city?