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Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

A young Kobe is facing the legend Jordan. It was just the start of his magnificent career. It is a perfect photo which shows two basketball legends, probably the best two. And It depicts the passing of the torch! At the point where Michael left, Kobe carried his legacy and became one of the greatest ever to step foot on the basketball court.

The source I saw them on a couple of hours after the crash is gone, but I can tell you they aren’t worth seeing. I don’t disrespectfully mean that because I’m a huge Kobe fan and mourned his death for weeks and still am. What sort of prurient interest motivates you to want to view a tragedy? Kobe Bryant entertained basketball fans for years. He, his daughter, and others died in a horrible crash, giving them some respect.

I don’t know why you would want to see them, but the pictures have not been released to the public and probably will never be out of respect for Vanessa Bryant and her family and others involved in the crash. They are most likely locked up in some cases for the LA PD. But you are sick. If you want to see him in that condition, I’m sure they are beyond gruesome.

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Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Right here. Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?
Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?
Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?
Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?
Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?
Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

A sad moment. Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

RIP Kobe Bryant

Is there anything about the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash that doesn’t add up?

From what I’ve read – keeping in mind that the investigation is still ongoing, and I am also no aviation expert, nor are most of the journalists themselves who are reporting these facts. So, it’s possible that our information is incomplete or may be interpreted differently as more facts continue to emerge.

Here are the pieces we can put together from what’s reported, and I think they paint a sad but complete narrative where nothing “doesn’t add up”:

  1. Bryant’s helicopter was a model known for safety and reliability and was stored and maintained at a facility with an excellent reputation. The likelihood of neglect or mechanical failure was about as low as could reasonably be expected.
  2. Everyone who knew the pilot reported him as being very conscientious, and he was licensed not only to fly in challenging conditions but also as an instructor in such conditions, meaning that he was skilled enough to be an example for others.
  3. The weather conditions were so challenging that the LA police helicopters were not in operation, and under most circumstances, the flight would not be recommended – but it was still possible.
  4. Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Here’s how I interpret these facts:

Kobe and his daughter undoubtedly wanted to make their way to the game. In retrospect, it’s easy to say they should have changed their plans and driven. Still, they likely consulted with the pilot and any other relevant decision-making personnel, and the pilot/whoever else at the facility would have had input felt that, while weather conditions were challenging, the risk was still negligible enough. He justifiably trusted his experience and ability.

Kobe wanted to make it to the game because he felt responsible for Gianna and the girls he coached. Gianna and her teammate wanted to go to do something they loved. The other girl’s parents wanted to make it for similar reasons. The helicopter was by far the most sensible decision to that end. The pilot had undoubtedly flown in these conditions before and was indisputably as qualified as anyone to make the trip.

We shouldn’t blame Kobe for doing something he’d done thousands of times before and trying to save himself, his daughter, and his friends a significant hassle. We shouldn’t blame the pilot for making a judgment call based on his many years of professional experience. 

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Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

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Everyone did their best based on available information and made decisions they had every right to make. Things didn’t work out; the results were catastrophic. That doesn’t invalidate the decisions that were made.

Given all this, I think it’s a sad but unquestionable case of human error. Because it feels so senseless, I think it’s a natural human instinct to search for some alternative theory to make sense of it. But that doesn’t seem to be what happened, and I worry that if we look too much for things that “don’t add up,” we will simply end up causing more pain in an already painful situation.

I hope that none of us transfers any grief into anger and blame directed at the pilot – that doesn’t help anyone and will make life harder for his surviving family. We need to help each other move on, not continue to linger trying to find someone to point the finger at.

If Kobe Bryant (RIP) had jumped from the helicopter, would he have survived better?

No, and here’s why:

Kobe wouldn’t have known the helicopter was about to crash. They were in the clouds, and the pilot was (likely) disoriented (resulting in losing control). You might think they’d be able to feel the helicopter moving wrong, but if they could, so could the pilot, and he wouldn’t have been disoriented in the first place. That’s the trick to flying in clouds: you have to rely on the instrumentation no matter what because your monkey brain has no idea what’s going on.

Which is correct, looking forward to speak with you or look forward to speak with you?

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

  1. Kobe would have hit the ground very fast if he had jumped. The helicopter’s last ADS-B data showed travelling forwards at over 160 miles per hour and descending at over 5000 feet per minute or 57 miles per hour. That’s a combined impact speed of 170 mph. Given that the helicopter didn’t exit the clouds until a second or so before impact, Kobe wouldn’t have known to jump until then. If he had somehow gotten out of the helicopter in that second, he still would have hit the ground, going above-average interstate highway speed. I would place better odds (though not by much) of being strapped into a big piece of metal that can absorb some of the force (not that it would or did matter).
  2. Had Kobe somehow gotten past the limitations of his mortal senses and jumped high enough to decelerate to his terminal velocity, he would still hit the ground going about 120 miles per hour, which would almost invariably be fatal. And, of course, should he somehow survive this severely injured, nobody would find him for a day or two because they would be looking for him in the helicopter. Once they realized he wasn’t there, it would be quite an area to search since the investigators wouldn’t know when he left the aircraft. Laying at the bottom of a craggy Callabassas ravine for a couple of days with all your bones shattered is generally not conducive to survival.
  3. Kobe wouldn’t have jumped. His daughter was on that helicopter. Do you think he’d abandon her when he could choose to die at her side (and, frankly, give both of them the best chance for survival anyway)? I doubt it.

Did the passengers know they were about to crash in the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash?

Probably not. The pictures on TV show that the helicopter “skidded in” when it impacted the mountain, suggesting that the pilot was trying to fly over the mountain pass. If so, he hit the mountain at probably 150 knots. 

Also, from what I’ve seen and heard, there was heavy fog. Having been in LA in those conditions, the fog often “caps” the mountains. As the pilot climbed to clear the mountain range, I suspect he flew into those low-lying clouds/fog and lost visibility. 

Again, if you look at the news pictures from the ground, it appears that the helicopter hit the mountain just to the right of the lowest part of the mountain range (The pass). The first point of impact also appears to be higher than the lowest part of the pass.

I guess he was “aiming” for that gap in the mountain range and missed just a little bit to the right (south?) and hit the mountain at cruise speed. In heavy fog at 150+ knots, the pilot may have had only a fraction of a second to pull back on the collective.

How will you remember Kobe Bryant as a person?

Kobe entered the NBA the year I was born, in 1996. While he tried to find a foothold in the league, I slowly became aware of my surroundings. I remember driving around Moscow and seeing a huge 2000 sign and asking my mom what it was, to which she replied:” People are celebrating the New Year; we keep track of years, and this is the 2000th”.

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

In 2001, as a five-year-old kid who knew what New Year’s meant, I asked my mom, travelling to the States, to buy me Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal toys. When she returned, she brought a Kobe one instead because the NBA store ran out of Shaq figures. For what was for my mom, a simple choice of what was in stock was my first introduction to one of the most influential figures in my life. Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Soon after, I picked up a basketball, started buying slam magazines to follow the NBA and even created my player in NBA Live 2002 to play alongside Kobe and Shaq. Thus, as I went along with my life, Kobe went along with his career. My high school life was organized around the Lakers schedule, and I’d be up at 4 am to watch my idol, Kobe Bean Bryant. I’d shower, get ready at halftime, and watch Kobe hit clutch shots over my breakfast.

When I was in the second year of my university at the age of 20, Kobe had played 20 years in the league, and I was trying to soak every moment from his last season. His last game was so emotional for me, and I didn’t know how I would continue watching basketball without him. It was almost as if he was dying. Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

However, I was relieved once his career ended and I saw his approach to the new chapter in his life. Kobe wasn’t gone; he would be with us, applying the mamba mentality to other industries, winning Oscars and more. But more importantly, I could see how happy and content Kobe genuinely was to spend time with his wife and kids. Thus, if Kobe could move on, so could I. (Albeit still watching his highlights repeatedly and debating how much better he is than current players.)

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

About a month ago, I graduated with my master’s and decided to move to the United States. Finally, I didn’t have to stay up late to watch my Lakers anymore. I do not doubt that Kobe was a driving force behind me ending up on this side of the Atlantic.

I moved in with my best friend, a LeBron fan, and we had spent our whole lives competing against each other and playing on our school basketball teams, always debating who was better, Kobe or LeBron, Eren or Ellis.

Of course, LeBron passed Kobe for all-time points the night before the tragic incident. We were throwing a party at ours, and Ellis was quite happy about this, even suggesting that the party was a celebration of this feat.

Once everyone left, we were hanging out the two of us, and I was showing him an edited photo of LeBron and Kobe playing together on the Lakers and just imagined how great it would’ve been to see them play together. It was one of my last thoughts before I closed my eyes and woke up to the devastating news that had turned my whole world upside down.

That day was one of the lowest moments in my life. All I could do was clutch onto my Kobe jersey in shock. I’m still struggling to come to terms with what has transpired. However, seeing how deeply Kobe affected everyone’s life around the globe has greatly inspired me. It was one of those moments that reminded us all that life is fleeting and that we should always reach out to the ones we love and live our lives how we want.

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

There are so many more thoughts in my head, but I can’t stop thinking about what could’ve been. Watching Gigi Bryant slowly become what she was destined to be was amazing. The most tragic part of the accident is that we won’t see her blossom into a WNBA star and carry on her father’s legacy.

Now, it is up to us, everyone touched by Kobe, to honour him and carry his legacy. Not just by watching and admiring him but striving to emulate him as a determined human being, inspirational sports icon, and, most importantly, amazing father and husband.

Who should be blamed for Kobe’s death?

My Dad was a flight engineer on a C130 for twenty-three years. He had thousands of hours of flight time and a Distinguished Flying Cross. He told me a few things about military flight.

One of those things was if a plane crashes, someone screwed up. Bad.

The LA Sheriff’s Helicopters were all grounded that morning because of dense fog. Someone made a piss poor decision to take off in that weather.

Would Kobe Bryant and his daughter have survived the fatal helicopter crash if parachutes were on the chopper?

No. The helicopter was flown into the ground. There was no time to put on a parachute or open the door. If anything, there was just a bare instant of knowledge, only for the pilot and those looking out the windscreen; anything was about to occur. Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Do you think that Kobe Bryant was assassinated?

No. From what I’ve heard, his pilot, who was not rated to fly a helicopter “by instruments”, flew it into heavy fog. Even a pilot with a lot of experience flying in clear conditions would get disoriented in those conditions.

The pilot likely flew it into an obstruction, like a hill, rather than suffering mechanical difficulties. When a helicopter loses power and falls, those crashes are very survivable. The helicopter’s rotor provides lift that slows the helicopter’s fall. That’s not the case when you fly it into something at 70 or thereabouts.

The fog conditions in LA that day were rather unusual. Fog is usually only a problem in the early morning or just before dusk when the air cools and settles in LA’s hilly terrain. It appears this fog was earlier and heavier than what would be expected.

My guess? The pilot had risked flying into light fog before and been able to keep their bearings because there was enough visibility to see obstacles. They likely flew into light fog, which suddenly became much heavier (it happens), and, not being completely familiar with the terrain, they flew at what they guessed was a safe altitude but wasn’t.

What life lessons can we learn from Kobe Bryant?

If you are prepared mentally, you are prepared for it physically.

One of my favourite Kobe stories is when Jay Williams entered the gym to find Kobe practising. Not to quote word for word, he is a simplified version.

Jay Willaims headed to the gym early for a 7 p.m. game against the Lakers. He noticed that Kobe was already working out when he stepped in, so he started his workout, too. After about 2 hours, Jay called it a practice session and headed towards the exit. Kobe was still practising and was dripping sweat like he just played a whole game.

That night, Kobe dropped 40 points, and Jay Williams asked him why he was in the gym so long after the game. Kobe responded, “Cause I saw you come in, and I wanted to show you that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, that I am willing to work harder than you.”

Kobe was mentally prepared to do whatever it took to win that day. All the extra work was physically achieved because his mind told him to keep at it. Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?

Out of all the images of Kobe, the ones that capture him in the gym are the purest form of Kobe we get to see in the photo. It captures the mental focus that allows him to become the Black Mamba.

Did Kobe Bryant die instantly?

Did Kobe Bryant die instantly? I was shocked and saddened at the news of this devastating incident, and I read somewhere that before they disappeared from the radar, the helicopter was travelling at about 176mph.

176mph to a dead stop is sure to kill the occupants almost instantly, and for the sake of him and everyone on board, I hope it was painless.

I don’t want to sound insensitive or rude to the circumstances, but I’m curious. In the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others, were there remains likely found or completely disintegrated by the crash and fire?

The human body doesn’t burn very easily. Cementation ovens can get up to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. To be quite blunt, they were charred and crispy, like a burnt piece of meat. Assuming the whole body was exposed to the fire, if not, parts of the body would be fine, others not.

It’s a sad, awful way to die that can leave the remains of a person unrecognizable, which is undoubtedly pretty traumatizing to the family.

What condition would the bodies be in the helicopter that killed Kobe Bryant?

Horrible. Reportedly, the helicopter impacted the terrain at about 180mph, causing an explosion and shaking nearby residences. The aircraft was estimated to have 700 lbs of fuel on board during the crash. All that remaining fuel would have burned, as well as some hazardous chemicals. Please don’t think about the exact state of the passengers; know that their condition, like everything else, is horrible.

Where can I find the leaked Kobe Bryant crash scene photos?