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Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

There are many reasons why younger men fall for older women, but he most commonly admires her maturity and experience associated with being an older person. An older woman can also become more confident than a younger woman, and men are extremely attracted to confidence. Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

Attraction to older individuals, sometimes referred to as a preference for “age-gap” relationships, can be influenced by various factors, and it’s different for each person. Here are some common reasons why some individuals are attracted to older partners:

  1. Life Experience and Maturity: Older individuals often have more life experience, which can contribute to a sense of maturity, stability, and wisdom. Some people find these qualities attractive and feel a deeper connection with someone who has a greater understanding of life.
  2. Emotional Stability: Older individuals may be perceived as more emotionally stable, established in their careers, and financially secure. These qualities can be appealing to those seeking stability and security in a relationship.
  3. Shared Interests and Values: Age doesn’t always dictate shared interests, but some individuals find that they connect more easily with someone from a different age group who shares similar hobbies, values, or cultural references.
  4. Communication Skills: Older individuals may have developed strong communication skills over the years, which can contribute to a more fulfilling and meaningful relationship. Effective communication is often a crucial aspect of successful partnerships.
  5. Physical Attraction: Attraction is subjective and can be influenced by physical appearance. Some people are naturally drawn to the physical characteristics associated with aging, such as facial features, confidence, or a mature demeanor.
  6. Open-Mindedness: Some individuals are naturally more open-minded about age differences in relationships. They focus on the connection and compatibility between partners rather than adhering to societal norms or expectations.
  7. Personal History or Experiences: Your own life experiences, upbringing, or positive interactions with older individuals in your life may contribute to your attraction to people in that age group.

It’s important to note that consensual relationships between adults of different ages are perfectly valid, as long as both parties are comfortable and consenting. However, like any relationship, it’s crucial to ensure that the connection is based on mutual respect, shared values, and effective communication. Age should not be the sole determining factor in a relationship’s success.

What attracts an older woman to a younger man?

Older women can be attracted to younger men because they are in peak physical condition and naturally fit for an energetic lifestyle. Women who have remained motivated to take care of their health and stay fit could want to date a man who is a decade younger but looks almost their age.

Why am I attracted to older people?

You crave stability.

Most people spend their younger years figuring themselves and their lives out. Older men have already worked through all of this; they’re probably well-established professionally, financially, and personally. If you’re attracted to that, that makes total sense!

Can a man love a woman 20 years older?

Falling in love with a woman 10, 15, 20, or older can be exhilarating. Some observers say these so-called age-gap relationships with the woman as the senior partner are more accepted now than in previous times. Even so, making the relationship last involves tackling some thorny — and sensitive — issues.

How much of an age gap is OK?

1-7 years. For those who’d like to put a number to things, a gap of 1-7 years can usually be considered an acceptable age difference between adults. People aged within 1-3 years typically do not see much age difference, while years 4-7 may begin to feel more pronounced.

Why do younger guys fall for older girls?

Unsurprisingly, men tend to gravitate towards older women because they marvel at their maturity and sense of independence. There are certain things in older women that younger men admire a lot. Older women’s ability to handle situations efficiently is what pulls men in.

Why am I usually attracted to girls who are older than me? Is this weird?

Sometimes, we are mature beyond our age and expect the same behavior from our peers who still hold on to their silly behavior or childish manners. So, we find it embarrassing to be associated with them as we feel we are superior to them. But we may find people behaving like us at a more advanced age.

Then, we associate age with maturity and behavior and find them more attractive until we see another of our maturity levels in our age group, which will change our perception. Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

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I am 23 years old. Why do I tend to like older women more than women my age?

I don’t know. I was always attracted to younger men. When I was 15, I dated a guy ten years older than me. After that, I ended up always with younger men. Once, a guy eight years younger than me broke up because of my age. He told me we were getting too serious and his mother and sister would never approve of us.

So I put an age limit, no more than 2 or 3 years gap. My partner lied to me when we met and told me that he was older, and later on, I discovered he was four years younger than me. During the 20 years we spent together, I was happy. But, as time passed, I felt insecure and afraid that he would start looking at younger women. 

It was an irrational idea, but it was always there..due to the social stereotype. If you date older women, make them feel beautiful, and you will be fine.

Why am I usually attracted to girls who are older than me? Is this weird?

No buddy! That’s not weird at all. Attraction always works in favor of what you want in life. Ifeing or have been attracted by these older girls.. one thi, is pretty obvious must be influenced by your mother or sister very much. And hence the type of care they give you must be very good, which may attract you towards older ones. Because girls older than you always treat you the best they can!

Other than this, it’s always our choice whom to love 😉 Hence, there is no need to feel bad or weird about it!

Sorry if you find them unrelevant. These are only my perceptions, which I have come across in my short life span! 

Why am I attracted to younger guys?

Listen closely, Hot MaMa, and tell me why you like us young men. Now, I’m sure people have said Young boys are sexier. Have More energy and stamina (for whatever purpose). Some of these are just PART of the reason. Here’s the MAIN you like us.


Yes! That’s exactly why. Older men have lived more and experienced more ups and downs than us. So, we are seen as something fresh and, in some sense, innocent. So yes, that’s the main reason you like us. Feel free to ponder on that stuff. At the same time, I do young guy stuff like argue with my Dorm mate over cleaning our rooms and failing my grades. Feel free to knock on my door, Mamasita, To expand on my explanation.

Young guys are beautiful to look at when compared to most older men. As men age, they put on weight (as do women). Most develop beer bellies. They are jaded and worry about their professions, making money, responsibilities, etc. Young men have fewer worries and are more carefree. They dont take things so seriously. But there is another side.

Young guys can be more selfish, less sophisticated, less knowledgeable, naive about how to treat a woman, and have less stability, class, social standing, and wealth. It depends on what you are looking for. It also depends on how long the relationship lasts. Most dont last that long.

However, you can not stereotype anything. There are immature older men and very advanced young men. Why dont you start judging men individually for their particular assets? Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

I am 23 years old. Why do I tend to like older women more than women my age?

We are generally hard-wired to pick the women who would unintentionally match our emotional quotient and maturity. Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

To depict it with an example-

As I’m a bit more intellectual, both IQ-wise and emotionally (not to be boasting), than most people around my age and have a more mature mindset than a whole lot of my generation, I tend to prefer older women who are more independent, more emotionally mature, who can come with no strings attached at all. 

It generally happens, so I don’t have this policy of checking their DOBs first and liking them. Still, one day, analyzing my past relations, it struck me that all the people I was ever in relations with were at least three years older than me; it surprised me.

(only one girl two years older than me, a fine soul, but a bit naive when it comes to emotions, and that didn’t work out well; that’s the only time my theory backfired).

Looking at it sexually, maybe you just like more mature women (get it; I don’t like to get into details here).

Anyway, what would I know? I generally fall in love with someone’s mind more than with their bodies.

Why do mainly older women find me attractive? Are there certain signals I’m giving off?

If you think you are only attracting older women, you might be surprised that you are attractive to all women. It’s just that only the older women are acting on the attraction. The younger women somehow feel that their sexual market value is high enough to hold out for a man better than them. Even if, in reality, he doesn’t exist. Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

Why am I attracted to older women (40+ or even 55-60) more than I am to those my age? I am 18, and I think it is not normal.

It’s not normal for teenage boys to be attracted to women 20 to 40 years older. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong and may be exactly what you need. And you’re not the only young guy who feels this way. When I was 22, I married a 52-year-old woman. 

Eight years later, we’re still married. Before I met my wife, when I was 19, I had a sexual/emotional relationship with a 74-year-old woman that lasted about six months. There was/is nothing normal about either of those relationships. But as embarrassed and humiliated as I was about them (publicly), I was happy, content, and satisfied in private.

Being true to yourself is challenging when you’re held up to ridicule and you question your motivations for putting yourself in a scrutinized situation.

My attraction to much older women didn’t happen suddenly or overnight. I remember being in middle school and being attracted to friends of my parents and grandparents. When I started high school, I knew what kind of woman I wanted to marry when I got old enough to marry. Perhaps you have a similar reality. If you do, why fight it or kick yourself over it?

I get attracted to slightly older women in the 35-40 year bracket. Is this normal? Do older women get attracted to younger men?

I love younger men. And I love hanging out with younger people in general. And I have more in common with people younger than I am. Music, art, technology, sports, and just life in general. I hate that people are so judgemental. To me, it’s the same as judging interracial relationships. There are boys and girls, men and women. No rules say you have to “draw a line” at a certain age.

Friends, I am who I am, and if I hit it off with a man quite a bit younger than I am, it is nobody’s business but mine and his, of course.

As far as getting into relationships with a significant age gap goes, there’s nothing wrong with that. In most conservative societies, men usually look for women who are younger and less experienced than them. Since that has become the norm, men who seek out older women are seen as “different.” But you would not be asking this if you were a woman who liked older men.

Also, let us remember that in mainstream media and the eyes of society, only younger women are considered beautiful. Older women aren’t considered as desirable. That, too, contributes to the label of “being weird” that is usually put on men for liking older women.

Men seek sexual pleasure with older women for a variety of reasons – older women are more sexually mature, less inhibited in expressing their needs, and more open to sexual experimentation and trying new things.

Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

There is then less pressure on the man to initiate and carry the sex act independently since there is equal participation on both ends. It can help the man better satisfy women and make him more confident about his capabilities in bed and beyond.

Performance anxiety usually results from men feeling enormous pressure to satisfy a perfect, younger partner in bed. But with an older partner, they find it easier to shed inhibitions and be relaxed. An older partner may not judge them for their performance but rather guide them, which takes away the pressure of performance and results in a more pleasurable experience for both parties.

A man might find it easier to communicate his fears and anxieties to a woman older than him who can take things in her stride to ensure pleasure for both.

There are also mature ladies out there who are interested in younger men. Just because a norm exists does not mean that everyone lives and dies by it. I know women who have no problem dating younger guys. Society often dubs younger men as dumb, incapable, or immature. It is one of the reasons why girls look for older men. But I don’t think a blanket statement can truly represent the entire male gender.

Just because girls mature faster than boys (I also have problems with this statement) does not mean that all young guys are completely immature. To do so would generalize half of the population on the earth. People are different and unique. You cannot define them or their personality based on just one part of their identity, like age. Know that your attractions are normal and that you can and should celebrate them!

Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

I have often asked this question to the younger men I have dated. I am surprised at their interest in someone 10-20 years older than themselves and less ideal physically from 10-20 years earlier. 

They have all said the same thing. Older women know what they want and are more confident and comfortable. I do wish I had the confidence in myself years ago that I have now.

Why are some men attracted to women older than they are?

Okay… I think I can answer this question. So, in 2007–2008, I worked for a Big 4 Audit company and met this awesome girl (let’s call her P).

She was 4 yrs older than me.

  1. She was more mature than the other girls.
  2. Friends, She was loving, caring, and kind.
  3. She never played mind games.
  4. She never used her “girl power” but used to talk to resolve issues and misunderstandings.
  5. And she was a tough woman on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside (a very, very, very rare combination).
  6. She was more patient than I have ever seen.
  7. She was a fighter (not literally). No matter the circumstance, she had the guts to face the world.
  8. She gladly gave me her mobile number. It shows how confident she is. (Most girls feared sharing their numbers, showing how insecure they felt).

Why am I attracted to older women (40+ or even 55-60) more than I am to those my age? I am 18, and I think it is not normal.

Women past a certain age are usually less angry. They generally like to mother you before they bang you, which all guys need, but few younger women provide. And they can usually cook. They are generally settled financially and are usually low maintenance. They value you highly, even if it is mainly for your sex and youthfulness. 

Friends, they are often more generous in bed because they value you, so you’ll get awesome blowjobs, massages, and post-coital pillow talk that is increasingly beyond what young women can be bothered with. 

From experience, I recommend going for pre-menopausal women in their mid-40s who are in decent physical shape and not neurotic. Don’t give a monkey what anyone else thinks about it as long as it’s two consenting adults enjoying each others’ company and having fun! Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

Why would a young man want to date an older woman?

Originally Answered: Why does a younger man want to date an older woman?

Because he’s interested in her. Plain and simple. Male meets female. The male decides he’s interested in the said female. Perhaps there’s something about this woman who catches his eye. Or something that appeals to his mind or makes his heart sing.

They’ve gone out together and enjoyed each other’s company. But she happens to be older.

Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

Women in their 30s typically have more self-confidence, are more established in life (and with themselves), and are more open & honest about what they want in life and in a relationship.

Additionally, as people age, they accumulate life experiences, perspectives, opinions & interests that make them richer, engaging people to interact with.

So, while a girl in her early 20s may have a hard body, a woman in her 30s can bring a true diversity of intellectual & emotional experiences to a relationship that her younger counterpart typically can’t (at least not yet).

As a 20-year-old, the main challenge of being in a relationship with an older woman is not on your side of things but hers. Typically, most people look for relatively equal partners they can share life experience with, so you want to be careful that the 30-somethings you date aren’t simply looking for a “boy toy” to play with (unless that’s what you want but if that’s the case don’t fall in love and then feel regrets based on the age & experience gap).

As a 20-year-old, you have to learn many things about the world and a lot of experience you have to accrue on your own. Being with older women will give you a perspective you might not otherwise have but won’t “fill in the blanks” in your experiential learning.

I’ve been in relationships with older women in the past, and they can be quite rewarding, both physically & emotionally. However, I would recommend that for a long-term relationship, try to find a partner with whom you’re at a similar emotional age to grow together. You can identify with the life experiences & challenges that each has in the present.

How are older women attracted to me while girls my age never showed any interest in me? Older women say I am smart and caring, unlike their exes, while younger ones do not give me a chance.

People who want a calm and stable life will be attracted to calm and stable people. People who want a wild and hectic life will be attracted to wild and crazy people. Etc.

Young people most commonly want a wild and hectic life, while older people are all crazed out and want to chill. If you appear calm and collected, it’s no wonder you attract older women. If women your age aren’t giving you a chance, it’s likely because you don’t offer what they seek. Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

What type of men are attracted to much older women?

I’m in a relationship with a man 21 years younger than me. Some guys are attracted to older women or enjoy sex with them. This is fine if that’s what the woman wants, too. Then, some guys are more serious and want a real relationship with her.

Things I noticed about my younger man:

  1. He knows what he wants. He wasn’t the type of guy that ran around trying to bed everything, breathing. He was ready for a real relationship with a woman.
  2. He is brave. Getting into a relationship with an older woman isn’t for the faint of heart. Some will give him shit for being with an older woman, so he must be ready and willing to put them in their place. He had to be brave to approach me in the first place, as I have my shit together and can intimidate men who aren’t confident in themselves.
  3. His relationship is mature. This doesn’t mean that he’s 25 but acts 35. It means he knows and understands what it takes to have a good/healthy relationship. For example, he doesn’t play games; he tells me what he wants up front; he’s about giving his woman what she needs to feel safe and secure.

One person commented that younger men who date older women are looking for a mama. This is the LAST thing these guys are looking for. My man has a momma that he has a good relationship with; he’s not looking for a second mother. Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

Conclusion – Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

As a younger woman, the type of body a young man had was important, but I didn’t get extremely excited (or turned on) about the sight, smell, or feel of a man’s flesh and contours as I do now as an older woman (60). I am far more attracted to a 40, 30, 25, or even a 22-year-old. 

A few years ago, I initially thought being with someone that young was considered crossing a line for me until I just let it happen once. Then, I was very comfortable with it and preferred it for sexual attraction and excitement over the men my age. Men my age seem too old to me. That is if I base my attraction on physical sexual desire.

However, I would never have a long-term relationship with a man over 6–7 years younger than me. Yes, I can have a blast with a younger guy. We can like a lot of the same things too. But developmentally, we aren’t on equal footing for a real relationship. Things work a little backward at this age because I can’t create a relationship built on physical attraction. 

Many people make that mistake, trying to create a long-term relationship based on just the sex life they have with another. Too many other things must be compatible to be happy in a relationship at this age or any age. Stimulating conversation is imperative, and a young man is limited there for me because he needs more life experience. 

Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

To have a relationship with a peer, I need to get to know and enjoy their person. Once this type of pleasure is found, I will develop a strong attraction and find that person highly desirable.

So, in short, a younger man is to be enjoyed from the outside in, and a man my age is enjoyed from the inside out. And the one my age is where the real relationship and attraction to the person is. A younger man is just an attraction and stimulating sensation to the physical being, with some fun. But make no mistake, I do end up with caring feelings for the younger men; they’re just not relationship material.

Why am I always attracted to older ladies?