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Do some men like bigger women?

Do some men like bigger women?

Do some men like bigger women?

I have felt my darling babe has grown a little more plump for some time, and yes, she has. She is 85 KG now and measures 38D-36–42. I am now attracted to her and addicted to her body, her hotness. Our love life has become spicier, and I love it even more now when she sits on my face and allows me to taste her love juices and her rear. 

I’ve noticed how other men enjoy seeing my wife’s figure bulging out of her clothes, especially when she wears skirts, her big bum bounces and sways, and her thick thighs beg for attention. Male colleagues at her workplace have flirtingly said to her they would get a divorce to marry my wife.

Yes, I am totally into bigger women, so much so that I am happily married to one for the past 15+ years. I love my darling wife (Amanda) immensely.

For me, a relationship has two parts:

  • 1) Emotional fulfillment
  • 2) Sexual fulfillment.

I pay more attention to point 1) but less emphasis on point 2); I can get my gratification only from a bigger woman. 

Friends, I am sorry; I am not trying to look away from my wife; I am just answering this theoretically, hypothetically, considering myself single. The way a human brain is programmed is to procreate, and I believe this is the underlying pulse for some men to be attracted to bigger women. Deep underneath, we feel bigger women may be more suited to childbirth (read bigger hips/buttocks) and nurturing the child (read bigger or heavier bosoms).

My wife used to lift weights professionally and was big and muscular. After our second kid, she left weightlifting and has managed to gain a few more pounds, but that seriously turns me on even more than before. She is 5′5″ tall and now weighs 78 KG. Stats 38D-35–40. This is more than before her becoming a mother. She was still on the bigger side, 70 KG, 36C-32–37 earlier, but after childbirth, she was worried if she would still look attractive. 

Do some men like bigger women?

Some of her thinner/smaller friends tried to put her on Vinegar/Cider-based diets and tried almost to starve her, but I persistently convinced her not to, and I am glad I did, else she would have starved herself to death. Amanda was getting increasingly worried about her weight gain. But I started getting attracted to her even more, almost in a savage way. 

Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

I started noticing her bigger body, the way her shirts became tighter, almost wanting to rip out the buttons, the way her cleavage was more visible, the way her waist showed from her t-shirt, even if she stretched a bit, the way her thighs became bigger and her butt stuck out a lot more. 

Even though her waist was quite big earlier while she weight-lifted, it became chubby, which could be noticed from her thinner t-shirts. While I got attracted to her, she started shying away. Many times, she stopped my advances. She thought I was trying to make her happy and, hence, was trying to touch her. Her loss of confidence in herself was getting in between us. There were so many times I fantasized about Amanda and eased myself. The tensions were high.

That time around, I came up with a new idea. I asked her to ignore me and notice how other men would look at her. She is a manager at the same trucking company I work for, and when she returned to work, she was surprised to see how men were trying to hit upon her. She noticed more men looking at her in malls and stores and when we were hiking. Thank God, I suggested this because she started gaining confidence back.

Do some men like bigger women?

I would look at her body stealthily, trying to catch a glimpse when she wasn’t looking – getting items from the fridge, lifting the baby from the crib, picking items from the dishwasher – the list goes on. There were embarrassing times for me when she noticed me looking at her. It increased her confidence but took me off-guard. She would laugh it off with some pretty erotic one-liners – “….you seem to be getting hard looking at your wife’s fat ass…..” OR “……you look like you want to f*** your wife on the counter…..”

Getting to point 1) – emotional. I am very close to my wife and share everything with her. There have been nerve-wracking times when I have had Amanda’s support. I feel so comfortable and safe when she hugs me, and I find comfort in the depths of her bosom, listening to her heartbeat and sweet scent. I cannot comment about thinner women, but bigger women will keep you warm and comfort you.

Friends, I by no means want to objectify my darling wife, but I adore her body, and her getting bigger has me even more hooked on to her. I cannot get enough of her, so I fantasize about her when she is not around. 

Lastly, I want to send a message to all big women: You are sexy and beautiful, just as God created you. Please do not listen to the haters trying to pull you down. Just be yourself.

Do men like fat girls?

As a lifelong fat girl (I’m four months away from 40), I can tell you enthusiastically that YES, MEN LIKE FAT WOMEN! Not all men, mind you, but when I was single, it was because I chose to be, not because I was out of options.

Is it because I am fat? Sometimes. Just like I like tall men with light eyes (preferably bald), some men like their girls round. But you know what is sexier than that?

Well, my hunky man does. We’ve been together for over 23 years. I wasn’t obese when we met. He was slightly chunky, while I was pretty darn fit. I gained weight over the years, especially during cancer treatment and its long-term side effects, starting ten years ago.

It is what it is. But even back in the day, my shapely, strong calves sucked him in. All these years later, my Darling looks 15 years younger than his age. He looks great! I do my part to help him stay healthy.

So here we are now: Hubby is in his mid-70s & I am approaching 70. Now listen up, folks. We have sex every day. Every. Day. Yep. Sometimes 2–3 times a day. He likes it. I like it. We make it a priority. It’s also a mindset we chose to make that a priority. We’ve had daily sex for years now and hope to continue.

He LOVES my soft skin and roundness. And my legs. Still loves my legs. I love it when he walks around Nekkid. We are like kids in a perpetual Candy Store. It’s always open.

Are there any fat women in relationships with fit men? What is it like?

I’m a fit guy, and my lady is fat, and she’s awesome. I love how she looks and feels and moves; it’s like being with more of a woman; everything is magnified on her. Bigger boobs, more ass, more sway when she walks, that kind of thing. The best thing about her body is how amazing it feels to make love to her. 

She’s soft and warm and comfortable. If making love to a skinny woman is like driving a sports car, then making love to a fat woman is like riding in a limousine. Luxurious, decadent, wonderful.

Outside of the physical, it’s like any good relationship. We love each other, respect each other, and spend most of our time with each other. We cook together, play together, laugh together. And We talk a LOT! So much so that we hardly ever make it through to the end of a movie or TV show because real life is so much more interesting.

Being with my fat girl is fantastic.

Yes, of course, anytime. It’s no secret that many men prefer a woman with a few extra pounds. I’m not as chubby as I used to be; however, gradually, I have learned to love my overweight body and that it’s all about the way you dress, your shape, and the colors you wear that can make you feel great.

What also changed my mind about missing the chubby me was that men were still hitting on me. It was nice; who doesn’t like a little flirt to make themselves feel great? I was a little shocked about it all, but later, I realized curves are always good if you do not suffer from health issues.

The point is, no matter your weight or size, someone is always out there who finds it attractive. Instead of worrying about losing weight (or worrying about gaining weight), appreciate your body as it is. If you’re a woman with a few extra pounds, don’t hide your figure; go out and flaunt it! 

Don’t you want to Show off those curves?

Enjoying and accepting your size is the biggest blessing, and never get into the trap of fitting yourself in any size.

I feel so beautiful being plus size and in love with how I look these days.

Are there any fat women in relationships with fit men? What is it like?

I am fat, morbidly obese, to be honest. And I never dated a man I would not find attractive, and all of them fit. I also only had a few problems of attracting fit men that I feel attracted to. 

My husband is a gorgeous man, tall blond with blue eyes and a fit body; he used to compete in sports as a swimmer and triathlete, so he has that type of slender, fit figure with large shoulders. 

I am short and fat. Our relationship is quite normal in terms of weight. The strange thing is women hitting on him in front of me or asking him if he loves me because I am fat and he is fit. We love each other and choose each other for more reasons than only our weight.

I leave some photos of us on our wedding day to see how a fattie like me can get a hottie like him.

Do some men like bigger women?
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Do some men like bigger women?

Are guys attracted to fat girls?

Yep, some dudes are. I am one of them. I’ll take a woman who weighs 300 lbs over a woman who weighs 90 every day of the week.

I’m certainly not alone in this regard. Pop over to Reddit, browse the subreddits dedicated to larger gals (r/gonewildbbw, r/thick, r/gonewildplus, etc.), and you’ll find that they are very popular and have a lot of subscribers to give you a clue of the number of guys out there who like big women.

Do men who love fat women sincerely exist?

I don’t love fat women. I love my girlfriend, who happens to be fat, but I’m not a chubby chaser. And I do not have a physical type, and I don’t think it took some convincing to get her to see that (due to the abuses she suffered by every man she’s ever let inside her body). 

Friends, I fell in love with her after our second phone call before meeting, although I had seen her pictures on Tinder. I am prepared to spend the rest of my life with her and raise her daughter as my own, and if she doesn’t ever lose a single pound, I will continue to love her.

There are men out there that don’t care about weight.

Note: It’s disgusting but reinforces my negative value of men. Every comment on this answer tries to twist my words into words of hatred or to say my ability to fall in love with somebody and know when I’m in love. 

I identify as a man and male, but I hate with a passion how you fuckers treat women. Grow the fuck up and stop thinking with your fucking dicks. A man has burned every woman I know, and it’s disgusting.

Why do some guys like fat girls? I’m a little chubby and don’t know what anyone could like in my body.

Do some men like bigger women?

Well, a ‘pleasingly plump’ woman, to employ an old-style expression, is highly attractive to many males, despite what Hollywood and Madison Avenue assert about the ideal feminine body’s size and shape.

Be happy that you’re getting some romantic attention from guys, and trust that they know what they’re attracted to in a physical sense. (If you become so overweight that it could cause medical problems, that’s a different issue.)

Also, not all males are shallow; to many of us, a woman’s personality and character are important factors in how appealing we find her. Still, your curves are likely a ‘selling point’ to interested guys.

Do guys like fat girls?

All I ever had in the past were supermodel-type females. All cheated, none could even boil a little water if asked to cook, and forget having a partner in the relationship because you’re more of a full-time slave and entertainment director, so you don’t have to watch her laying around all day saying, “I’m bored.” Then came the internet; I hooked up with a heavier woman who sent me some face pics only before the meet, but It wouldn’t have mattered if I saw the rest anyway. 

Friends, I tell you, she was the best damn lover a guy could ever ask for. And I stayed in a hotel the week I met her, and she brought me home-cooked meals three times a day. And that was only because I was never allowed to leave the room. After all, she f**ked me so much. It takes a little getting used to, but damn, that woman was good, and believe me, the heavier the girl, the tighter the hole. I don’t know why that is, but it is. 

All these skinny girls get used so much it’s like having sex with a catcher’s mitt, and you can barely feel her. That much, I know. I’ve heard quite a few guys say the same thing. I can’t speak for us all, but the bigger girls rank high on my list. Just make sure if you find one, she isn’t already married.

Do men like to date fat women?

Some do, some don’t. I’ve never had much trouble finding dates, although I’m fat, disabled, and asexual. Presumably, every man I have dated has been fine with all these things.

I’ve met plenty of men who do not find me attractive, which is their right. No one is obligated to find another person attractive. But it is rude when these men tell me I am unattractive for no reason because I didn’t ask them.

Do men like intelligent women?

Oh yes, definitely! I swear to God, after meeting many women, I concluded that intelligent women are like aliens. You never get to meet them, and you hear rumors about them that they exist.

We always enjoy talking to women who say I understand your point of view, but then. Instead of Oh yeah? Fine, do what you want. Don’t talk to me. X-(. I love talking to intelligent women. They are sexier than the sexy ones.

Do men really like thick women?

fuck yeah. Been married to one for 20 years now. I lie down to sleep each night and rest my hand on her soft, squishy tummy. It’s a joy and a comfort. It’s pretty much my favorite thing ever.

She’s 5′8 and about 205 (or 210? I don’t remember anymore), and that’s just fine with me. She has small boobs (I think B? I don’t know) but a big booty and long dark hair down to her waist. And plenty of visible tats, and she’s rarin’ to get more >:D

She’s extremely supportive, a great listener, and has a big, juicy, beautiful heart that never grows old. And that’s the best thing anyone could ever hope to find. She never judges me for my flaws and vulnerabilities or makes me feel bad when I need to be weak. She has a shoulder to cry on, strength when I have none, courage when I’m scared, and she’s a hell of a good cook 😉

My best friend for life, even long after we’re both elderly and saggy, walks around looking like old banana peels. <3

Why don’t men like big women?

An old and wise archeologist we used to dig with as high school students at a summer job once saw the boys laughing at an obese woman walking down the street. He stood by them and participated in the toggling; the boys shut up immediately. 

When the lady walked away, he said, ” This is strange for you now, but once you get older and cold in the winter if you get lucky, you might hug a woman like her, and then you will think, and this is all mine. The boys stared at him for a long time. None of them ever made a joke about obesity anymore.


Yes, attraction is highly subjective, and different people have diverse preferences when it comes to physical appearance and body types. Some men are attracted to women with larger or curvier bodies, and they may appreciate qualities such as confidence, curves, and a fuller figure.

It’s important to recognize that beauty standards vary widely across cultures and individuals, and there is no universal definition of attractiveness. People are drawn to different physical features and personality traits based on their unique preferences and experiences.

Body positivity encourages acceptance and appreciation of diverse body types, promoting the idea that there is no one “ideal” body size or shape. Ultimately, what matters most in a relationship is mutual respect, communication, and emotional connection rather than conforming to societal expectations of attractiveness.

Men take time to mature. And tastes are different.

Do some men like bigger women?