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Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

Go with it. I love my women to be on the plump side. A few extra pounds look damn good in the right places. Full breasts, soft abs, wide hips, full legs, and round juicy asses. Women of this type look more sexy and feminine (to me, anyway) and are great in bed. How would I Know??….Er….Ah…. How is your day so far?? (lol)

Chubby women have larger breasts. They’re soft. In my experience, they tend to focus less on looks and aren’t high maintenance. Once they realize you’re happy with them, they are likelier to let go and have a great time with you. I’m going anonymous because I don’t want to be flamed for the next part.

Chubby women who have spent a lifetime as chubby tend to have lower self-esteem because the world has been tough on them. If you show a chubby girl that you’re interested in them, you’re more likely to get blowjobs to completion, anal sex, and anything else you’re interested in. The old phrase that says fat girls try because they have to has a lot of truth behind it. I have had some amazing and crazy sex with thick girls.

Why am I always attracted to older ladies?

Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

Because real men like real women. Oestrogen is responsible for body fat development; it’s the primary female hormone, so women naturally possess more body fat than men. Big soft, plump butts that squish and jiggle, wide hips, thick thighs, soft skin, all beautiful traits of a healthy female.

The media has you think skinny is attractive, but it isn’t in terms of the inherence of men. We want a woman who will be a healthier carrier of children. Nature has everything programmed and laid out for us; not even the media can change what is natural.

Whenever my friends and I went out to find girls, I’d always go for the chubbier girls and grab their bums during a kiss because I was motivated to do so. It was probably my brain inspecting whether she was plump enough for my liking. It also sexually turned me on and felt like heaven, and it still does! (I haven’t ever lied or denied myself naturally).

Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

I am an admitted chubby chaser, BBW lover, and lover of curvier women. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some beautiful, slim women and think they look great, but they aren’t necessarily my cup of tea. Even during sex once with a BBW girl, the pleasure of her body on top of me was so great that the orgasm was so intense as I was holding onto her butt. It felt so amazing, and she knew that; that’s why her orgasm was just as good.

Women hate critical men; they like honest and loving men above all. Never feel shame in what is ‘natural’ for you, which feels good. As long as it doesn’t harm other people. We must realize that the media is a laughing stock regarding what is real. Its portrayal of ‘real’ beauty isn’t so ‘real.’

Do boys like chubby girls?

Attraction is a complex and subjective aspect of human behavior, influenced by a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. Preferences in terms of body type, including being attracted to “chubby” or curvier women, can vary widely among individuals. Here are a few potential reasons why you might find yourself more attracted to women with fuller figures:

  1. Personal Preference: Attraction is often a matter of personal taste, and individuals have unique preferences when it comes to physical appearance. Some people are naturally drawn to curvier or fuller figures.
  2. Cultural and Societal Influences: Cultural and societal standards of beauty play a significant role in shaping individual preferences. Attractiveness can be influenced by media representations, societal norms, and cultural ideals. If you’re attracted to a body type that isn’t always represented in mainstream media, it may reflect a more individualized preference.
  3. Psychological Factors: Personal experiences, upbringing, and cultural background can influence what individuals find attractive. Positive experiences or influential figures in your life may contribute to the development of certain preferences.
  4. Comfort and Acceptance: Some individuals find comfort and acceptance in relationships where their partner has a body type that aligns with their preferences. Feeling accepted and appreciated for who you are can enhance the overall connection in a relationship.
  5. Biological Factors: Evolutionary and biological factors can also play a role in attraction. Some research suggests that certain body types may be associated with fertility and reproductive health, influencing subconscious attraction.

It’s essential to approach attraction with an open mind and respect for diversity. People have different body types and preferences, and there is no single standard of beauty. What matters most in a healthy relationship is mutual respect, communication, and compatibility on various levels, not just physical appearance.

Men like a girl in love with herself for how she is.

  1. Dusky
  2. Chubby
  3. Long hair
  4. Short hair
  5. Pimpled face
  6. Clear face
  7. Glasses
  8. Lenses

These things do not matter at all. All that matters in a woman is:

  1. Her Maturity
  2. Passion for her dreams
  3. Her confidence
  4. Focus on her career
  5. Her compassion
  6. Her love, care

And, of course, a good heart.

Is it weird to be attracted to chubby girls?

Before I answer this question let me remind you that I love to work out and in normal shape so I am not advertising for unhealthy lifestyle

Now let’s get back to your question-


Are you kidding?

By the way what do you mean by chubby?

Is it her?

Yeah, you will be lucky to have her

Or is it her?

Well, she is slightly unconventional looking

Most men won’t get her

You will be lucky man if you get her

She is completely unhealthy though, but she needs love as well, chances are she will make you a very happy man

So if you like large girl then don’t let others tamper your happiness, go for it and this is a short life anyway for any kind of regret

Be a man and open your heart and go for it. Chances are that you will be more happy than most people on this planet earth.

You should ask yourself – do I want to be happy?

If answer is yes then go for it.

Why am I attracted to heavier women?

It takes courage to be honest about attraction. It takes courage to be at peace with one’s body shape and size, especially when one’s body shape or size is not fashionable.

Just because North American society has a cookie-cutter concept of the ‘’ideal woman’’ does not mean that the ideal is everyone’s type. I would not worry or be concerned about your preference.

So then, why such an attraction? It completes something within you; it has meaning and relevance to you. You may be seeking grounding, strength, and power. And you may like the sense of grounding. You may like soft and cuddly.

I was slim all my life. Weekly in the showers after a swim at the public pool, strangers compliment me on how fit/slim I was. Little did these women know that most men I dated asked me to put on weight as three of my ribs stuck out, and I had no reason to wear a bra.

After bedridden following a complete hysterectomy, I put on weight due to a more sedentary life, fatigue, and hormonal disruptions. I went from an A to a D cup and packed 50 pounds. And I went from a boyishly slim/muscled size 12 to a size 15-16. I had a slight love handle/muffin top.

Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

To my surprise, I got a lot more attention from men. To my surprise, the men started to be more masculine, traditional, family-minded, and religious.

Exactly a year after my hysterectomy, I met my husband-to-be, and we married in 5 months. He constantly praises my body, saying how cuddly and soft it is. He is hardworking, very religious, a feminist, and respectful and ethical on many levels. And he is from another culture than North America, and he is baffled as to why so many North American men obsess over skinny women.

Friends, I walk daily, do yoga, lift weights, and enjoy tai chi and dance. I eat whatever I want, mostly in moderation. And I do not count calories. And I eat mindfully so many nutrient-dense foods with as much variety and joy as possible. I wear clothes that bring out my best.

I wish better things for so many people regarding their body image. Keep being you, be healthy, and stick with happy people.

I’m attracted to fat and obese girls, but I’m not 100% sure why. Other people who are attracted to fat girls, what is your reasoning for being attracted to them?

Because they look amazing, feel amazing. Are amazing. They’re so soft; they have the perfect body shape but with more of it. They generally have better personalities than skinny bitches. And if you’ve never had a fat girl on top, do so as soon as possible because there is no better sex than with a heavy, soft, squishy girl riding you. 

Cuddling a fat girl is heaven. So soft everywhere you touch. If she lets you use her as a pillow, it can be anywhere on her body and more comfortable than a regular pillow. My wife is so amazing, and I could never dream of her being skinny.

Why am I so attracted to overweight women?

See, I repeat this: attraction is a complex thing; different people are attracted to different things. You can’t generalize, and believe me, there is no parameter or standard of beauty and attraction.

If we like something, it means we like that thing only. Why question ourselves? I like that I am a plus size and adore my size, but some people don’t like me because of my size. But why worry when I adore myself? Never question your preferences.

Do guys like chubby girls? Like just a little bit chubby, or am I just that hideous?

Stop buying into silly beauty standards set by the fashion world. Boys like girls in all shapes, sizes, looks, etc. Not all boys like the same look. Some prefer a gal with some meat on her bones. Others prefer a skinny minny.

But you shouldn’t be worrying about what guys like. What do YOU like? What features do you like about yourself, and how can you make them your best asset?

Do you have gorgeous eyes? A luscious set of lips? A nice bustline? A lovely big booty?

Buy clothes that show that and treat yourself nicely. I’ve been chubby and skinny, and different men always found me attractive. But I have confidence and know how to highlight my best features.

Also, I don’t rely on what men think. It’s enough for me to think I’m pretty. You should find that confidence, too. Because ultimately, confidence is attractive and will be the thing that draws boys to you.

Don’t pay attention to the stupid boys that try to set beauty standards for all girls. They are idiots. Seek out that cute boy who admires YOU! It’s why I never liked jock types in school. They wanted the cute little blonds. I was a dark-haired beauty that attracted a different sort. I discovered what sort that was and aimed my interests that way.

NEVER EVER SAY YOU ARE HIDEOUS AGAIN! That type of negative self-talk does no good. It only robs you of the confidence I mentioned above.

Why do I only attract ugly men?

I’m sure many people will attack you for this question, but because I’m here to answer questions and feel smart, I won’t. You attract ugly men simply because you have traits that make unattractive men believe they can get you and more attractive men do not want you. 

If you wish to change this, you need to figure out what is causing men to believe this and change it to something that makes ugly guys think you’re out of their league and handsome guys think you’re in theirs.

Are feminine and quiet women more attractive?

To me, yes. Women enjoy security, and men enjoy peace. So, a feminine and quiet woman is a godsend to me. I’ll make her feel secure, and hopefully, she’ll give me the peace I crave. A feminine woman is in touch with the magic of her gender; she’s not trying to be me and doesn’t want me to be her. 

Being quiet means that she’s self-contained, needs a reasonable amount of attention, and doesn’t need to be entertained all of the damn time. We can go on silent walks, snuggle up, watch old black-and-white movies, exist in the same space, and enjoy peace. Hmmm. That sounds a lot like my wife.

I’m attracted to fat and obese girls, but I’m not 100% sure why. Other people who are attracted to fat girls, what is your reasoning for being attracted to them?

I’m a guy who is also attracted to fat and obese girls. I’m 5′9, lean, 135lbs, and a college student. I think this is a lot like your sexuality; it’s something that you’re born with. Don’t confuse that with genetics, though. My parents were both normal weight when they married and became overweight over time, so I don’t think it’s genetic, at least in my case. 

As far as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to fat/obese girls ever since I was interested in women. It’s my preference. I was insecure about it, but it’s not a big deal. Everyone has a different preference, and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed because you have one different from most people. 

I hope my opinion answers the question. It’s different for everyone, but something as complex as attraction can’t be easily explained.

Why am I so attracted to overweight women?

You are attracted to overweight women because you find them attractive. They put a spring in your step, a smile in your heart, and a need for something to cover your lap in public.

You’re not alone. Many men are more attracted to overweight women, or at least consider them as attractive as slender women.

For example, I watched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this past week. This particular episode had Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton on the show. She was more dressed than below, but he did show this cover photo.

When she came to the stage, I thought, “She’s slender but has some nice muscle tone. I can see why people like looking at her.” Yes, she’s pretty, and I know she’s considered sexy, but she didn’t grab me by the eyeballs. After the commercial break, Yvette Nicole Brown came on the stage.

My first thought was, “Wow, she’s gorgeous…”

Each woman showed intelligence and humor on the stage. However, personal preferences are personal preferences. It is how it is. Accept that your preferences and personal attractions are your own. Accept them, and let them guide you to women you find beautiful.

Is it okay to get attracted to chubby and fat women instead of slim women?

Absolutely YES!!!! I think Chubby and Fat Women are so sexy! I love a woman with sexy curves. Yes, I am a HUGE fan of the 3 B’s… (Butt, Belly, and Boobs). I am attracted to women who are larger, softer, and plumper in all areas of their body.

When I was young, I was secretly attracted to only these girls/women and feared what other people would think of me. In college, I had a few flings with larger, fat women and found them incredibly beautiful.

They are no different than other women. They want to be wanted and desired, have wants and needs, be successful in their career, and be moms and do things other women do.

So why does society fat-shame these beautiful women? 

It makes no sense, but more and more men are coming out and pursuing these gorgeous, plump women. Women are noticing and are starting to embrace their curves finally. I like fat rolls; they are part of who she is. I love a huge butt and a massive bust as well. 

Friends, I like it when a woman’s body jiggles when she walks. And I like how she fills out her clothes; I like it when she shows off her cleavage, wears tight clothes, and allows her curves to be part of who she is.

I think many guys and ladies will NOT agree with me. We all have an opinion, and this is mine. I am not interested in thin, skinny, and flat-chested women. I want lots of womanly curves. The more, the better!

Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

Here are some examples of stunning plus size beauties.

They have perfect figures and are so beautiful! For the record, beauty in my eyes starts from within and moves outward. If she is beautiful on the inside and looks like this on the outside, I am one very lucky man!

I’m attracted to fat and obese girls, but I’m not 100% sure why. Other people who are attracted to fat girls, what is your reasoning for being attracted to them?

Somebody once told me that fat girls feel better to touch. They said, “Everywhere you touch a fat girl feels like you’re touching a boob”… 😆. Well, as crude as that may sound, it’s true. Fat girls are just more physically comfortable to be with. 

Aside from the tactile feel of a chubby girl, they look gorgeous, but let’s also be honest; just because a girl is fat, it doesn’t automatically make her attractive to me. But for those that I do find attractive, I think it’s the overall look, the way they move, the way their body jiggles or quivers, the way they fill out a pair of jeans, the large full bust, the wide hips, big butt, heavy full thighs, and big soft double belly. 

Also, fat girls tend to have beautiful skin and soft, smooth complexions, or at least the ones I know do. But all that means nothing if she doesn’t have a sense of humor, half a brain, and a great personality. In other words, attraction to fat or chubby girls is not much different from being attracted to thin girls. 

There is just more of them to hold, caress, and love.

Physical attraction is a funny thing. It has no set rules, even though social or cultural values attempt to force preferences in certain directions by mentally conditioning people to accept what is normal and what is not. The truth is, it’s all bullshit. 

Your preferences and tastes in women or men are an individual thing. Going along with the herd because you have been conditioned to do so doesn’t make your preference the right one. At best, it just makes you average, and at worst, it makes you one of the legions of sheep that live in fear of being ridiculed for being seen as abnormal.

Conclusion – Why am I more attracted to chubby women?

It is natural for men to like curvy women. Liking skinny women is not natural and is influenced only by external pressures. It comes from a woman who was naturally skinny for most of her life. Men are naturally drawn to women who are likely to carry a successful pregnancy, and super skinny often means that the woman cannot carry a successful pregnancy nor conceive at all. I’m not referring to “fat” here, but “curvy.” They are not the same thing.

They are better lovers. They are loyal. Phenomenal, I bed. They love sucking dick. Crave to swallow the cum. Have big horny tits. Always have the tightest pussies because they aren’t out there screwing every guy that asks.
Once you try one, go back to trying thin. That’s when you realize just how much better the heavier women are.

It is far from rare. Look at pornhub. BBW is the #2 largest collection. In my opinion, women should not have bones. When you hug her, you shouldn’t feel any bones.

Why am I more attracted to chubby women?