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Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

Manhwa are a type of comic book that originated in South Korea. They are typically more violent and action-packed than traditional manga, and often tell stories about street gangs or crime syndicates. Some popular manhwa series include “The Breaker,” “The Breaker: New Waves,” and “Tower of God.”

I’ve been desperately finding some black mangas/ manhwas with a plot, and the list below contains all of my favourites. I desperately need more for my fujoshi community; please be kind and recommend some more for me 🥹


  • Inside the castle: the dragon’s erotic education (updating)
  • Turn off the camera (updating)
  • How to be the chosen one (updating)


  • Nuretoro 3p (I think it’s completed)
  • Fukusuu minute bl anthology (one shot)
  • Nyotaika shita Boku no kishi-samatachi ga nerattemasu otoko ni modoru tame ni wa dakareru shika armasen (warning: gender bender)
  • Inkya na ga Futago Boku ni Aisareru Iyau (dropped?)
  • I realized I am the younger brother of the Protago in a BL game manga (dropped but super, super cute, and I highly recommend reading it, though not having censored scenes yet;—;)

Ps. These recommendations range from 2–4 tops and one bottom.

What does it feel like to poop in your panties?

Toxic levels start from 1, which is the least toxic, to 12, which is the most toxic.

  • Blind Play (8)
  • Killing Stalking (11)
  • Dangerous Convenience Store (2) {Does not contain rape}
  • Interview With a Murder (4) {Does not contain rape (I think) }
  • Back to School (The soft seme (1) (The abusive seme(6))
  • At the End of the Road (4)
  • Obey Me (11)
  • Stalkers Game (8)
  • Similar Terms (5)
  • Ouji No Hakoniwa (6)
  • Hogu Hagyeongsu (12)
  • BJ Alex (3, But he softens up near the end) {Does not contain rape (I think)}
  • Mad Dog (5)
  • Jinx (7)
  • Kill the Lights (4) {Does not contain rape}
  • Sura’s Lover (7)
  • Love Murder Basketball (5)
  • Waterside Night (8) {This is in the omegaverse}
  • Solar Eclipse (Both are 6)
  • Murderer Llewellyn’s Enchanting Dinner Invitation (3)
  • Painter of the Night (9)
  • Even If You Don’t Love Me (7)
  • Sweet Spot (2)
  • Friends At First (This one is tricky to rate, but a 5?)
  • Hyanghyeon Text / The Words in Your Snare (2) {But the brother is psycho, and it has a really good plot, the slash represents its other name but same story}
  • The Guy Upstairs (7) {This is not a Yaoi or even a BL; it’s a straight story, but I gave what it has so far a chance and have loved it)

Let me know if you need more recommendations; this type of thing is my preferred genre if you couldn’t tell.

Why do I like red flags in manhwa or webtoons but despise real-life red flags despite their looks?

Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

1. The Appeal of Red Flags in Fiction vs. Real Life

Red flags are warning signs that indicate potential problems or issues in a relationship. While most people try to avoid red flags in real life, some find themselves drawn to them in the world of manhwa and webtoons. This can be confusing, especially for those who are aware of the dangers of red flags. Here are a few possible reasons why you might enjoy red flags in manhwa or webtoons but despise them in real life:

2. Fantasy vs. Reality

One of the key differences between manhwa and webtoons versus real life is the level of control and predictability. In these fictional worlds, the storylines and characters are carefully crafted to create a specific experience for the reader. This means that even when there are red flags present, there is a sense of safety and control that allows the reader to enjoy the fantasy without feeling threatened. In real life, however, red flags can be much more unpredictable and dangerous, leading to feelings of fear and anxiety.

3. Emotional Appeals

Another reason why red flags can be appealing in manhwa, and webtoons is because of the emotional appeal they have. These stories often involve intense emotions and drama, which can be exciting and engaging for readers. In real life, however, red flags can cause pain and suffering, leading to feelings of anger, sadness, and regret. The emotional appeal of manhwa and webtoons can make it easy to overlook the potential dangers of red flags and focus only on the immediate experience.

4. Escapism

Manhwa and webtoons can provide a sense of escapism from real life, allowing readers to immerse themselves in a different world and forget about their problems for a while. Red flags in these stories can add to the sense of excitement and drama, providing a temporary escape from the monotony of everyday life. In real life, however, red flags can be overwhelming and difficult to escape from, leading to feelings of stress and anxiety.

5. Desensitization

Another possible reason why some people enjoy red flags in manhwa and webtoons is because of desensitization. Exposure to red flags in fictional settings can make them seem less threatening or dangerous, leading to a higher tolerance for risk in real life. This can be dangerous, as it can lead to a lack of awareness or action when faced with real-life red flags.

In conclusion, there are a few possible reasons why someone might enjoy red flags in manhwa and webtoons but despise them in real life. These reasons can include the differences between fantasy and reality, emotional appeals, escapism, and desensitization. While it can be tempting to lose oneself in the excitement and drama of fictional red flags, it’s important to remember the potential dangers they can pose in real life and take appropriate action when necessary.

What is a really good romance isekai manhwa to read? I really enjoy manhwas like Who Made Me A Princess and The Youngest Princess.

These are some isekai manhwa recommendations! By the way, the person who made me a princess is a legend 🤧❤️‍🔥

  1. Survive as the Hero’s Wife
  2. Seduce The Villain’s Father
  3. I Stole the Male Lead’s first night
  4. The Lady’s Butler
  5. Viridescent Crown/Recording Hall
  6. Honey, I’m going on a strike (more like getting a second chance to live, I guess?)
  7. The Princess Imprints the Traitor (more like getting a second chance to live, I guess?)
  8. My Husband Hides His Beauty
  9. The Villainess is a Marionette
  10. When the Villainess Loves
  11. Heavenly Bride (more like getting a second chance to live, I guess?)
  12. The Most Powerful characters in this world are obsessed with me (romance not yet)

I’ll update you if I find more. 

What are some manhwa with obsessed and possessive male leads?

Here are 11 manhwa with obsessed and possessive male leads:

1. Haven

2. Family mate

3. Lima syndrome

4. Dispar

5. Secrets of enthusiastic omega K

6. Psycho love

7. Night by the Sea (new)

8. A trace of the wonder(new)

9. Marilyn likes Larensia too much

10. Miniamaru Kareshi

11. I lost the leash of the male lead

Some are yaoi, and some are straight romance.

What is your favourite manga, manhwa, manhua and why?

I recently started reading both manga and manhwa, so I didn’t get to read that many, but from what I read, I can easily choose. 😛

My favourite manga is One Piece. I have read a good part of Boku no Hero Academia’s manga, but it didn’t quite catch me as much as One Piece did.

When it comes to manhwa, I didn’t get to read only two titles, but out of those, Tower of God is without a doubt my favourite.

It has complex action and well-structured characters. The main character, The 25th Bam, is showing great development during the series, and I’m sure you’ll get to love him after the first 20 chapters. 😛

Also, the Tower of God has Rak.

rak leader

Rak Leader. Praise Lord Rak.

What are some good recommendations for romance manhwa?

  1. “The Youngest Princess” (막내 황녀님)
  2. “The Twin Siblings’ New Life” (쌍둥이 남매의 뉴라이프)
  3. “The Daughter of the Albert House Wishes for Ruin” (알버트 가문의 딸은 파멸을 원해요)
  4. “I Raised Cinderella Preciously” (신데렐라를 아끼었다)
  5. “The Villainess Lives Twice” (악녀는 두 번 산다)
  6. “This Girl is a Little Wild” (이 여자는 조금 야합니다)
  7. “The Justice of a Villainous Woman” (악녀의 정의)
  8. “Death is the Only Ending for the Villainess” (악역의 엔딩은 죽음뿐)
  9. “Adelaide” (애들라이드)
  10. “Empress of Another World” (세상 끝의 여왕)
  11. “The Daughter of the Emperor and Her Knight” (황제의 딸과 그녀의 기사)
  12. “The Duchess’ 50 Tea Recipes” (공작부인의 50가지 티 레시피)
  13. “I Favor the Villainess” (악녀를 좋아하니까!)
  14. “The Crown Princess’ Project” (세자빈의 프로젝트)
  15. “The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion” (내가 레알리아나로 살아남은 이유)
  16. “The Daughter of the Emperor” (황제의 딸)
  17. “The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess” (괴물 공작가와 계약 공녀)
  18. “The Tyrant’s First Love” (제왕의 첫사랑)
  19. “Lady Baby” (레이디 베이비)
  20. “The Reincarnated Princess Strikes Down Flags Today as Well” (환생한 공녀는 오늘도 깃발을 베어간다)
  21. “A Stepmother’s Märchen” (새엄마의 메르헨)
  22. “I Am a Child of This House” (이 집 아이)
  23. “The Abandoned Empress” (버림 받은 황비)
  24. “Beware of the Villainess!” (악녀가 되는 거야)
  25. “The Daughter of the Marquis, Who Was Executed Under False Accusation, Wants to Spend a Peaceful Life in the Land Protected by God” (마녀의 딸, 거짓 혐의로 처형되고 난 후 신의 수호하는 땅에서 평안하게 살고 싶어요)
  26. “The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower” (악녀는 현대 화력으로 파멸 종착지점을 부수겠다)
  27. “The Abandoned Empress Returns” (버려진 황비, 귀환

What are some good manhwas/webtoons with toxic romance relationships? I don’t care if it’s GL, BL, or straight.

Here are a few I know:

1. Sadistic beauty

What happens when two guys and a dashing girl meet? Beats me, but it doesn’t sound romantic. Or does it? Depending on your definition of romantic, Doona’s sadistic ways might be the most romantic thing a guy could want! I haven’t read it, but I do know it’s VERY toxic.

2. Sadistic Beauty Bl side story

Professor Byun Minho doesn’t seem to have a future after his fateful encounters with wealthy sadist Cha Wookyung, but there is a story to know exactly what goes down between the two. After his ugly experiences with the protagonist, what more does Byun Minho have in store?

It was sadistic beauty but worse. I tried to read it, but I couldn’t. I still need to get past the second or third chapter. It’s kind of similar to “killing stalking.”

3. Throw the Trash in the Trash Can

‘Woobin’, who uses his good looks to seduce rich women and has lived like trash. He ends up falling in love with ‘Suzy’, a chaebol heir who was only supposed to be a target of his seduction. He experiences the sweetness of love for the first time, But it lasts only for a while because what’s hidden behind Suzy’s angel-like appearance begins to choke Woobin slowly. It’s a romance story of two trash-like humans who can’t even be recycled!

It’s still ongoing, so I don’t know for sure whether it will be toxic, but it does have very dark undertones, like the fl keeps getting creepier every chapter as we see more of her.

4. Guilty pleasure

Bora takes Haneul home on a rainy night, and as he awakes, he finds out that he has lost his memory. Bora tucks him in and keeps him from leaving his dangerous home. And the murder case which occurred on the day Haneul fell has yet to find its culprit.

It’s still ongoing; there are only 11 chapters out, but it seems pretty toxic to me. Dating a guy who possibly kidnapped you and is lying to you about your past by saying you had “memory loss” and possibly is a serial killer doesn’t sound too healthy to me. I could be wrong.

5. Girl Under Trial

The unpredictable trial of a girl who was nothing at school begins! Ordinary Park Ga-eul witnesses the secret incident of Han Yu-hyeon, who belongs to the so-called ‘popular group’. She uses this to blackmail Han Yu-Hyeon and wants to belong to the group she admires.

It’s ongoing. There are only 30-something chapters out in English, but it definitely reeks of toxicity. A relationship between a crazy girl and a possible murderer? Nope

6. Lost in the Cloud

Skylar has a secret hobby – taking photos of his crush, Chan-il. But when Cirrus stumbles upon Skylar’s cloud storage with its impressive collection of Chan-il’s photos, things escalate quickly. At first, confident his secret is safe with Cirrus, Skylar continuously finds himself in compromising situations, making him question Cirrus’ true motives.

The ML is pretty off from the very beginning like there are so many creepy-ass close-up shots of him. Try to convince me that he isn’t crazy.

Note: I found a new one, and it’s absolutely perfect for this category

7. Escape Into The Oblivion

Woojin wants nothing more than to escape reality. Hwon wants nothing more than to be with Woojin. Baffled by the intensity of Hwon’s love, Woojin makes a series of absurd demands to push him away. But no matter how cruel the demands are, Hwon never gives up.

8. A Tree Without Roots

Hee-seo, who lost his only family member, his mother, in an accident when he was young, is now raised by his adoptive parents and is curious about who his secret supporter/sponsor is. That night, when he was hospitalized for causing an arson, he met the person he had been looking for so much.

9. Hope that helps!!

(Note: now that I re-read this answer, it seems that “toxic romance” recs have bled into “thriller.”)

Are there any good webtoons with shy characters?

Normally, I would type a TON of webtoons, but I realized that those are annoying because they go on forever (and I’m too lazy to type right, LOL), so I’m just going to say my favourite shy character, so far 🙂

Oh! Holy, Holy is definitely not shy, but Jaime is. Jaime is a sweet little cinnamon roll who is shy but literally so cute. 🥺❤️ The webtoon itself is also amazing, and I highly recommend it!

webtoons with shy

Can you recommend me any Manhwa or K-drama obsessed with study and has a strong female protagonist with zero romance?

1. Itaewon Class (2020)

It’s not a perfect recommendation for your question, but I loved Itaewon Class, which is an adaptation of a manhwa of the same name.

I guess the main protagonist is a male named Park Sae-ro-yi (portrayed by Park Seo-Joon), an orphan and ex-con determined to build Korea’s most successful culinary company out of revenge for a chaebol family that murdered his father and got away with it.

But there are two very strong female deuteroganists which his life revolves around. There’s fellow orphan Oh Su-a (portrayed by Kwon Na-ra), who joined forces with the evil chaebol in order to have a chance to attend a reputable university and move on to a high-value corporate career to turn her lot around. And there’s the social media-savvy high school graduate Jo Yi-seo (portrayed by Kim Da-mi), who passed up a university in order to gamble on Sae-ro-yi and help him build his empire.

Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

Now, there is a bit of romance in Itaewon Class, but mostly in the form of a strained love triangle between Sae-ro-yi and the two ladies. You can expect some catty female rivalry and bitter heartache as part of the drama, but it’s not like this is one of those romance drams where the male lead gets together with one of the ladies halfway through the show, and we’re supposed to swoon over a pair of love birds.

So, it’s not exactly zero romance, but more like low romance with an undercurrent of heartache and jealousy moving the story forward. Still, the much more important plot is the David vs Goliath premise of an orphan ex-con replacing one of Korea’s most powerful business empires and getting justice served.

What I also love about Itaewon Class is that it has a lovable band of outcasts in the centre of the story. 

In addition to Park Sae-ro-yi, Jo Yi-seo and Oh Su-a, there’s also a transgender chef struggling to cook something actually good, a bad-tempered fellow ex-con as an incompetent waiter, an illegitimate son looking to earn his father’s approval, and a half African greeter who they assumed spoke English (since Itaewon is an international business district in Seoul) but doesn’t. As they build the restaurant and the company from the ground up, each of our characters learns to address the skeletons in their closet and also grow as a person.

All in all, it’s a beautiful and inspiring story with high stakes and great character development. So, if you don’t mind low romance instead of zero, as well as some study storylines but not front and centre, I think Itaewon Class would be a great Kdrama to check out if you haven’t.

2. Bloodhounds (2023)

Again, this is not a perfect recommendation since this is a male-driven story lacking the study component. Still, Bloodhounds is an impressively intense action-thriller manhwa-adapted Kdrama with zero romance and a strong female deuteragonist.

A rare Kdrama set during the 2020 pandemic, Bloodhounds follows the story of boxer Kim Geon-woo (portrayed by Woo Do-hwan), who lost his training ground and had his mother’s business destroyed by a gang of evil moneylenders due to COVID-19.

Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

Desperate to get back up on his feet, Geon-woo joined forces with his new friend and fellow boxer Hong Woo-jin (portrayed by Lee Sang-yi) as they found a high-paying job with a benevolent moneylender Choi Tae-ho (portrayed by Heo Joon-ho). A wealthy older man with a conscience, Boss Choi lends money on a trust basis to people genuinely in need, does not charge interest to those who can’t afford it, and lets his lendees take their time to really get back up on their feet before paying him back.

Boss Choi employs young female martial artist Cha Hyeon-joo (portrayed by Kim Sae-Ron), who he has taken care of like his own granddaughter since she was orphaned as a child. Hyeon-Joo suspects that a lender is taking advantage of Boss Choi’s kindness by using that money to run an organised crime gang. Worrying for her safety as she investigates, Boss Choi initially hires Kim Geon-woo and Hong Woo-jin to protect her; before finally understanding the urgency of fighting the crime gang, Hyeon-Joo poked her nose.

Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

As I mentioned, a drawback of Bloodhounds is that it’s such a male-dominated world with only sparing female characters—and the one badass female deuterogamist with a significant stake in the story is portrayed to be one of the boys by necessity. However, Hyeon-joo makes her screen time count by being a strong, fearless female who is a competent fighter and, at times, has come to protect our leading boys instead of the other way around. She is a hero in her own right in the Bloodhounds story, and she has a lot of heart, too.

Another drawback based on your question is that it needs a study storyline per se. Cha Hyeon-joo is in her late teens or early twenties in Bloodhounds, so presumably, she has graduated from secondary school. She has not decided to pursue a tertiary education because she has a career in the moneylending business. Kim Geon-woo and Hong Woo-jin, the second and third youngest characters, are in their mid-twenties and have completed their military service.

But suppose we’re willing to stretch the definition of “study” throughout Bloodhounds. In that case, we see some martial arts master-and-student situations where both Cha Hyeon-joo and her “oppas” unlock some serious new levels in their craft to prepare for some high-stakes situations.

Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

Another thing that makes Bloodhounds such a good watch is the sheer physical transformation of our heroes. It has not been an easy film to make, and actors Woo Do-Hwan and Lee Sang-yi have had to step up their fitness game to embody their characters seriously. I love what they said in a Netflix behind-the-scenes video that people love athletes because they embody a superhuman level of discipline, which is just spot on. The actors’ dedication to this physical transformation is part of what makes this Kdrama such a masterpiece.

Looks like that’s all for my very imperfect recommendations for now! I’m a newbie in Kdramaland, so I have yet to find a manhwa-esque Kdrama that fits your request perfectly. However, a zero-romance drama starring a strong, study-obsessed young female protagonist sounds like something I would love to watch.

I look forward to reading what other answers recommend.

Why are harems such a thing in Japanese comics or mangas?

  • Because Japanese are very sexually frustrated people, due to a variety of factors, getting a girlfriend or boyfriend is very hard for the majority of Japanese people.
    • It appears that most crime in Japan is sexual. They even have to make women-only train cars because there are too many gropers on Japanese trains. They’re that frustrated.
  • Because once you have tasted harem, generic women whose personality is “woman” would never be enough.
    • Like seriously, why does it take so long for Western entertainment to figure out that women can have different personalities? And that personalities can be attractive?
  • Because in a harem, a man can always find the best girl. Unless the author goes out of his/her way to make them all horrible.
    • The best girl is not objectively the best, but the one who fits the man’s preferences most.
    • It’s probably the same for women and reverse harems, but I am not a woman, so I can’t guarantee it to you.
  • Sometimes, you want to read a story about a successful guy/girl who defeats all enemies, earns all money, gets a noble title (or even a throne) and gets all the women/men. It’s called “wish fulfilment”, and there are many unfulfilled desires in the real world. The real world in general, and Japan in particular – that place is a capitalist hell where people mostly die from overwork.
    • For many Japanese people, this includes food: eating the fanciest dishes and cooking dragons and orcs.
    • Fluffing fluffy animals is also popular. Because, of course, Fenrir, an S-rank monster that can destroy a country, must have fur that’s S-rank pleasant to touch.
Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?

Picture: Wish fulfilment in one picture. The source is Isekai Smartphone

Are there any BL harem recommendations? Manga/manhua/manhwas, anything?

I am trying to understand why there are so few BL harems. I have been reading Yaois/ BLs for a while, and I have come across so few of them. Anyway, here goes nothing:

  • No way, vampires don’t exist: poor innocent Uke ends up living in a house full of hot vampires, and somehow, each one is in love with him. This one is so cute and engaging.
  • Quit writing, dear author: MC is caught up in BL author’s novel. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s not a harem in a conventional sense, but I included it because it has some harem qualities.
  • Unripe expression: a cute story where there are many characters in love with the MC. It’s very cute.
  • The Toughest Guy in School is an Omega!?: This one’s an omegaverse, and it’s quite problematic. It is the first Yaoi I read that has a threesome. You can read it if you’re into that, but honestly, I didn’t like it much.
  • Caste heaven: no, bro, I couldn’t even finish this one. It’s so problematic I can’t, even though it explores Psychology a lot (and I’m a psychology student). I’ll give you a warning ⚠️ before reading this one: it has constant r*pe, gangr*pe, torture, Stockholm syndrome victims, and a lot of inhumane stuff that’s done to the MC. Honestly, it’s just filled with r*pe
  • Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai: adult yakuza men everywhere🥵. This is a very plot-driven Yaoi, and the MC is a self-aware, masochistic, badass yakuza boss. Don’t read it if you’re not into smut.
  • I Was Reborn As The Villainess’ Father And I Need Xxx To Survive!? I’m not sure if this is a harem. I am only including it here cos the MC keeps getting caught up in sex, and it’s not with one person, LOL.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got when it comes to Yaoi+ harem. What constitutes a harem might also be subjective, so cut me some slack. I’ll add some more when I read them.


It’s important to remember that the red flags in manhwa or webtoons are often exaggerated for dramatic effect and may not accurately reflect real-life situations. Additionally, in fictional settings, we can distance ourselves from the characters and their actions, which can make it easier to overlook or even find appealing certain traits or behaviours that we would find unacceptable in real life. 

In contrast, in real-life situations, red flags can be dangerous and harmful to our well-being and should not be ignored or dismissed. It’s important to listen to our instincts and prioritize our safety and well-being over aesthetic preferences.

Why do I like red flags in manhwa or webtoons but despise real-life red flags despite their looks? Because we are attracted to danger, it’s exciting and reminds us we are alive. However, bringing it into our real world, there is always a cost.

Do you have any manhwa recommendations where the seme is a red flag/toxic?