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Goga Jahar Peer Sadhana Method and Rules, Mantra, Worship Method

Goga Jahar Peer Sadhana Method and Rules, Mantra, Worship Method

Goga Jahar Peer Sadhana Method and Rules, Mantra, Worship Method

Goga Jahar Peer was born on Tuesday, Navami Tithi, which is today known as Guga Navami. Krishna comes on the second day of Janmashtami.

Siddhanath Veer Goga Dev

He is the favourite deity of the people of Rajasthan. He is also known as Jaharveer Gogaji. Gogamedi city of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan, is where the Gogaji fair is held on Navami of Bhadav Shukla paksha. People of all religions worship him. Veer Gogaji was the great disciple of Guru Gorakhnath. 

Chauhan Veer Gogaji was born in Vikram Samvat 1003 in Dadrewa village of Churu district, the birthplace of Siddha Veer Gogadev, which is located in Dattakheda Dadrewa, Churu district of Rajasthan.

Where people of all religions come from far and wide to pay obeisance. People of the Muslim community call him by the name of Jahar Peer and come to the said place to pray and pay obeisance. This place is a symbol of Hindu and Muslim unity.

Goga Jahar Peer Sadhana method and rules

  • 1. Before starting the sadhana, make a promise that I will never kill a snake, nor will I cause any trouble to the snakes.

  • 2. This sadhana is of 41 days. You can start this from Goga Navami. If this is not the case, then start on any nine Chande Sunday (the first Sunday of Shukla paksha).

  • 3. In this you should wear white clothes and a woollen seat. The seat can be of any colour. Still, a white seat is best.

  • 4. Celibacy is mandatory during sadhana period.

  • 5. This mantra has to be chanted five times. Black Hakik Mala is best for this. 

  • 6. You can do this sitting on any river bank or can also do it on Goga Maadi. It happens in every city. Or do it sitting near Nag Bambi. If you have to do this at home, then there should be a room in which no one except you should go unless you are in meditation. According to me, the river bank is the best.

  • 7. Before starting the sadhana, apply cow dung in one place. If the house or floor is concrete, then wash and purify it thoroughly and place a seat on it in front of it, spread a white cloth on a platform and install the picture of Goga ji.Worship the picture with white buds and offer a flower head, light incense sticks, and light a lamp made of pure cow’s ghee.Mix a glass of milk with sweets and keep it nearby, and when the mantra chanting is complete, put it in Nag Bambi and offer namaskar to it by offering some white flowers.

  • 8. For this, take sweets made of milk as part of the blog daily and offer it after worship.

  • 9. Don’t be afraid if you see a snake. It won’t say anything. When you have a darshan of the peer, pray to him that he always keeps his blessings on you.

  • 10. The best time for Sadhana is 7 to 10 pm. If you are going outside on the river bank, then you can start any time after 4 pm.

  • 11. After reciting the following mantra, take flowers and offer them on the picture of Goga ji and sprinkle water all around. It will provide protection. Some people asked about daily routine practice; they can do this mantra in their daily routine also. But the main sadhana has to be done in the same way if you want full benefits.

  • 12. Do this towards the east; your face should be towards the east.

Who is Goga Maharaj, who is worshipped in Rajasthan & Gujarat?

Goga Jahar Peer Sadhana method and rules protection mantra

Om Namo Aadesh Guru Ji Ko, Jaharveer Maddgeer Raksha Karni, Ang Sang Rahna, Aadesh Goga JaharPir Ko, Aadesh Gorakh Sai Ko Aadesh

After this, chant the following mantra five times.

Goga Jahar Peer Sadhana Method and Rules, Mantra, Worship Method

गोगा जाहर पीर साधना विधि एवं नियम रक्षा मंत्र 

ॐ नमो आदेश गुरु को जाहरपीर मददगीर रक्षा करनी अंग संग रहना आदेश गोगा जाहरपीर को आदेश गोरख साई को आदेश |

इसके बाद निम्न मंत्र की 5 माला जप करें |

गोगा जाहर पीर साधना मंत्र

धन धन गोगा मंडली धन धन गोगा सुलतान |

पर्वत धूड़ा धूमीया गोगा चढ़े जहान || गोगे संधी कोठड़ी मली बिशियर नाग |

साधू चले वनखंडी आ करके रुख तमाम || सारे हाथ निवामदें सीता के अहु राम |

दायें मोढ़े उपर कालका बायें है हनुमत || माथे उपर नाहर सिंह तू नागो का सुल्तान |

फुरों मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा || आदेश आदेश आदेश गोगा जाहरपीर को आदेश |

छड़ी का मंत्र

सत नमो आदेश , गुरूजी को आदेश, ॐ गुरूजी

जाहरवीर जाहरवीर सच्ची सरकार 

अला बला को ले जा सात समंदर पार 

नीला घोडा भगमा भेष , खब्बे पैर पदम् नाग

गल में विराजे भुरीया मस्तक शेषनाग 

आओ आओ बाबा जाहर 

गोरख गुरु की मन्न आन 

तेरी छड़ी कौन विराजे 

नारसिंह वीर गाजे 

सावलसिंह वीर गाजे 

किसके हुक्म से गाजे 

गोरख गुरु के हुक्म से गाजे 

ना गाजे तो चौथे किंगरे वाला ना कहायें 

नारी बामणी का जाया ना कहायें 

नागे गुरां की तेई झूठी हो जाये 

गोरख गुरु का चेला ना कहायें 

माता का पिया दूध हराम करे 

जाग रे जाग 

जाहरवीर को मन्न के जाग 

गोरख गुरु को मन्न के जाग 

नागे गुरु को मन्न के जाग

बहन श्याम्कौर को मन्न के जाग 

माई मदानण को मन्न के जाग 

गपुरी खेड़े को मन्न के जाग 

हेमराज गधिले को मन्न के जाग 

अस्त बली को मन्न के जाग 

नौ नाथों को मन्न के जाग 

चौरासी सिद्धों को मन्न के जाग 

तेरे संग कौन चले 

भैरों हनुमान रख्ता चले

माई कालका चले

माई मदानण चले 

कुडडीया वीर चले 

बावरी वीर चले 

अनंत कोटि सिद्ध चले 

मेरे चलाये ना चले 

मेरे गुरु के चलाये चले

दादा गुरु के चलाये चले 

गुरु गद्दी के चलाये चले 

गुरु गोरखनाथ के चलाये चले 

नाथ सिद्धों की तलवार  

वीरों का वार  

छड़ी ले जाये 

अला बला को सात समुन्दर पार 

इतना जाहर छड़ी जाप सम्पूर्ण सही  

नाथ जी गुरुजी को आदेश आदेश 

Goga Jahar Peer Sadhana Method and Rules, Mantra, Worship Method

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