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How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

  1. Wonyoung is not untalented “MUSICALLY” as she can play instruments, namely piano, violin and flute, but she is definitely not an ace/all-rounder; her talents are average. Her rapping is below average, her vocals are average, and her dancing is OK.
  2. I very much agree with that one person who said Wonyoung have no passion for music and is in the K-industry just to be famous. As we all know, Wonyoung is pretty in the eyes of East Asians and especially Koreans; she obviously knows that too and now her only job is to be pretty, and honestly, she tries too hard.
  3. Her stage presence is going downhill because of her trying too hard to be elegant/pretty; even during her zone days, she tried hard to be pretty, but the zone concept was elegant/cute, so it wasn’t really that big of a problem, but now it’s indeed a problem.
  4. She could be a better model. To all the people out here, modelling isn’t just about being pretty/tall; modelling includes walking, fashion sense, pose, and confidence. Her walk looks different from a model walk, and she doesn’t seem to be interested in fashion. Her fashion sense is ordinary, and her pose is great for an idol but not Pomodel and the confidence one; I don’t even need to say anything.
  5. Her Company favours her not because they like her but to decrease her popularity/make other members more famous.
  6. She had received at least 1 proposal from another idol.
  7. She very much has that Korean actress and innocent vibes with her, but I prefer more luxurious.
  8. Her personality in five is better than her in izone because, during her izone days, she would overdo with her aegyo trying to prove to everyone that she’s the maknae, but now that she is older than 2 girls there; her personality is more motherly than that of her personality in izone.
  9. She should show more of her bare face

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

1. She has that IT GIRL status, and that’s a fact, but only in SOUTH KOREA!!

2. she uses contact lenses too much

3. She is charming but not charismatic or mesmerizing!!

4. she started from the bottom and became famous in East Asia at a young because of her hard work; she was not that rich kid on Pinterest; she definitely isn’t a new product.

5. Her fashion sense is average, and 70% of the K-pop idols can easily beat her in the fashion game.

6. She does not possess any duality.

(not opinions but facts)

*Calling her a beauty is fine, but calling her a natural beauty is a lie

*She isn’t fluent in English; I don’t need to explain anything here. Anyone fluent in English can say that

*She is too skinny, and it’s definitely not possible that she has a healthy/normal weight


Edit 20 July 2022:Lmao the pressed fans, do you all even understand English, or do you all not have eyes? I have highlighted something for pathetic stans.

Why do I miss her a lot?

How can I be as thin as Jang Wonyoung?

Jang Wonyoung. You have to take into account that Wonyoung’s “official” height is 5 7, but her more accurate height (as of 2022) is 5 9 or 5 10, as her height has not been updated since her time in iz*one when she was 14 years old. (Thank you to a commenter who informed me of this !!)

Her thigh gap is also not to be taken lightly – it’s actually very scary. If you want to “be as thin as Wonyoung,” I would suggest that you start adding more protein and nutrients to your diet while also exercising.

Some great options are to:

  • Learn some K-pop dances.
    • K-pop dances are really easy to lose weight with, especially because they’re very energetic and precise, and they’re usually around 3 or 4 minutes long.
      • I Can’t Stop Me (by Twice), Not Shy (by Itzy), and all of Gfriend and Dreamcatcher’s dances are some very energetic K-pop dances that you could potentially lose weight to
  • Foods with more calories but more protein will be better in the long run.
    • They fuel your body so that you can lose that weight instead of always being tired because of a lack of energy since you don’t eat/consume many calories.
  • In fact, don’t calorie count.
    • Calorie counting really doesn’t help that much. It’s better to eat things with more calorie count but with more protein. Just like with the whole wheat/white bread point, it will help you in the long run.



How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

  • She’s pretty (I won’t deny it cause I can’t) but tries too hard.
  • IVE’s concept of a girl crush doesn’t fit her.
  • She deserves centre.
  • Being a model suits her better than being a singer.
    • But her dream was to become a singer, so I respect and support her.
  • She should’ve never participated in PD48.
    • Yes, it was her choice.
    • I’m not just saying this about Wonyoung, but to every teen who wants to become a K-pop idol: It’s good to become what you dream about, but don’t waste your childhood trying to become famous and become a K-pop idol. You only get to live your childhood ONCE. If becoming a K-pop idol is what YOU really want, go for it. But don’t forget to live your childhood while you can.

Jang Wonyoung does Pilates. Though Pilates is mainly for strength improvement, it helps her be skinnier.

She’s genetically skinny. It’s in her DNA to be slim. Her predebut photos show that she’s been skinny since she was young.

She eats healthy diet and avoid junk food. In some variety shows, we can see she eats healthier meals most of the time.

Exercise. Her dancing as a career is a form of exercise which helps her maintain light weight.

Is Jang Wonyoung too skinny?

Let’s be real. She is definitely too skinny. Unfortunately, this is the beauty standard in Korea. To be doll-skinny.

She is iz*one’s best model.

From what I’ve subsequently evaluated from a sample of candid modelling posts populating iz*one’s officiated Instagram page, which plumps for a multidisciplinary palette of diversified expressions and looks depending on the general concept of the shoot. Although the same can’t be applied to her stage versatility, it’s still commendable. She really does have that augmented aura of professionalism.

Her voice in English>>> Korean

It is not an exponentially unpopular opinion, but Wonyoung’s higher marks in internationalized English are a real shower. Her butter cover did not disappoint, and to a relative degree, I am plain obsessed with how she digs and accents her syllables and constants. It’s extremely smooth and contemporary, and I see it fitting its glittery ultramodern pop sound well.

She’s beautiful, but she shouldn’t be visual.

I will be dispersingly honest—I don’t find Wonyoung powerhouse pretty. She’s aging like fine wine, though; however, I will still reiterate my unedited point that she shouldn’t be visual. She doesn’t fit the KBS criteria as well as people avow it to be—her skin is tan, her eyes average sized, etc. Overall, I find her looks too cute and fawning for a position that favours more elegant personas.

I don’t see much of her passion for music.

If I’m going to be critically honest, I feel like (along with a healthy neutralized quota of other idols) that she’s in for it for the fame and performing, if that makes sense? (now, I can’t tell directly; it’s just the approximate vibes I’m getting from her).

I do worry for her.

For one thing, she is certainly over-criticized for her age (give her a break; she’s still adjusting fairly well), and for another thing, the length and extensions she’s driven to amplify her already decent looks are a bit indicative of her standards as well. I’m not categorically accusing her of plastic procedures, but I much preferred her iz*one looks; she resembles every other commonplace influencer on the internet now.

(and for another thing, her Sasaeng imitation hit the spot. alarmingly.)

Which K-pop idols suddenly become extremely skinny?

The one idol that comes to mind is Red Velvet’s Wendy.

She loses and gains weight really quickly, and it’s known that she almost always has a weight change for each comeback.

2010–2013 (pre-debut years):

She has an amazing voice, but her weight was not seen as “profitable” by K-Pop companies. Cube Entertainment and YG Entertainment both turned her down for her weight.

2014 (debut year):

Wendy worked hard to improve her singing and dancing, continued losing weight, and maintained the perfect figure of an idol for an entire year from debut to Red Velvet’s second comeback, ‘Ice Cream Cake’.

March 2015 (during ICC promotions):

2015 (a little after ICC comeback):

However, netizens noticed a weight change in her thighs.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

September 2015 (Dumb Dumb era):

All of the Red Velvet members had gained a bit of weight, but Wendy stood out the most. Netizens were really harsh on her and called her ‘fat’ and ‘lazy’ and even told her that she should be ashamed of herself for putting on weight. Wendy is aware of her weight and is even seen to be a little wary whenever her manager is around.

In one episode of Taeyeon’s ‘Daily Taeng9cam’, Taeyeon is seen to be eating ice cream with Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy. Wendy looked anxious about eating her ice cream because her manager was watching, so Taeyeon turned around and scolded her manager, saying,

“Eating what they want for one day shouldn’t be a problem.”

She then turned back to Wendy and Seulgi and reassured them,

“I actually gained a lot of weight when I was your age. I eat food thinking I won’t be able to eat it later. What I want to say to you is that you shouldn’t be so stressed. That’s natural for your age. There’s nothing you can do.”

May 2016:

Netizens continued to criticize Wendy for her weight, saying that the other Red Velvet members had clearly lost their extra weight from the Dumb Dumb era, but Wendy did not.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

September 2016 (Russian Roulette era):

Her weight went through a drastic change, and netizens praised her for it. Her figure in the RR era caused many people to question what diet she went through to lose so much weight in so little time.

However, some fans were worried about the attention she was getting because they thought it might pressure her to stick to an unhealthy diet and it may cause health problems.

In ‘Raid the Convenience Store’, Wendy can be seen looking cautious of her manager, and she then confesses that she’s not used to eating. She actually watches the other Red Velvet members eat to satisfy her hunger. She even stated that when she eats a certain amount of food, she becomes very uncomfortable.

July 2017 (Red Flavor era):

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

Wendy seemed to have lost even more weight during this comeback, and she can even be seen to be the thinnest member of the group. Fans became very worried as her body seemed really gaunt and practically a skeleton and pleaded for her to gain weight.

She then got hate for being too skinny, and netizens said her body was gross, ugly, and creepy.

September 2017:

In September of 2017, Wendy gained some weight back and seemed more lively than before.

November 2017 (Peek-A-Boo era):

Wendy can be seen to have gained a lot of weight back during this comeback, and she got a huge backlash for it, as she had gained all of this weight in just one month. It’s actually quite normal as it is something that should happen if Wendy was going on a healthy diet, and gaining this weight means she’s transitioning back from malnourishment.

Wendy expressed her insecurity about her weight during a magazine interview and said that she always covers herself up because she wants to slim certain parts of her body down.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

February 2018 (Bad Boy era):

Wendy seemed healthy and fit during this era, and her confidence came back slowly. However, a month later, netizens noticed that Wendy had gained a lot of weight. Fortunately, fans accepted the fact that science exists and Wendy has the type of body that gains weight easily and decided to support Wendy.

But then Wendy’s racism scandal happened, and Western fans began attacking Wendy, fat-shaming her and accusing her of having plastic surgery. 

Korean fans came to Wendy’s defence, and American fans, in turn, became very stereotypical of Koreans, accusing Korean people of saying the ’ n-word.

July 2018 (Cookie Jar era):

Wendy lost a lot of weight during this era, and the weight change was so quick that people began to speculate that Wendy must be going back to the weight cycle again.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

August 2018 (Power Up era):

Wendy maintained the weight during this comeback.

Later, in an interview, Wendy stated that her weight comes and goes, and she’s planning to gain more weight soon for the comeback promotions. However, during promotions and concerts, it seemed that Wendy didn’t gain any weight. She actually LOST some more.

In another interview, Wendy said that she likes to wear boxy clothes when she gains weight and tight clothes when she loses weight. The interviewer then tried to encourage her to wear tight clothes when she gained weight, but Wendy looked horrified and shook her head no.

The interviewer then told her to eat well and asked her what was the biggest amount of weight she lost. Wendy tried to change the subject and asked if they could move on to talking about Seulgi.

October 2018:

During this time, Wendy seems to be as thin as she was during the Red Flavor era. She was praised for her abs and did not receive any criticism for her weight.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

August 2019:

In 2019, Wendy looked a bit healthier and maintained a healthy figure throughout the entire year. Korean fans were very supportive of Wendy’s weight. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for American fans as they continued to verbally abuse her appearance, saying she “aged terribly” and “looked better before plastic surgery”.

I hope Wendy continues to prioritize her health. The constant hate she gets about her appearance is getting ridiculous. Wendy is beautiful just the way she is.

Is Wonyoung of Iz*One too skinny lately?

TW: Eating Disorders, Weight (Loss), Dieting. Yes, she is. Fans can come at me and say I am hating, but sane fans will know I’m not. I feel bad for her and am very concerned; look at this:

Even when she’s kneeling, while her thighs should naturally flatten so the body fat becomes wider, it just doesn’t. At kneeling, she looks closest to a normal body weight, which is scary in itself. Just in that position, she resembles other idols’ legs, and those idols, of course, already diet and are slim and are not kneeling like that.

If you look at those pictures and go, ‘Oh, what a healthy girl,’ there’s something seriously wrong with your mentality, and you’re probably the reason Kpop idols diet so much, and Wonyoung has an ED at all. Because they are told that is normal, what they should be.

Even at the end of her time in IZ*ONE, she was starting to drop weight. She’s about 16/17 then. So don’t say it’s her growing; she’s already in her late teens. You can see a clear difference in body mass. I read that she was self-conscious of her height and tried to stunt it, and because she was in the spotlight from such a young age, she was pressured a lot.

Friends, she looks ill and unhealthy. She doesn’t look like Lisa, Rose, Sunmi, Karina, etc. She is not naturally that thin. And she literally got fillers in her face so she didn’t look gaunt and faded from the dieting and starvation. So yes, she is seriously underweight and unhealthy, and I worry for her. And if you say I’m skinny shaming, a) I’m not, b) I don’t care what you say.

What are some photos of K-pop idols that show they’re way too skinny?

They didn’t ask for a specific timeline, lol. For people saying, “MosT oF tHoSE PicTuReS aRe oLd!” Deleted some comments bc people don’t understand what the actual question is 🙄🙄🙄.

Here are some quite alarming photos. Some of these idols have very fast metabolisms, while others really did diet to become that tiny. Skin shaming is also not okay at all! I will add that an alarming fact is the camera and film camera, etc., usually add 10–15lbs, so it means these idols are likely even skinnier in person!

HERES ALSO THE PROOF FOR THE PPL WHO WERE LIKE “wHeReS yOUr PRooF tHaT tHe CaMErA aDDs WEighT?” Things have indeed changed. The body pressure was highest during 2nd generation, and things started getting better for 3rd generation & now, with 4th generation, most of the idols look very healthy!

Why is Mamamoo Hwasa considered as “fat” by some people, when I see her just fine and even still slim?

ohhh here we go, time to throw some light on president hwasa, who so very much deserves attention!

first of all, respect to whoever asked this question because you’re correct; she looks FINE. but the reason others consider her “fat” is because of the korean beauty standards.

let me explain with some pictures. In korea, being very slim is what they prefer, therefore, it is the beauty standard. soloist lee sunmi (previously a part of wonder girls) is a good example of a body type that is admired by koreans:

very thin, but still a queen.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

and like i said before, hwasa is still pretty thin and healthy-looking, but if you look at the following picture, in comparison to sunmi, her legs are thicker by comparison:

and because of this, she is considered fat, even though she isn’t.

we love a thicc queen! hwasa knows she’s got a nice body, so she owns it! we stan! her curves are appreciated by 99.99999% of moomoos!

anyone who doesn’t see that her body is perfect as it is is a TWIT.


Is Jang Wonyoung fat?

{These are my opinions and aren’t meant to be agreed with; they also aren’t meant to be hated on either. So please be respectful. And I’m not a hater; it might seem like I am, but I promise you I’m not.} OK, now that we got that out of the way….Let’s go!!!!!!

Trying way too hard to seem pretty

Don’t get me wrong, she IS pretty. Very, VERY pretty. But, sometimes, she tries too hard to make people fall in love with her visuals. Like in Ending Fairies, the way she ends makes me quite annoyed. I’d like her more if she just stopped trying to seem so delicate-like. And if I’m going to be honest, if you aren’t a Wonyoung stan yet, there’s a high chance you will like her only for her visuals because, clearly, that’s all that really shows in her stages. ;-; Her visuals get tiring later on. And in the 2 videos below, you will see she overdoes her expressions. They were more natural in Iz*One, which is how they should be. They seem forced out.

Stop blaming everything on her weight.

I am very aware that she is dangerously underweight. But you can’t make that the reason for everything. “Bad at dancing? She’s underweight.” “Has no power? She’s underweight.” We get it, and she’s underweight. It’s not the reason for everything. I am underweight. 

I’m 5ft 2 and my age is 13, I weigh 98 pounds. But I know how to get power out from my body; I know how to dance powerfully. As much as we don’t want to admit it, Wonyoung’s dancing is not THAT good. It’s an improvement, but let’s be honest, her power is very much the same as how she was dancing when she was in Iz*One.

Dancing in IVE

Dancing in Iz*One

She’s not trying to get boys to like her.

I saw this post saying, “Wonyoung thinks she’s so pretty to the point where she thinks she can make Sunghoon fall in love with her”. I know I said she is trying too hard to be pretty, but how does THIS make any sense? Wonyoung has far more important stuff to do than to get a boy to fall in love with her.

Alright, well that’s all! I read everything I wrote, and it does seem like I am a hater. But I’ve already informed you I’m not, so it’s your decision whether you want to believe; just don’t come at me. I wouldn’t really say these opinions, but they are unpopular, so yeah.

Jang Wonyoung is not fat. She is a healthy weight for her height and age. However, she has been under scrutiny for her weight in the past, with some people saying that she is too skinny. This is likely due to the unrealistic beauty standards that are often imposed on K-pop idols.

In recent months, Wonyoung has appeared to gain some weight, which has led to some people accusing her of being “fat.” However, it is important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and what is considered “fat” for one person may not be considered “fat” for another.

It is also important to note that Wonyoung is still very young, and her body is still developing. She may gain or lose weight naturally as she gets older. Ultimately, it is up to Wonyoung to decide what is a healthy weight for her, and we should respect her decision.

Here are some of the things that people have said about Wonyoung’s weight:

  • “She’s too skinny, and she needs to eat more.”
  • “She’s gained weight, she’s getting fat.”
  • “Her weight is perfect, and she’s so beautiful.”

It is important to remember that these are just opinions, and they do not reflect Wonyoung’s actual health. The only person who can determine whether or not Wonyoung is at a healthy weight is her doctor.

If you are concerned about Wonyoung’s weight, the best thing you can do is to reach out to her directly or to her management team. You can also share your concerns on social media, but be sure to do so in a respectful way.


1: Her whole brand is pretty. Wonyoung is way too hyper-aware of her visuals, which is a thing you’ve likely heard numerously before, especially on this thread, and here’s my take on why that is so. Like I said initially, Wonyoung is known extravagantly for her visuals that, to me personally, are beautiful with or without the procedures she’s undergone.

Being an idol is a job. Of course, there are great things about it, but it is, at the same time, not a hobby. Thus, anyone who becomes or is an idol can appreciate their fandoms whilst simultaneously having grown tired/ being tired of it occasionally. Similarly, you can also be in it for the $ $ $ and still enjoy the job and support, and the latter is the case for WY.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

Many under this thread have mentioned how they believe that she is in it for the money and fame, but to be honest, so are half the others, and it isn’t a shameful thing. She is also very well aware, in my opinion, of her visuals and all she can earn with them, so she uses them as she can. Due to this, over the years, WY’s image twined itself with the word pretty itself.

Now, she is known majorly for her visuals. It is to the point where it could be considered her brand, and it is from what I see. If her brand were to disconnect, she’d lose tons of her popularity, and that is never good for someone who has her whole life on the basis of it. Hence, it is likely that she has to keep her ‘pretty girl’ image, and it’s also probable that her company plays a significant role in her whole pretty persona and milks it out of her since they benefit through it, too.

To have to stay pretty at all times and look elegant and akin to a living doll when you’re obviously fucking not takes a lot of energy and, I’m sure, adds a shit ton of pressure, not to mention she has been under such influence for a long time – ever since she was developing. It would not be surprising if eventually, under all the pressure, she began shaping herself to fit her image and naturally, insecure and on edge, became hyper-aware of all she does/has to do.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?

So yes, of course, she knows what she is doing [Appearing pretty and elegant], and I think due to the pressure, she’s doing it a bit too much, almost unconsciously (what a paradox). That’s not to say she’s a horrible idol. She’s come so far greatly due to her hard work, whether you’d like to admit to it or not. And at the age she is at, receiving such hate can be rather damaging.

There’s always room for improvement, and I’m sure she will flourish as she always has. An individual lacking in something, in this case, WY in expressions and dancing, does not give the right to you all to hate on her, spread rumours about her and mail her fucked up shit. Her mistakes do not equal an opportunity for you all to jump on her and dump away all your insecurities. That’s all kids.

Jang Wonyoung was a member of the South Korean girl group IZ*ONE and a public figure known for her work in the entertainment industry. It’s important to remember that commenting on someone’s appearance, weight, or body size can be hurtful and inappropriate. Body shaming is not acceptable, and it’s essential to treat all individuals with respect and kindness regardless of their body size or appearance. Let’s focus on promoting body positivity and respecting people for who they are.

It is inappropriate and disrespectful to comment on someone’s body size or appearance. It is important to focus on the talent and achievements of individuals rather than their physical attributes.

How does Jang Wonyoung stay skinny?