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Why do I miss her a lot?

Why do I miss her a lot?

Why do I miss her a lot? Common Reasons and How to Stop

It means you like or love the person. It is a sweet feeling, and it keeps you restless and a little satisfied, too, due to the imagination of the person you are missing. You think of all the moments you shared with him or her. You are lucky if you miss someone; please do not hesitate to convey this to the person whom you are missing.

Assuming she is a romantic partner, it could be because you are still hung up on her even though the relationship may have ended. Or it could be that the end was unexpected for you. The relationship is still in progress and is long-distance, and hence, you miss your partner, which is normal, or you are being ignored in the relationship.

Sometimes, we might still miss our ex due to a lack of closure following the breakup. For instance, we may have disagreed with the decision to break up in the first place or the reasons for the breakup. It is also possible that we were blindsided and never even saw the breakup coming.

When was the hardest you have cried?

Missing someone, especially if it’s someone you care about deeply, is a common and natural emotion. There can be various reasons why you miss someone, and addressing those reasons may help alleviate the feeling.

Here are some common reasons why you might miss someone and some suggestions on how to cope:

  1. Emotional Connection:
    • You may miss someone because you share a strong emotional connection with them. This could be due to shared experiences, memories, or a deep bond.
    How to cope: Stay connected with the person through communication, whether it’s talking on the phone, video calls, or exchanging messages. Sharing your feelings with them can also help strengthen your connection.
  2. Separation or Distance:
    • Physical separation, such as living in different locations or being apart for an extended period, can lead to feelings of missing someone.
    How to cope: Find ways to stay connected despite the distance. Schedule regular communication, plan visits if possible, and engage in activities that help you feel closer, such as sharing photos or videos.
  3. Positive Influence:
    • If the person has had a positive impact on your life, you may miss their presence and the positive energy they bring.
    How to cope: Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and the impact they’ve had on your life. Express gratitude for the positive experiences you’ve shared.
  4. Change in Routine:
    • If you were used to spending a significant amount of time with the person and there’s been a change in your routine, it can contribute to feelings of emptiness.
    How to cope: Establish new routines and activities to fill the void. Engage in hobbies, spend time with friends, and focus on personal growth to adapt to the changes.
  5. Unresolved Issues:
    • If there are unresolved issues or conflicts in the relationship, you may miss the person while also feeling a sense of longing for resolution.
    How to cope: Consider addressing and resolving any issues through open communication. Seek closure and clarity to move forward with a sense of understanding.
  6. Nostalgia:
    • Nostalgia for shared memories and experiences can contribute to missing someone.
    How to cope: Reflect on the positive memories but also acknowledge that life is a series of changes. Create new positive experiences and look forward to the future.
  7. Loneliness:
    • If you are feeling lonely or isolated, missing someone you care about can intensify those feelings.
    How to cope: Take steps to connect with others, build new relationships, and engage in social activities. Focus on building a support network around you.

It’s important to recognize that missing someone is a normal part of the human experience, and these feelings may come and go. If the intensity of your emotions becomes overwhelming or affects your well-being, consider seeking support from friends, family, or a mental health professional. Talking about your feelings can provide valuable insights and help you navigate through them.

What does it mean when you miss her so much?

That person was once an essential part of your life. Even though you no longer see them, it is perfectly normal to miss the good things that they brought to your life. You may still find yourself looking back and thinking about them. In retrospect, the good parts of the relationship might loom larger in your mind.

What should you do if you miss a girl a lot?

Immerse yourself in something you enjoy. Hobbies and other enjoyable activities can provide positive distractions that help you cope with the pain of missing someone until it starts to fade. It may help more to focus on your interests for now rather than previously shared hobbies.

Is it true that if you miss someone, they feel the same?

Is it true that if you really miss someone, they feel the same? Yes, it could be possible, but there is also a huge possibility that they may not be missing you in the same way because everyone has a priority in their life.

Is it normal to miss my girlfriend a lot?

Sure, it’s normal. Things have still changed, and change can be difficult. She isn’t nearly as available to you as she was. It’s quite normal to miss her.

Why do I miss her a lot? Common Reasons and How to Stop

I understand how you feel. I am going through a break-up with the love of my life. She was my home, my world, and my everything. We both loved each other, but she felt that we both had different fundamental values that would affect our future together, so she ended it.

She didn’t really give me a chance to fight for the relationship and told me that it was for the best. Whether or not that was the full truth, we both learned from the relationship we had together. She helped me realize my faults and also my positives, and I’ve never felt so much love from her.

We both told each other that we cherish one another and have a lot of good memories of each other. We’ve been together for 1 year and 9 months. She was the first long-term relationship that I had. I was the first person she said she truly felt loved. It’s only been 2–3 weeks, so for me, it is still fresh in my mind.

I’ve come to accept and understand that ending the relationship is best for us, and I’ve gotten better compared to the first week, but when I’m alone, it’s when my head starts to wander and I start to glimpse back to the times when we were together.

Was there anything I could have done?

If we had talked about our differences a lot sooner, we could have been still together, or we could have ended it earlier to save us from hardship. Still, I would fall in love with her all over again if I could, even if it meant that the outcome was the same, because I’ve learned and experienced a lot.

I miss her a lot, but things change. And people leave. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. Eventually, I know that I will get better. Even though later down the road, when I think back on this, I won’t feel sadness but happiness, and sure, maybe I will miss her, but not in the same way as now. I don’t know if that makes sense.

I will always have love for my ex, and I only wish her happiness. And I will never forget all the good memories you have given me. I hope that the next person she meets treats her better than I did and meets all the things she is looking for in a relationship. If she doesn’t, then what was the point of you leaving me? Maybe someday, when we cross paths, I can see you and your new partner happy, and I will be happy. Even if your happiness doesn’t include me,.


  1. You don’t keep yourself busy and have a lot of free time on hand.
  2. You only reminisce about the good times when there has to be something bad for it to end. And the bad has to have overpowered the good, but as humans, we tend to romanticise and only remember the best stuff.
  3. It’s a natural human tendency to get used to people, almost like a drug. When they leave, it is scientifically proven that the mind reacts as if we have faced the death of a loved one when it is impossible to ever give in to that rogue call or message. It is painful. But life moves on.
  4. You are too in love with her to realise that there are over 7 billion other people in this world for you to know, love, and maybe keep instead of missing. Reality does set in, though. Eventually, give it time.

Just hang in there. I don’t know your situation, but if you have recently been ripped away from someone you love, or even if it has been a while, the pain never really vanishes. It subsides with time. Keep yourself busy, and do things that make you laugh out loud. 

Watch a funny TV show. Hang out with fun people. Learn a new language. A new instrument, maybe. Immerse yourself in something that requires your full attention. That way, you will miss her less and also make productive use of all the extra time on your hands now.

Why am I missing her? She doesn’t even love me. What should I do?

YOU LOVE HER, AND SO YOU MISS HER! If she had loved you, then she would have missed you too. The one who loves and hopes for a future is always the one to get the most hurt in case the relationship doesn’t work. She had no feelings of love or liking for you, so how do you expect her to have the feeling of missing you?

You were the one having the feeling of love or liking for her, so you miss her as she has not reverted the feelings, and probably (I’m assuming) she broke up with you or never accepted your proposal. Moreover, it’s okay to feel this way. You can control your heart and mind to some extent, but not someone else’s. Try to feel a little positive and allow yourself to feel the missing feeling for her, and trust me, it will fade away, speaking from personal experience of a similar kind. 

Do what makes you happy—a hobby or something—and try to indulge in self-improving activities like art and craft, music, dancing, writing, starting a business, or anything else. Follow your dream and be busy. Your priorities will change, and automatically, you will gradually stop feeling so miserable.

Stay strong, and please, please don’t commit a mistake you may regret forever or your loved ones might regret later for their remaining lives. Heartbreaks are part and parcel of life, and they make us strong. More strength to you 😊

I miss this girl a lot. I can’t get over her. What should I do?

Because you love her. and you want to keep her in your life. You don’t want to lose her, and her being away hurts you because you value the connection you have and want with her. You feel fond of her, and you want her to stay close to you. Whether you love her as a friend, romantically, as family, or whatever,. You value and are fond of her existence, and you feel like you need her around.

I had many, many similar experiences when I was in my 20s. It always goes like this:

  1. I met this girl. She is either super hot, beautiful, or attractive, or at the very least, she’s not ugly for sure.
  2. We started having some connections (we went out together for dining, a museum, a walk in a park, etc.).
  3. We had a good time. I felt like I fell in love with her.
  4. I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said things like, “You are a nice guy, but you are too good to me, or something like that.”
  5. When I pushed it, she said,” I don’t have that kind of feeling toward you.”
  6. I started counting the days (or maybe by hours) of how long I hadn’t talked to her since, and I was hoping that, you know, as time got by, she would somehow start missing me and thinking about me (that’s what movies have taught us, right?)
  7. Well, obviously, that never happened.
  8. One day, I met another girl, and I moved to step 1 again.

This loop ended until, one day, I met my wife. And things are different from Step 4 (included). As we have a child, I recall those pathetic days I had toward those unrequited love(s). 

So I realized several things:

  1. I didn’t really fall in love with those girls. I fell in love with what I imagined they were.
  2. The real love starts after dating and marriage. Before that, well, name it whatever you want, but a true relationship doesn’t start until you are not trying to woo a girl anymore.
  3. Last but not least, I wasted my life doing steps 5–7! A LOT OF TIME!!

I spared my time on this, not because I’m interested in this topic at all (at the age of 35 and 5 years into my marriage with a newborn baby, I’m totally out of that phase of my life), but because I want to see fewer people wasting their lives and time on this kind of thing! Of course, it’s easier to say than done, but I want to let you know: Your problem is not unique; she’s not the one.

It happens everywhere, all the time. Don’t dramatize or make it more romantic than it really is! Get a life! By the way, this may help you find your true love. Girls like those who are living a meaningful life, not those who are missing a girl who doesn’t like him back.

What should I do when I miss someone too much?

Ask yourself this simple question: “Does he/she miss me too?” If the answer is maybe or I don’t think so, etc., change your thoughts immediately. Missing someone is not bad, but wasting your time over it is really bad. To make things more clear, if you have romantic sentiments for them, then let them be and continue with your work. If it’s worth it, you’ll get it, and if it’s not, you’ll eventually forget it.

I won’t say to listen to music or watch a movie. No! These are temporary reliefs; you should accept the harsh reality that they are not with you, and there’s a chance that they’ll never be. So why waste time on their memories? You’ve got work to do, bills to pay, and a life to enjoy. Be busy or get busy, that’s what I’ll say.

If you’re missing your mom and dad (like I do) or your siblings or your spouse, then grab your phone and call them. Talk as much as you can and express everything that you want to. After that, go and continue with your work. Always remember this: instead of wasting your life remembering someone, utilize it and create new memories.

Why do I miss her so much, even though we were never in a relationship? We never dated, and she never reciprocated, but still, I miss her. Will this feeling ever go away? It’s been a year. I miss her badly.

Originally Answered: Why do I miss her so much even though we were never in a relationship? Because I don’t remember you moving on the day she rejected you. The whole year, what you did was create an image of her in your mind instead of living your life, doing things, and meeting new people.

You didn’t create options. Maybe you were insecure, and she brought some happiness into your life. You need to explore yourself. Start loving yourself and developing self-respect.

Yes, this feeling will go away eventually. It will go faster if you go out and reward yourself. Do something good for yourself. Be selfish for a while. Work out and learn new things. Don’t watch Bollywood movies or listen to those songs.

That’s the last thing you would want to do unless an alien kidnaps you and threatens to cut off your man part; then you can watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Life is beautiful, dude, much more beautiful than the girl you were seeing.

Why do I miss him the most at night and have a very bad urge to text him and tell him I miss him?

Because at night, you are more emotional, logic takes a back seat, and you have plenty of time to think. During the day, you think a lot more clearly, remember why it’s over, and you keep yourself busy.

There’s merit to the tip given by How I Met Your Mother. And it couldn’t be more true for this scenario. At night, go to sleep; nothing good can come from it, and you will regret it in the morning. Such a decision should be made during the day when you are completely lucid.

I never missed her when we were in a relationship. Why do I miss her so much after we broke up?

The easy answer is simply because you took her for granted when you were together. Maybe not to a huge extent, but she was always there; you could call, text, and see her whenever you wanted. You knew she’d always be there. Then suddenly, boom, it’s over. She isn’t there anymore. It happens. Sometimes, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Why do I never miss anybody?

It can stem from multiple things.

  1. You are, by nature, solitary. You do well on your own and don’t often feel alone, bored, or feel the need to communicate and exchange. You can also be too engrossed in a passion (reading, writing, doing sports) to think about them.
  2. You don’t see the point of reaching out to people. Maybe there is nothing that you see improved when they are there. Are they funny and full of good advice? Are they listening to your issues? Are they supportive? Interesting? If they are not, you don’t see what you gain by spending time and energy on them.

Why do we miss someone?

We miss someone because of the emotional connections that we have with that person. We miss someone when we feel we would have enjoyed more with the presence of that person. Missing someone doesn’t make you a good or a bad person; it’s an emotion which is really tough to control. Missing someone is like wanting to have something unachievable for that moment.

Their Memories play the most significant role in missing someone. Sometimes, it makes us feel happy or gives us a reason to smile, but sometimes, it makes us cry, cry and cry. Because we know that we will only have the Memories of that person, not that person in real and it doesn’t feel very good when we can’t meet them.

When we miss someone, even a minute feels like an hour. We want to enjoy and share every beautiful moment with them, enjoy every drop of rain. Feel the affection that he/she has by enjoying every bit of your life with that person. But in return, we are only left with the Memories of that person.

Missing someone gives us a feeling of being dead because we can’t do anything to have that person, and it happens every day. This emotion also builds trust and more love for an individual. But it also has a side effect for those who can’t control this emotion. Loving can be easy for anyone, but missing is really tough to handle. When you miss someone, tell them or speak to them; you will surely feel satisfied.

Does missing someone badly mean that you love them?

I started liking a guy at work a few months ago. I enjoyed his company a lot, and he reciprocated the same feelings. We started hanging out a lot and spent almost all our time together- both at and outside work. And we both love travelling, and hence we decided to plan our solo trips. We couldn’t travel together as we work in the same team. I went to Leh, India, for a little over a week, and he planned his Euro trip starting on the day of my return to Mumbai, where we work.

The place where I travelled was quite remote, and it was almost next to impossible to find a phone signal. I started realising my friend’s absence soon. I craved for all the insignificant things I did with him. Here I was in the place which was called nature’s heaven, and all I could think about was going back and holding his hand in a polluted, dusty city. I wished he was with me always as I travelled. I craved his warmth during cold days. Thus, I realised I was in love with him.

We professed our love for each other in the little phone connectivity we had. I felt so good when I realised that he misses me the way I do. I was counting the days for my holiday to end and to meet him in person and say those three beautiful words. When I returned to Mumbai, he picked me up from the airport. We hardly had a day before his travel to Europe.

Why do I miss her a lot? Common Reasons and How to Stop

The few hours I spent with him were the most beautiful hours of my life. He is all that I ever wanted. It was then that I realised that I could imagine any scenario in my life, and it looked good with him.

Sadly, it was time to bid farewell to his trip to Europe. We were happy that we had connectivity this time and could call each other despite the time zone differences. We are keeping the promise and are talking to each other every day. I am counting my days to unite with him.

In my case, staying away from him made me realise how much I love him and need him. We have decided to stay together and travel the world together. We cannot miss each other again – the distance made us realise that. I feel incomplete in his absence, and now I will value every moment I spend with him a lot. I am waiting for the day to hold his hand and start our journey together.

Why do I miss someone who doesn’t care about me?

Because you are likely attracted to them in some way, in your mind, even subconsciously, you have thought about “what if”. What if he and I were together? What if we started dating? You don’t actually miss the person who doesn’t care about you. You are missing your vision of what you wish you could have with them because you are attracted to them. 

That is very normal and, yes, it can be not very pleasant to not get them out of your mind. Just know that this will pass in time, and he will eventually be just a pleasant memory. The best way to move on is to tell yourself what you already know: he is not likely ever going to care about you in the way you wish, so you should see what else is out there. 

Check out other people you are attracted to. Focus on living life, getting to know new people, getting to know people you already know except better, trying new things, being more involved, etc. When you do this, you will show your individuality, confidence, and outgoing side, and who knows, you may grab his attention, but don’t look for it because you may miss the much better option that will also be drawn to you. 

Be you, and your dream person will find you themselves. Don’t waste time agonizing over and missing the picture of someone you have built in your mind, but live life and find the real deal in your experiences.

Why do I miss him?

Friends, you don’t miss him as much as the idea of him, most likely. You miss the good things, and you blot out the bad. You feel like you are never going to find anyone else, and you’ll be alone when someone leaves your life willingly, deliberately and with the idea that their life is better without you in it. It hurts. Your idea of a good life and his were different at all, as it turns out. It makes you question everything you knew, everything you took for granted, and everything you thought was solid and secure.

You built a relationship with this person, and all those shared memories, those little moments, those inside jokes and those connections are just gone. Poof. Without him, those memories are pointless. They go from being warm, happy places in your mind to cold, sharp little holes that remind you it was all for nothing.

You miss knowing he had your back. You miss lying against his chest and letting his heartbeat calm all the worried thoughts in your head. And you miss him driving the car with his hand on your knee. You miss him texting you every thought that happened throughout the day. And you miss sharing your dreams and planning a future. You miss twining your cold legs around his warm ones in bed at night. 

Why do I miss her a lot? Common Reasons and How to Stop?

You miss how you fit together so comfortably and how you didn’t have to talk to feel connected and secure. But he kissed you and told you he loved you before he got into his car and drove away to a new job. The new chapter you thought you were starting together ended abruptly with an email three weeks later saying that the marriage was over. He left you and the life you built together over the past decade without a second thought, without an explanation. 

Like it was nothing, and now life is cold and empty, and you don’t know how you can trust anyone to get that close ever again because you’d just be fooling yourself. Again. And you still miss him, even though he doesn’t want you anymore, because you can’t accept that your life was a lie.

How can I stop missing someone?

My answer is a combination of personal experience and research that I’ve read. The short answer is it depends on the type of relationship, the amount of feelings for the person, and why the person left.

If the person was a significant other who left you that you truly loved, research shows that, on average, it takes about two years to get over a person. It takes less time if you meet someone else and you really start to care for them. It also takes less time if you weren’t deeply in love with them when they left. On the other hand, it can take longer if you are still in contact with them-such as working together, having a child together that they pick up, etc.

Originally Answered: How can I stop missing someone?

If someone died that you were really close to and was a large part of your life, it may be decades before you really stop missing them. Perhaps never. Especially if their death was sudden and unexpected.

Now to answer your question. A combination of time and distraction is the key to stop missing them. If you can, cut them completely out of your life. Delete their number from your phone; get rid of their picture; get coffee at a different coffee shop. Do things to get your mind off of them, and make them things that are fun and stimulating. It is especially helpful if you are helping others in the process. 

It will make you feel needed and valued, which is one of the things that make us miss a person because we have feelings of not being wanted or needed anymore. Frequently, what we miss is not the person so much, but rather, the companionship. While I never recommend that someone rush into a relationship until they are ready, being with someone else who can fill that void can help us “forget” the person that we miss.

Why do I miss her a lot? Common Reasons and How to Stop?

You have to give it time. When we have something bad happen to us, our brain changes the chemicals it releases. Researchers believe that this is an evolutionary response to help humans remember bad things and increase our survival rate. In time, our brain will reset itself to its normal level, and the feelings of loss will go away. If not, or if it’s not happening quickly enough and it is negatively affecting your life, anti-depressants can help.

Don’t be afraid to talk to others. It helps. So does writing your thoughts and feelings down. We can think much faster than we can talk or write, so talking and writing slows our thought processes down and helps us organize them. Once you can organize the “why” you miss someone, the healing can start. After you finish writing, light the paper on fire and watch it burn. Release your thoughts and feelings with the smoke.

Good luck. I have lost several people that I cared deeply about. I understand your pain.

Why do I miss someone I was never in a relationship with?

Your question isn’t very specific, so I’m going to have to make generalisations, but I assume this is someone you were romantically interested in, but they did not reciprocate. Emotions such as attraction and desire are very powerful, and the hormones released are addictive like a drug. 

When the object of your desire denies you, your addiction does not suddenly subside. In fact, it gets worse, and we often become desperate for a fix from that person, leading to obsessing and painfully missing them.

Your feelings and this subsequent addiction are very real, even though an actual relationship didn’t validate them. Essentially, you’re going through a one-sided breakup. On the positive side, like all breakups, given time and space away from this person, everything will begin to heal.

I miss her so much, and she did me so wrong. What should I do?

You need to be honest with yourself. You only miss her that much because you have nothing else to miss that much. Focus on yourself a bit. Become your friend and focus on you.

Remember all those things you didn’t get to while you were together, and pick a few and do that. You will eventually find someone new, and then you will look back and laugh at yourself for missing her. You need to make up your mind and consciously decide to move on.

Because you Love her, and she dont. Say whatever you feel for her. If she rejects you, dont cry; move ahead with a smile. If she accepted, you won. Forget her by involving some other things in life.

Does your ex miss you now?

Obviously, it’s the human tendency to value things or people after they leave. He will never find someone like me in this era who will be ready to accept his bullish rules and still love unconditionally. Yes, I was dumb that time, but “better late than never”. I learned a lot from my previous relationship and moved on.

When a guy says he misses me, what does it mean?

We girls have a habit of thinking too much. We love to blow things out of proportion. If he says, he misses you. That means he’s missing you. That’s it. Revel in it. Feel special and happy that someone out there misses you. Why read into it too much?

When was the last time you missed someone, and why?

I missed 2 guys. I watched them die. It was and still is a devastating experience. They were great men who cared so much for me and did a lot for me when I struggled and didn’t know how to ask for help. They were non-judgemental. Rest in Peace, Daniel and Rich. Will see you again.


Well, missing is an involuntary feeling(which can’t be controlled). There is nothing you can do to stop it. Time is the only thing that can heal you. When anyone takes place in your heart, then it really becomes difficult when that person leaves your life.

Honestly, when you are really busy with your work and your hobbies, there is nothing like missing somebody. No person in life is indispensable. Missing is thinking about somebody when the mind is idle and doing nothing. The moment your mind is engaged in some or the other activity, “missing” will disappear.
As you have decided and then broken up, concentrate on your work and get on with your life.

Why do I miss her a lot? Common Reasons and How to Stop