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What does 177013 mean? What happens at the end of?

What does 177013 mean? What happens at the end of?

What does 177013 mean? What happens at the end of 177013?

177013 is a code for the hentai doujin (adult comic) series. It’s for adults, so don’t try looking for it if it is illegal in your country or if you’re still not an adult. It is porn, yet a piece of art. It is a tragic and heart-breaking comic. But be warned, since this is adult doujin; there are many sex scenes; many are violent. 

There are rape, incest, drugs, and blood. Even for the doujin standard, this is considered hardcore.

Warning: if you haven’t read this and don’t think you can digest disturbing sexual scenes and disturbing/heart-breaking stories, I strongly suggest staying away, but I will give you the synopsis to satisfy your curiosity.

TLDR: the plot goes like this; The main character is young and doesn’t know better, so she makes mistakes upon mistakes, and there is no one to help her; at one point, her father even raped her, pushing her further into despair. She was completely addicted to drugs and did prostitution, and finally got pregnant (with who knows). 

Even then, she clung to hope/future and wished to give birth to the baby. But in the end, all the money she saved to raise the baby was robbed by high school students and attacked violently by them, most probably resulting in the death of her unborn baby. 

It finally made her snapped and crumbled, so she decided to kill herself by overdose. The last scene (a happy, heart-warming scene), where she is talking with her daughter, is all in her mind, the future she wished for, which sadly will never happen.

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What does 177013 mean? What happens at the end of 177013?

The number “177013” is associated with a controversial and explicit manga titled “Emergence” or “Metamorphosis” (in Japanese: “Henshin”). The manga, written by ShindoL, tells a dark and graphic story that includes themes of tragedy, trauma, and explicit content. It is known for its disturbing nature and has garnered attention, both positive and negative, within online communities.

As for the specific question about what happens at the end of “177013” or “Emergence,” it involves significant spoilers. However, I’ll provide a brief summary without explicit details:

  • The story follows the protagonist’s descent into a dark and troubled life, exploring themes of abuse, addiction, and the consequences of destructive choices.
  • Towards the end, there is a shift in the narrative, and the protagonist begins a process of self-reflection.
  • The manga concludes with a somewhat ambiguous ending, leaving the interpretation of the character’s future open to the reader.

It’s important to note that “177013” is considered highly explicit, and it includes content that may be disturbing or triggering to some readers. The themes and nature of the manga have generated discussions about the portrayal of sensitive topics in the medium.

If you are considering reading “177013,” it’s crucial to be aware of its mature content and themes and to approach it with caution. Additionally, due to its explicit nature, it may not be suitable for all audiences.

The number “177013” refers to a controversial and infamous Japanese doujinshi manga known as “Emergence” or “Metamorphosis” (in Japanese, “177013” can be read as “Iro Iro,” which means “various things”). It was created by ShindoL, an artist known for producing adult content.

Please note that “177013” contains explicit and potentially distressing content, including themes of drug abuse, self-harm, and graphic sexual content. Given the sensitive nature of the material. Here is an explanation without delving into explicit details:

  1. Origin: “177013” is a numerical sequence used to identify a specific doujinshi manga created by ShindoL. The manga gained notoriety online for its controversial and explicit content.
  2. Title: The manga’s official title is “Emergence,” but it’s also commonly known as “Metamorphosis” or referred to by its numerical identifier, “177013.”
  3. Themes: The manga deals with dark and mature themes, including drug addiction, self-destructive behaviour, loss of innocence, and the consequences of poor life choices.
  4. Story: The story revolves around a young girl who initially has a bright future and supportive friends but falls into a destructive lifestyle. It explores her downward spiral into addiction and harmful relationships.
  5. Controversy: “177013” gained notoriety due to its explicit and disturbing content and its exploration of sensitive and distressing subject matter.
  6. Trigger Warning: Due to the manga’s explicit and potentially triggering content, it is important to exercise caution when discussing or seeking information about it. It has received criticism for potentially glorifying harmful behaviour.
  7. Not Suitable for Minors: The content of “177013” is strictly adult-oriented and unsuitable for minors or those negatively affected by such content.
  8. Online Awareness: The manga has become a subject of discussion and memes on various online platforms, often with dark humour or shock value.
  9. Legal Status: As with many doujinshi, “177013” exists in a legal grey area concerning copyright and distribution rights, as it is not officially published or authorized by the original creators of the characters and settings used in the story.

Due to the sensitive and explicit nature of “177013,” it’s essential to approach discussions or exploration with discretion and sensitivity. If you are unfamiliar with the manga or its content, it’s best to avoid seeking detailed information, particularly if such content may be distressing.

Saki Yoshida

🔷🔷The story of Metamorphosis is concluded with the heroine, Saki Yoshida, making the ultimate sacrifice by choosing death. Many online users will be disappointed by this tragic conclusion.

As a result, on March 13, 2019, an alternate ending to the comic numbered 177013 was released. The creator of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure describes the conclusion as a “happy ending.” I’m Gonna Fix That Girl is also a working title. This version was originally titled 265918, but that was modified before publication.

In the story’s conclusion, Josuke Higashikata utilized his Stand power to cure Saki Yoshida. The author rewrote the ending to make the female protagonist and her little daughter have a heartwarming conversation. A conclusion that was well-received by manga fans. Or to offer solace to those who experienced less loss but are nevertheless troubled by the tragic conclusion of the original.

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177013 Is A Curse

When I was new to all this, there were and still are meme regarding it. I thought of reading that shit, but I just saw some first 2–3 pages due to its size. Later I know how shit it was.

You see all these tags. 

If you want to get cursed for life, go ahead. I would never recommend it.

I hate all the doujins with rape, blackmail etc. type tags; I don’t even open them.

May You Get Purified After Reading This.

I am signing out.


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