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Who are the wives who are spanked?

Who are the wives who are spanked?

Who are the wives who are spanked? I am one of the wives who get spanked, and it seems natural that my husband spanks me whenever I deserve it. We girls and women are inherently naughty, and we only behave as well as we need to, so we must be kept in line and disciplined.

When we marry, we come under our husband’s authority and must submit to him. We must serve him obediently, follow his instructions, and not breach our boundaries. The husband is the wife’s head, and with that comes the obligation to govern to ensure order, stability, and harmony in the house.

It is impossible to do that and run a well-structured and well-regulated household without keeping a tight rein on the wife and disciplining her whenever she misbehaves. In the same way, it is only possible for even the most devoted wife to meet her obligations with the help and encouragement of getting disciplined when she misbehaves and fails in her duties. Who are the wives who are spanked?

Who are the wives who are spanked?

In a CDD marriage, the roles, obligations, and expectations are well-defined and clear, which gives the husband and wife the best possible opportunity to work steadily in harmony to make the marriage successful and happy. Disagreements are not allowed to develop into crises, arguments are avoided, and when the wife misbehaves, the matter is solved swiftly when the rod of correction is put to good work on her bare bottom. 

Getting spanked when she is naughty not only corrects the wife’s behavior but also relieves her of the nagging feeling of guilt a housewife always has at the back of her mind, and she will appreciate the discipline as a valuable help to become an even better wife.

I am grateful that my husband is so responsible and caring that he rules steadily and firmly and does not hesitate to spank my bottom black and blue when I am naughty and deserve punishment; it ensures stability, harmony, and happiness in our marriage and makes me feel safe and secure under his authority.

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Who are the wives who are spanked?

The frequency and dynamics of intimate relationships, including those involving activities like consensual adult spanking, are deeply personal and vary significantly from one couple to another. The level of consent, mutual understanding, and boundaries in any intimate activity should always be clearly established and agreed upon by all parties involved.

It’s essential for all individuals in a relationship to communicate openly and honestly about their desires, boundaries, and comfort levels. Consent and communication are paramount, and both partners should feel respected and comfortable with any activities they engage in.

If you have questions or concerns about your own relationship or are interested in discussing intimacy, it’s advisable to have a private and respectful conversation with your partner or seek guidance from a qualified therapist or counselor who can provide guidance and support tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Do some wives like to be spanked by their husbands?

Be careful of what you wish for! I had an exotic girlfriend over forty years ago, a beautiful, natural blonde, blue-eyed half-Ukrainian girl five years my junior ( I was 25). She had a divine, pert bottom and, as I rapidly discovered, a voracious sexual appetite and a penchant for being spanked, and I mean being spanked, hard and often. 

Sounds like a young man’s idea of heaven, only missing a millionaire father who owned a brewery! Things were fine for a while as it was a novelty initially for me and gave me amazing tales to tell my best friends about. However, like everything on earth, familiarity began to dent the attraction, and I can remember the day it all turned into a chore for me. We were in her house, with 36 hours to ourselves, as her mother was away briefly. We started and continued and continued.

Who are the wives who are spanked?

Intimate relationship dynamics, such as the frequency and nature of behaviors such as consensual adult spanking, are very personal and differ greatly between partners. In any intimate action, the parameters of mutual understanding, consent, and boundary-setting should always be established and agreed upon by all participants.

In a relationship, all parties must be transparent and honest about their needs, wants, and comfort zones. Before engaging in any activity, partners should feel respected and at ease, and consent and communication are crucial.

It is advisable to have a private and respectful conversation with your partner if you have questions or concerns about your relationship or would like to talk about intimacy. Alternatively, you can seek guidance from a qualified therapist or counselor who can offer support and guidance specific to your needs.

Who are the wives who are spanked?

Really serious OTK spankings of her with hand or slipper, followed by lovemaking….repeat…repeat. She once told me that Ukrainian & Russian girls expected to be regularly spanked by their menfolk as it made them feel secure! Whatever! Let me tell you, dear reader, that by early evening, after approximately 24 hours of this, with brief sleep, food, and toilet breaks, I was physically exhausted, and my men’s bit was swollen and aching. 

The last thing I wanted to do was to put her across my knee and spank her again. I secretly went downstairs during a ‘break,’ phoned my best friend, and begged him to come and rescue me! Which he did! Thankfully! How she could still not be satisfied was not my problem! So, while it may sound like paradise to have all your birthdays rolled into one to come to fruition, in the end, it became something I wanted to terminate. 

We staggered on a few more months, me never letting that situation arise again; she became a nuisance, ringing all hours of the day and night, often the worse for alcohol ( once again, she told me that girls like her could drink their men under the table – and she could).

How does your husband let you know you are getting a spanking? How long until he starts spanking you?

Not my husband, but my lover does this. He holds me close and tells me calmly, “Babe, you have crossed the line, talked back to me, disobeyed, misbehaved, disrespected me, violated the rules, acted like a brat, etc. (insert bad behavior). You need to be punished to correct your attitude and behavior.”

At this point, I am liable to get teary-eyed and pleading “no.”

My lover will listen patiently, but he rarely budges. He may explain, “I’m sorry, but enough is enough. You need a good ass whipping, and there is no negotiating. Do you understand?”

I will reply, “Yes, Sir,” if I’m feeling cooperative, but occasionally, I’ve been known to object and argue, which only worsens my punishment.

If I’m lucky, he will tell me to match upstairs to the bedroom, drop my skirt and lower my panties, bend over against the bed, and wait for him.

But if I’ve been really bad, he will make me wait. It might be a day, two, or a few days, but the anticipation is torture. And when he finally announces it, it terrifies and excites me to be led upstairs, watching him remove his belt in preparation. My husband is sometimes invited to watch. Twenty minutes later, my ass will be super tender and welted. I’ll be a crying mess, apologizing for my behavior. 

Who are the wives who are spanked?

Lover will have me thank him verbally and then with an oral tribute to his cock. After that, my husband will be sent out of the room, and my lover will ravish me doggy style, slapping my poor buttocks as he fucks me deep and hard. As much as I hate being punished, the sex afterward is so fricking awesome! 

It’s no wonder I’m always somehow finding myself feeling compelled to be a brat. It’s probably related to my hormonal cycle. And It’s not every month that I get a spanking, but whenever it happens, it’s often around the same point in my cycle.

The dynamics of intimate relationships, including activities like consensual adult spanking, vary widely and are deeply personal. Clear communication, mutual understanding, and established boundaries are crucial in any intimate activity to ensure the comfort and consent of all parties involved.

Open and honest communication between partners about desires, limits, and comfort levels is essential, fostering a relationship built on respect. If you have questions or concerns about your relationship, it’s advisable to engage in a private and respectful conversation with your partner or seek guidance from a qualified therapist or counselor who can offer tailored support based on your specific situation and needs.

As a spanked wife, how often are you spanked?

My husband spanks me almost daily, purely for sexual gratification. We both love role play, schoolgirl/cheerleader stuff etc… I get maintenance once a week…those are a bit more serious, but really do keep me focused… Rarely I am punished for something serious, like lying, but I try really hard to avoid that.

Most of the time though, my husband can sense that I am carrying around guilt, or need a stress relief, or even sometimes need to release something deeper, caused by past trauma…he understands me so well, & always knows exactly what I need… I get a regular weekly maintenance spanking from my husband and if I misbehave and I will get a punishment spanking.

Weekly maintenance sessions and then for punishment. Right now, I’m in a retraining phase after a lapse and can expect it any time, for any reason. Usually though I don’t give many reasons for punishment. It can occur during playtime but these aren’t meant to hurt. But his hands on me are important reminders of our chosen roles.

He often punishes me as soon as he gets home from work if he had a bad day at work. That is the only kind of strapping bent over the back of couch I get. Hard and fast most pain in the shortest time. But also if he finds something to complain about. I am usually a sobbing crying mess with runny nose and blinded from my tears. At least once a week usually more.

Who are the wives who are spanked?

He spanks me as often as needed whenever my behaviour or attitude gives him a reason for disapproval. It can be twice a week, and there can be more than a month between him needing to discipline me; it depends on my behaviour. What matters is that when I need and deserve punishment, he does not hesitate, and the deserved spanking is unavoidable and severe, so afterwards, there is no doubt that I got punished as needed and deserved. Typically I get 15-18 spankings in a year.

Oh, in my world, it’s all about keeping things interesting and a bit playful in the relationship. So, about being a spanked wife, it’s not really a daily thing for me. It’s more about those special moments when we’re both feeling adventurous, kind of like planning a surprise dinner, sharing a bottle of wine, and maybe even a little Spanish Fly Pro to add some extra fun and connection. It’s all about creating those unique experiences, like finding a hidden gem of a restaurant or discovering a new favorite song. It’s always good to explore and keep the sparks alive, don’t you think?

What was the hardest spanking you have ever gotten from your husband?

I am not going to answer about one in particular, necessarily. I thought the first REAL spanking for unbecoming behavior was bad. And I was so shocked it made me super upset. I also freaked out once when my husband got out of the cane. 

Friends, I flat-out cried and said NO! He didn’t use it that time, but later, when I got the cane for a later offense, I submitted and found it horrible but not beyond what I could handle. I was so proud of myself and how I handled the cane that I almost felt gleeful. 

Women need to be reminded they CAN take a hard spanking, they WILL take a hard spanking, and the intense bonding afterward for both the husband and wife is crazy awesome.

I have found some implements are MUCH WORSE than others. I hate the paddle. It’s very painful to me. I know the cane sounds horrible, but my husband is careful and strikes less often with it. So that evens out the severity.

I think the most important thing for husbands to know is this. You are not going to do anything your wife can’t handle. A bottom can take a lot. I have had it harsh and not very harsh. I have had, I swear, hundreds of spankings. Not once has anything done any permanent damage. 

Who are the wives who are spanked?

Not once has he hit any part that would hurt me. My husband is very strong and built to do damage if needed. He’s aware of what is happening and takes it to a point where I learn my painful lesson while being mindful of how my body reacts. 

My crying and begging is no reason to stop. Welts from a plastic rod go away pretty quickly. Bruising is par for the course. He is usually more methodical and slow to see how my body reacts when it comes to more painful implements. With his hand, and out of anger, he grabbed my waist tightly as I lay over his knee and spanked the hell out of my bottom in rapid succession.

I have said this over and over in my writings. You will not maim, permanently damage, or psychologically scar your sweet wife by spanking her cushiony bottom. I don’t have a lot of fat on my bottom and am pretty small. My husband is 6ft, super strong, and can spank. Did I have marks? Yes! Was I permanently damaged? No!

Spank hard, make it something to remember based on the offense, and love on her tenderly after as she cries in your arms. A spanked wife makes a happy life!

When and where does your husband spank you? Where was your most severe spanking?

He spanked me nude once before his best friend; we were both 20. I have always been the submissive type. Paul would spank me if I were bad. One day, I came home, and he was hanging out with his friend Joe. He said come here, what the fuck happened here? I wrote a check, but it bounced because I forgot to transfer money to the account. This was the third time I’ve done it in a year. He said wtf. So Paul says the only way for you not to do this again is with a spanking and punishment. I looked at him and said I guess I’m sorry.

Paul said to get in the living room. We said Joe, Tammy fucked up and is getting punished. Right Tammy, she looked down and told him, yes, I fucked up. Paul said strip for your punishment. She looked up and said, here, in front of him? Paul said maybe some humiliation will help you make better decisions next time. Then again, he said strip.

Paul and Joe watched as I removed my clothes and stood naked, discussing humiliation and embarrassment. Joe was taking it all in. Paul said, hands behind your head and facing Joe. Let him see you. I felt like I would die just watching him look me up and down. Spread your legs apart and stand there. They both lit up a cigarette and smoked it while I was on display for their pleasure. I didn’t tell him I was not doing it because we had a great relationship, and I liked being humiliated; it was a huge turn-on.

Who are the wives who are spanked?

He got up, slid over the coffee table, and said bend over, so I bent forward, my boobs dangling down right in front of Joe, and he gave me ten smacks. Joe watched intently as my boobs bounced with every swat. Then he said stand, I did. He asked if I had enough.

Paul said tell Joe you love that he saw you naked. I said, Joe, I like that you saw me naked.

Joe said, you’re very welcome. Anytime. Paul grabbed the coffee table and turned it far ahead of Joe. He told me to stand in front of the table facing Joe. I did. He had me lay back and spread my legs so Joe was looking at my shaved pussy. This wasn’t very comfortable, but I think I came during it.

They drank a beer with me lying there like that. After that, he said stand. I did. He said are you sorry. I said yes, I’m very sorry, Paul, I’ll be better. Paul said to stay nude for the night, and we will forget about it. So, I stayed naked and was comfortable with it. I can’t wait to be bad again. Lol, This is all true as it happened.

Do you like to get spanked by your boyfriend? If so, how and how hard?

Hell yes. I’d want my boyfriend/daddy to spank me as a punishment for doing something bad. I want him to spank me during sex. I want him to look at me and say, “You know what? You deserve a spanking just because I wanna smack that ass”. I want him to spank me and call me his whore, his bitch and so many other dirty names.

How and how hard? Easy. Over his lap, over the edge of the bed, face against a wall with my back to him, and that he can spank me. He can use his hand, his belt he’ll. I’d be fine if he wanted to use a stick or even a short whip. How hard? As hard as he fucking wants. I have a high pain tolerance and would get off from whatever pain and level he gave me. Just as long as it doesn’t draw blood.

Definitely, yes!! It is my favorite thing in the world to have happen. I am very tiny. 5′4″, 115 pounds. My boyfriend is 6′4″, about 250 pounds!! He manhandles me!! I love it!! He picks me up behind both legs, slumps me face down over his left shoulder, and carries me!! Smack! Smack!! His right hand spanks me!! I’m up so high and in such a position I better not squirm, or I’ll fall. Sometimes we “try” to wrestle!! I get pinned over his knees for more spankings!! Yes, I enjoy it!! How hard depends.

Yes, yes, I would.

Today, I got spanked. My boyfriend spanked me. I have been sick for about a week. I have been moody, and he has been putting up with it. I’ve improved a lot in the past two days. Not so sick anymore. Today, I was being rude and yelling and cussing because he wouldn’t listen to what I tried to tell him to do. 

Finally, he said that’s it. I’m tired of your attitude and the way you talk to me. Bend over my lap now. I started whining. Telling him I was just sick even though I wasn’t feeling bad. He told me I was much better, and there was no reason to talk to him that way. He told me again to come over to his lap. And I wouldn’t. He then grabbed me, and I kicked him to the couch. He sat on the couch, and I kept trying to fall on the floor and escape. 

We had zip ties on the table, and he grabbed them. He said you won’t be happy tied up if you don’t stop. I kept fighting, and he grabbed the zip ties and my legs. And tied them together. Then I stopped fighting, and he started spanking me over my jeans. And it started hurting, and I kept putting my hands back. Then he grabbed one hand and told me to give him the other. And I wouldn’t. Then he smacked my leg hard. And I gave it to him. And he tied them together in front of me. 

Who are the wives who are spanked?

So then I really could not move. Then he started spanking More. After a few minutes of begging, he asked if I needed more. I said no. He pulled my jeans down and said he thought I did because I wasn’t red yet. And kept going. Three smacks on one side and three on the other. Then, rotating between both. 

Three times each. This went on for another 5-10 minutes. Each smack felt harder. And stung more. Then he saw my brush lying on the table and stopped and was rubbing my butt for a minute. He then said 4 with the brush, then you’ll be done. I was already crying and begged him not to. 

He said four hard ones with the brush, or I’ll keep going with my hand til you decide to take the brush. I kept saying no to the brush, and he kept using his hand. Smack, smack, smack. Then, I gave in. I said I wanted to be done. He picked the brush up and did one at a time. Leaving seconds before the next smack. After four, we were done. He let me go and cut the ties. He held me after until I stopped crying and rubbed my butt. I told him I was sorry, and boy, did I mean it. 

He told me I was already forgiven. I haven’t had an attitude for about 8 hours now. My butt is still sore. And everything I was yelling at him to do earlier today got done.

Who are the wives who are spanked?