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Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side?

Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side?

Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side?

WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THE “TERESA FIDALGO IS REAL” BULLSHIT YOU HEAR ON QUORA OR ANYWHERE ELSE! Of course, she fucking won’t. She is a fictional character created by a Portuguese movie maker. Whoever says otherwise is either lying or fear-mongering.

For your mental health and sanity, don’t trust a single word from who says she will haunt you in your sleep. I ignored it for one night, and nothing happened later. There are plenty of better things to do with your time other than sending a random text to 20 people.

Peace out,

The idea that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side is likely a reference to an urban legend or internet hoax. Teresa Fidalgo is often associated with a ghost story that has circulated on the internet, particularly in Portuguese-speaking communities. The story typically involves a ghostly figure named Teresa Fidalgo who is said to have died in a car accident and now seeks company or assistance.

It’s important to note that Teresa Fidalgo is not a real person, and the story is considered a work of fiction or a hoax. These types of stories are often spread for entertainment purposes or as a form of internet folklore. Claims that someone will sleep by your side as a result of interacting with the story are likely part of the fictional narrative rather than a real occurrence.

If you come across such stories, it’s essential to approach them with a critical mindset and recognize them as fictional or mythical rather than factual. Urban legends and internet hoaxes are common in various cultures, and they often serve as a form of storytelling rather than conveying actual events.

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost real or fake?

The viral story (“I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos, I will sleep with you forever, A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search me on Google.”) Attached with this clip in the name of Teresa Fidalgo is fake.

It is a clip of the Portuguese film ‘A Curva’ directed by David Rebordão, which they published to promote the film, but it soon took hype on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. That was purely some forward-chain message, not a real one.

ghost stories

But here’s the actual story behind it; the young girl named Teresa Fidalgo is the girl who died in 1983 in a car accident. Later in 2003, Aping Blair Witch Project, the found footage short sees a car of friends driving in the mountains when they pick up a hitchhiker named Teresa Fidalgo.

She is the same girl who died in 1983, later proved by local authorities, where investigation showed the evidence of her accident. The clip we are seeing is of the film made by director David Rebordão who was inspired by the 2003 incident of how Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost was encountered in 203 by a group of three friends.

real or fake

That indicates the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo, who haunted a group of friends in 2003 but not any chain message scaring you and forcing you to forward it.

What does 177013 mean? What happens at the end of?

It’s not true. I mean, many people ignored it and were fine

Ok, so let me state some facts.

  1. Why would a ‘ghost’ want message forwards? Like what would they get from it?
  2. So what if an orphan ignores the message? How will Teresa kill their mom?
  3. Ok, I received the message today, and tonight I will sleep on the sofa. Let’s see how she will adjust to sleeping by me.
  4. If the ‘ghost’ and the ‘power’ is real, why, according to the message from the last 3 years she died 27 years ago, and didn’t she change it with her powers
  5. How did she type the message when there was no WhatsApp and insta
  6. The message starts with me, then why. By the end, it turns into a speech said by someone else.
  7. And how did she write what happened with people who ignored it obviously before sharing it?
Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side

First, see the photo👆. And read it.

Today an unknown person messaged me this. Firstly I was shocked after reading this message. Is it true or fake?
Then I was searching for this on the net and discovered it was fake. But then, also, why people are forwarding this message, I don’t understand.

Then I asked the unknown person who sent me this fake message. He told me he also got this message from his friend, and you are forwarding this to 20 people. After that, I ask him who are you and how you get my number. Then he told me I was in your school and got this number from our school group.

I have told him this is a fake message and don’t believe in this. I also tell you all readers not to believe in such fake news.

Which language sounds better, Italian or French?

Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side?

Nope. It’s just your mind tricking yourself into believing someone is sleeping next to you. I got a text from “Teresa Fidalgo” telling me to forward this to 20 people. I ignored this, and there have been no consequences so far. It happened 2 weeks ago.

Either this ghost is hella slow, or it’s just a hoax. It is the latest version of your relative Nigerian prince asking for money. So you could send it to 20 other people to keep this charade alive or just let it die.

Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side? I can prove to you that teresa fidalgo is a fake.

  1. When she said she died 27 yrs ago when insta or Whatsapp wasn’t there, how could she write?
  2. That message is not new. It is a message from 3 yrs ago. And from 3 yrs she died 27 yrs ago. That means 2067; she will die in 2040. That means she is alive now.
  3. It is a story from a Portuguese film. That’s why Teresa is a Portuguese
  4. What if we never had a phone? Does she sleep only with those with a mobile device or any social media platform?
  5. If an orphan received this message and he didn’t share it, then whom will she kill, huh? Herself!? Or the orphan?

These are a few reasons that prove that Teresa Fidalgo is a fake.

If you receive that message, don’t panic. Could you take it as a joke?

#get lost, you Teresa!!!!?

Is it widely accepted that Spanish is the most beautiful language?

Is it true that my mom will die because of Teresa Fidalgo?

I can’t believe that I found such a question here. But it’s OK; however, it is quite entertaining; it’s been viral a few years ago and has become a hot discussion on the net.

And the answer is:

Yes, of course, your mom will die. But, of course, not because of Teresa Fidalgo.

God is the only one with the power to decide when and how anyone dies, including your mom. Not the online ghost is known as Teresa Fidalgo.

I also got this message from someone but ignored it, and nothing happened to my mom. She is still alive, healthy, beautiful and wise, the most amazing woman I ever know.


First of all, it’s FAKE! The thing shared with you is a part of a short film named “A CURVA” by a Portuguese director called David Rebordao. (This is the film uploaded by the director himself. Yes, FIM!)

Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side

No story even exists of this kind. David has made the second part of this movie, seeing the response from the first part. They’ve also created a dedicated website to inform people that this story is fake and is spread by some psychos to spread fear.

You can go to the office website by typing Make sure you read till the end because at first, they explained the story of this movie which may seem true, but at the end, they said it’s all fake and was scripted. What does your common sense say?

A man recorded a ghost sitting by her side and returned alive to post the video on social media. There is no such case of a lady dying in an accident in the 19s. So don’t worry. Don’t spread fake news, and report those who use internet to spread fake news.

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Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side